Who gained more than 35lbs during pregnancy?

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I stopped weighing at 80! although i had some issues with my pregnancy…i started at 132 and the day before i gave birth they weighed me at the hospital and i was 207! i think that without the issues i would have gained 40 though

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I can beat all of you and make you feel better I gained over 100 pounds with my son.  I started at 103 and ended at 207!!  Part of this was because I was a college athlete with very little body fat and a great meatabolism from working out 5+ hours a day.  I still stayed activy but would be lucky to say if it was for even an hour a day. My doctors watched me and kept records and said it was fine because I didn’t have any health related issues and my son was developing normally. 

Try not to worry about it!  The baby is the most important thing and you can always workout to get it off after the baby is born. 

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I wouldn’t worry about it. While I didn’t gain much (20 & 21 lbs), my sister gained 60 with each of hers (3), and my neice (her daughter) did too. They are both even thinner now than before their pregnancies too.

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With my first child I gained 54 lbs.  Afterwards, I lost all but 10 and the only reason I did’t get to lose those 10 is because I got pregnant with the second child and gained 44 lbs. with her.  (not counting the 10 I didn’t lose in the first place.)  And here I am 17 years later only 5 lbs. more than what I started at before I became pregnant with the first child. (after losing 30 lbs. 5 years ago)  Not too shabby! : )

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Kate Hudson and Jenny McCarthy have both publicly stated that they gained 60+ pounds with their first pregnancies. Now, both women were probably considered underweight to start, so they had a bit more wiggle room, but I am sure 60 was over their recommended weight gain and neither one looks worse for it now.

It’s hard, because your body is going to gain what it’s going to gain, not much you can do about it. As long as you are eating healthy (and not having a pan of brownies every night, which is what J McCarthy said she was doing) you’re going to lose it and be just fine.

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I went to the dr. 2 weeks ago and i was at 29 pounds at 30 weeks and the dr. kind of got on my case about it, which didn’t help the fact that I already feel huge! at that point I was doing pretty good with eating ok.. I would snack on fruits and yogurt most of the time, but don’t get me wrong, if I wanted something sweet I would usually eat it and I probably had one soda a day. so in the last two weeks Ive cut most of the red meat, soda, sweats out, switched to oatmeal instead of a bowl of cereal and I’ve increased my walking. I also have to give credit to my ridiculously slow metabolism to weight gain. ( It was bad before pregnancy!) Hopefully when I go to the dr. today, it won’t be so bad… because I don’t know what else I can do!

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My mom gained 60 with me. I think it’s a little ridiculous that doctors put women of all heights and sizes into a little tiny weight gain box. I’m 6’1″ – if I gain 20 pounds, that’s barely a dress size! My healthy BMI weight is something that would make women of a “normal” height cry themselves to sleep at night.

What’s more important is that you are healthy, because it’s not a good idea to have a “one size fits all” ideal of what should happen to you in pregnancy.

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I gained 50 lbs with each of my kids, and with the first I was in my old jeans in 3 months, and with my second it took 6 months. For me 50 lbs was totally healthy, and I just made sure I was eating lots of veggies and protein. As long as you stay active and eat healthy whole foods, you don’t need to look at the scale to know you are right on track for a healthy baby. 🙂

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I gained right about 35 pounds. At my first appointment they told me that for my height/weight I should only gain 15 pounds during my pregnancy! I had a few pounds to lose before I got pregnant, probably 15ish, but I am not that overweight. I just have a large frame and a lot of muscle underneath my layer of flab.

I lost 25 pounds in the first month, then gained about 8 back. I was on a low carb diet at the end of my pregnancy because I was gaining too much, so once Baby T was born, I went a little overboard eating carbs and dessert and rich meals my family cooked for us. Now i’m exercising and cutting out the junk, and I’m losing weight again.

It is really hard if you are gaining weight faster than they say you should, or if you gain more. But every woman is different and responds to pregnancy differently. If you are eating healthy, you should be fine.

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@crayfish: THIS. Thank you.

Sprague, I know we just had this conversation last night but I just wanted to reassure you once again that your body is going to gain as much as it needs to. As long as you aren’t binge eating and getting in some kind of activity (which your job seems like it does enough of that for both of us!) your body is putting on as much weight as it needs to support another life. I don’t think it’s fair women are so tightly monitored about their weight during pregnancy because supporting another person is a ridiculous toll on our bodies anyways. You look amazing and you’re going to have a beautiful baby girl to show at the end of it. And don’t forget the BFing help you’ll receive to shed all the weight anyways. 🙂

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@spraguebride:  Honestly, I’m glad you created this thread.  I’ve struggled with my weight and slow metabolism all my life, and I’ve been so nervous about gaining more than the “recommended” amount of weight, especially when I see everyone’s weekly updates and they’ve only gained in the teens.  All of these responses have really helped me to feel SO more confident going into this.  

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43 lbs :). I was no where near underweight to being with either. Please don’t worry about the weight gain. If I could change one thing baout my entire pregnancy it would be to not stress out about things I can’t control.

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I am not pregnant, but I went to a “Meet the Midwives” session at my doctor’s office last night so that my husband would get on board with the whole midwifery thing… Anyway, the practice has a pretty strict diet requirement that its patients have to follow, but someone asked whether they put weight restrictions on their patients.  The midwife who runs the practice said, no, absolutely not.  She said as long as you are eating a balanced diet and keeping active, they don’t care what the scale says – your body will put on as much weight as it needs to to support you, the baby, and your increased blood volume.

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I gained 51 pounds. My doctor’s weren’t happy about it, which made it very hard on me. But at least it helped me eat healthier. As long as the baby’s healthy that’s what counts.

I have two pregnant friends right now that haven’t gained enough weight, and to me that’s way scarier. I was glad to know that my baby was growing right and is healthy, even if I had to push a 8 lb. 13 oz baby out of my who-ha.

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