(Closed) Who else wants to say "EFF YOU" to the obsession with tan skin?

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Being from the Sunburnt Country (aka Australia), we’ve had the idea that “there’s no such thing as a safe tan” drilled into us. I always thing about Sliping on a shirt, Sloping on the 30+ sunscreen, Slapping on a hat, Seeking shade or shelter, Sliding on some sunnies. Slip Slop Slap was a very big community safety campaign in the 1980s when Aussies became increasingly aware of the danger of the sun (especially our sun – it is very different in other parts of the world). 

I don’t see anything wrong with fake tan. I wouldn’t do it myself because, well, I’m just too cheap 😛

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Busy bee
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@FuzzyBunnyB:  Yeah ever since I’ve come to Oz, I’ve been getting people telling me to be careful in the sun. It’s not surprising given the amount of skin cancer we see. Fiance is a surgeon and has told me about patients with so many low grade skin cancers that they have to pick the nastiest looking ones and remove those while leaving the others for a while as otherwise there wouldn’t be enough skin left! 

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My friend once told me that I looked like a dead fish in a bathing suit and it was disgusting.  Luckily, I stopped caring about what anyone thinks of my skin color a long time ago.  I’m not going to be pressured in to changing something about myself because it’s someone else’s idea of beauty.

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I hate when people try to CONVINCE me to tan…my own dad makes jokes lol He’s half mexican and worked outside most of his life so he’s very tan. I’m half irish and always have to use classic ivory makeup. I used to go tanning a few years ago and I got somewhat tan but not that tan, so it wasn’t worth the money to me. I used to lay out in the sun a few times a week but I don’t have time anymore. I don’t mind my white skin. I like it best when I’m a step up from classic ivory though. I’ve never ever made it to beige, even when I went to the tanning salon!

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My grandmaalways says “you look pale are you sick?” like for 20 years she has said this. she seems to think tan is healthy but I’m just pale! It doesn’t bother me so I don’t think anyone elseshould care my fi turns brown instantly and is just darker than me in general he sometimes pokes fun at me for it and tells me to go outside more but I could spend 3 hours in the sun and still not be brown which is fine with me! Sun=wrinkles no thank you!

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If your skin is healthy, it’s beautiful. Whether you’re *naturally* pale, olive skinned, dark skinned, etc, taking care of your skin makes it glow and look gorgeous whatever the shade.

Following that, tanning obviously is horrible for your skin, and will not look good in the future. Wrinkles, sun spots, yuck. And fake tan never looks as good as naturally tanned skin does. 

Wish people would just be happy with what they have! 

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Sugar bee
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I said it years ago.  I don’t want skin cancer.

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I really want to embrace my fair skin but I’m Asian so I’m really light with yellow-ish undertones. It’s not very pretty. I tan really nicely but it takes so much time to keep it up.  I tanned for my wedding but haven’t been in a tanning bed in almost a year.

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@Minae:  I am of the same  mindset, but I know there are some cultures thatabsolutely love tanned skin. I have the same issue as you … In fact, I’ve already taken out the 60 spf to wear as I don’t want to be Rudolph the red nosed reindeer all summer long haha. This is living in a northern climate where the sun is not as the majority of other countries.

ETA: I have dark hair and very pale skin. My SO, on the other hand, has olive skin so it doesn’t take much for him to tan. He barely goes outside and he’s already super dark. If it’s natural then whatever, but I personally don’t think the unnatural tan looks good.

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Bumble bee
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I’m a typical fair skinned red head.  I swear if I think about the sun I get a burn. I love my fair skin!

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Busy bee
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I am pretty pale myself, but I guess I have weird genes because I look pasty in the winter, but as soon as I spend any time outside I tan like crazy and my hair quickly bleaches out to a few shades lighter.


I actually prefer not to tan, because I don’t want skin cancer (my aunt had it). I also use a face cream that makes my skin extra sensitive to the sun, so I always try to keep the sun off my face.


People think I’m crazy for wearing hats and SPF anytime I’m outside for a while, but I don’t want to end up with my face pale and the rest of me extremely tan!

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I haven’t read every other post, but I will say I worked in the skin care field… am a makeup artist, and am a fair skinned girl.  Most of the “popular” girls from High school, who were in the tanning beds for school dances, look at least ten years older than i do.  In the skincare field, women were coming to our salon and begging these young girls to not lay in those tanning beds, because they didn;t have the information they have now about it.  Looks aside, a cousin of mine found out she had skin cancer while pregnant.  It would have been completely treatable had she not been pregnant, but decided to not treat because chances were high she would harm or lose the baby.  She got to hold her baby before passing away… but at that point she was so medicated and far gone, she probably didn’t know it anyway.  All I have to say is please ladies…. be diligent about your sun exposure!!!

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There seems to be a lot of assumptions that tan girl = doomed to cancer, which isn’t really fair. It’s like saying person you see at McDonalds = doomed to heart attack. Maybe that person hasn’t eaten at McDonalds in 6 months, and are just enjoying a burger? Maybe that person has a special occasion coming up, and bought a single month membership to a salon? Don’t be so judgey!

I’m a fair skinned redhead who happens to be able to tan (German ancestry instead of Irish, fuzzy on the details though.) I like the way I look tan, especially since it makes me look less sickly when I wear white. It also helps hide some imperfections that I’m self conscious about (stretch marks on breasts, which kind of show in my dress). I only tan for special occasions: a week membership for prom, a week membership for college graduation, and a month membership for wedding. No more unhealthy than a handful of accidental sunburns at the beach – which *everyone* has suffered at one point or another, I’m sure.

edit: both fair skin and tan skin are beautiful!

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Busy bee

@Minae:  I hear ya! I couldn’t agree more! As someone who is so incredibly incredibly pale and who lives in Australia- a place internationally reknowned for the tans I too sometimes feel pressured to tan- One time at a bowling alley a group of kids walked past pointed and yelled at me cause I was ‘glowing in the dark’. I was mortified. But I love having pale skin. I’ve never tried to tan and it is very much a personal preference but I am pro pale!


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Busy bee

@FuzzyBunnyB: On a semi-related note- as a fellow Aussie I love how they recently added ‘slipping on sunnies’. I grew up in the 1990s when it was just ‘SLIP, SLOP, SLAP’ and think that it is one of the best campaigns. It is so important in our climate to protect yourself in every possible way!


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