(Closed) Who has been your crazy relative(s) during planning?!

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: May 2013

My Father-In-Law tried to pick our baker and florist.

Our baker came with the venue.

Picking our florist was especially insulting because he KNEW that I was planning on doing the flowers, since my Grandma used to let me help her at work… And she was a florist! So I had actual training in flower arranging.

Then post-wedding we got pregnant, and he called my Darling Husband upset because he was “convinced that (I’m) anorexic and harming (our) unborn child.”

Some people are just crazy!

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  • Wedding: February 2013

My Mother-In-Law was obsessed with buying expensive favors just because she found some that matched the invitations (don’t worry I didn’t let her get away with this). We only chose those invitations because they were 50% off!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: November 2014

My Future Mother-In-Law has been absolutely INSANE.  SHe only has sons so I invited her to my first dress fitting.  I live across the country from my family and my sister happened to be in town so I purposely made an appointment to try on dresses with her and invited Future Mother-In-Law too since she may not ever get to go dress shopping.  On the day, my sister was taking pictures and sending to my mom so she could feel like she was there too.  I tried on a bunch of dresses and didn’t find anything, all was fine.  A few days later my Future Mother-In-Law TEXTS, not even calls my fiance and tell him how rude I was and ignored her and only spoke to my sister and how I purposely invited her to make her feel bad and excluded.  She then goes on another rant about how we have taken her diamond (it was his grandmother’s and has been passed down generation to generation) and don’t appreciate it or her and to get out of her life and she wants nothing to do with us or our wedding.  

This was 4 months ago and I have not found a dress I think dress shopping has been ruined for me.  She has since apologized through an email but, for me it’s not really behavior I can fully forgive especially if she isn’t going to verbally apologize (in person or on the phone).

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2013

Father-In-Law…he wanted so much.


But it’s over and we’ve moved past it! 🙂

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  • Wedding: November 2014

@excitedtobeMRSF nope not the baby, he’s actually the oldest!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: January 2014

@excitedtobeMRSF:  my crazy relative is my uncle.  He pouted when I sent out our STD complaining that his children weren’t invited, which is my grown up cousin that I’m not at all close to and her baby daddy.  I finally succumb to family pressure and invite him along with said cousin + baby daddy – and what does he do?  Starts telling the family that neither him nor his daughter will be attending.  Good riddance!  There’s just no pleasing everyone…

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2013


My aunt.  She was pissed off that I didn’t ask her daughter to be a bridesmaid.  My (then 17-year old cousin) is a lot younger than me, I have NOTHING in common with her, Fiance had only met her once and had never even spoke with her, and I could not even recall myself ever having had a real conversation with her.  And yet my aunt had assumed that she would be a bridesmaid in my wedding just because she’s the only female cousin I had and because I have no sisters.

She started a feud and tried to turn my entire family against me (telling everyone what a horrible inconsiderate person I was not choosing my cousin as a bridesmaid, and how CLEARLY that means I have no respect or love for our family whatsoever).

Then she made me second-guess every dress I had been looking at (I was looking at strapless dresses) by pointing out my scars on my back – “Oh. Wow. I hope you plan on going to a dermatologist, and getting some kind of chemical peel or treatment done to your back and shoulders, if you really plan on wearing a strapless dress??”

Then she made the fight with my dad even worse – my dad had paid her for something she was going to ship him, she never shipped it because of her anger at me. Six months later, he asked about it (he wasn’t mean, just said basically, “hey, I never got your package… did you send it? It may have gotten lost in the mail? If you didn’t send it yet, and if it’s easier, you could just send me my money back, no worries”). And she went off on him about how she spent his money, and he can go F*** himself if he wants it, and how he’s a terrible parent for having raised me to not care about family. 

THEN she started telling my family lies about me to make them turn on me.


Luckily, my family all thought she was nuts, and all sided with me. But still, that was pretty stressful (especially since my mom died a while back, and my two aunts have always been like mother-figures to me…. and I’d NEVER seen this side of her).


Yeah. Weddings seem to bring out the crazy in some folks. :/

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Busy bee

Future GRANDMA in law. Yes. She’s been INSANE!!!! It may be onset of dementia but it has been hell.

1. she insisted on making our food for our wedding because it would be cheaper, our venue makes the food and doesn’t allow any outside food/beverage other than by licensed professionals

2. she complained when we sent the save the dates because it was a waste of HER money, she pays my fiance to cut the grass even though he refuses money each time. The Save-The-Date Cards were $20 with the vistaprint groupon

3. at another family members shower she asked everyone at the table how much they weighed and told them how many pounds overweight they were

4. she’s appalled that our bridesmaids dresses aren’t velvet…

5. everytime we see her she complains about the drive to the venue and when we offer to get her a ride, she refuses, then continues to complain about how she doesn’t want to drive

6. she told me she would kill me if I didn’t make seating assignments

those are just the ones that jump out in my memory, we’ve been planning for over a year now. This list could go on forever.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2011


1) Mother. We have different tastes. Everything we chose for the wedding she didn’t like she told me. I would politely agree and then I was a horrible daughter.

She made me upset at my only bridal fitting.

She also wanted to invite random church memebrs and family members who I did not know. As my Darling Husband was paying for our reception, I told her I wanted our list at a certain number. She pitched a fit but I won.

She also wanted me to have flower girls. I did not want any. She pitched a fit. I did give in and I’m ok with it. My 4 cousins were adorable that day.

At wedding reception she did not give a speech but said in a loud voice I was a “bridezilla”.

2) Aunt. She was my day of coordiator. The way our mega church is set up we have three aisles, one main and two secondary. I wanted everyone to use the main aisle and guest to sit in the main two rows. Well she felt only I deserved the main aisle and the Bridal Party should walk down the secondary ones. When I told her no, I was told my wedding ideas were tacky and she was not going to listen to me. She was nicely fired.

She and her family had planned my moms wedding 30 years ago and wanted to do the same with me. I’m not a push over like my mom. They didn’t like that.

3) Godmother was upset I did not have her daughter as a Bridesmaid or Best Man. I only chose my sisters and my closest girlfriends.

4) Cousin was upset I would not let her bring a date. She was divorced from her husband who the family still loved and was dating a man who was beating her. Sadly, she died from a medical condition 6 weeks before our wedding. I shocked the s*&** out of all of us.

Eventually, I just stopped talking about the wedding to everyone but my then Fiance. I learned the art of “we are still planning that, thank you” or “that has already been decided but thank you for your input”.


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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

My Father-In-Law. In the beginning, he gave his opinion on EVERYTHING and told us everything he “knew” about everything (dress, flowers, etc.). He wasn’t too bad though!

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  • Wedding: October 2014 - Restaurant

My step-mother of all people!  She is so concerned about being INCLUDED in everything.  She did help raise me and I want her to be very present in everything, but it’s like she wants to totally push out my real mom!  Definitely not as stressful at some your these other stories though.


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Busy bee

Future In-Laws for sure. Keep in mind that they make just obscene amounts of money.

1. They suggested the x amount of money was “way too expensive” for a phototographer. Because they are so knowledgable about photographers. The last wedding they helped plan was their own.

2. The first time after they saw us after getting engaged (they live out of state), Future Father-In-Law grabbed my hand in the airport and screamed ‘IS THAT A CZ?!’ IT’S HUGE’. It’s a 1 ct stone. It’s lovely and Fiance saved for years to afford it.

3. During the wedding budget conversation, they suggested that we have a semi-destination wedding on an island. 5 hours from us (and the nearest major airport) so that “no one would come, but we’d still get presents.”

4. Future Father-In-Law said he would contribute to the wedding, but not to the ceremony part because that was “the bride’s part of the day” and he is only responsible for “keeping the car running in case Fiance gets cold feet.”

We’re only 4 months into planning…

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