Who has done laser hair removal?

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Sugar bee

I get a Brazilian laser treatment every 6 weeks (until all the hair is gone). It is $49 with armpits thrown in too. Same price as a wax here… and you can shave between treatments. The place I go to uses what I think is ultrasound gel, so it’s painless. I think I’m going to start getting my legs done too. So yeah, I’d do it again 🙂

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Honey bee
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I have had my face done (about 4 years ago) my underarms done, and currently doing full legs. It was more expensive 4 years ago- currently I pay about $130 per full leg session and $15 for underarms.

Would I do it again? Heck yes.

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Busy bee
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I did this and loved it, I started with my chin, then did my underarms, then my legs, then my feet, lol.  Wish it had existed years ago as I was always embarassed to have hair on my toes back in high school.  The best place was the underarms bc I feel so much cleaner, can you imagine not having to shave your underarms or legs ever again?  I would get this for my daughter and even my nieces if I could afford to do it for them when the time comes.

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Buzzing bee
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I did it for my legs years ago and it was one of the best things I’ve done! Honestly, I don’t remember how much it cost, but I am SO thankful for it! I hated shaving my legs and I’m so glad I don’t really have to anymore!

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Bumble bee
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italianbride0508 :  I have had Brazilian, lower leg and underarms done, and plan on having arms done eventually. I had about 15 sessions once every six weeks and have now been able to push it to 10 weeks. It has been around $300 for 10 sessions of legs, around the same for Brazilian and underarms together.

I have absolutely loved it – I was shaving every second day, sometimes daily in summer, and it took so long. My showers are so much quicker now. I’ve tried waxing but found it too painful, whereas this was pretty painless as long as it’s a decent place. I got a voucher for some cheap sessions at one venue and it was really painful, like caused a rash on my underarms, and didn’t even last.

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Bumble bee
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I had my legs and underarms done. Nine sessions over the span of 1.5 years. $4700 at the Ideal Image chain. I absolutely love the results.

Damn, I need to know where these bees are getting done for so cheap! I’d do more spots but not at the price I paid.

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Busy bee
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italianbride0508 :  I’ve had the Brazilian done (a few sessions) and just a couple of sessions on my armpits. Both worked pretty well, but it definitely hurts! I think mine cost around $80 for the Brazilian sessions and $50 (?) for the armpits. For me, it didn’t completely eliminate all hair, but the hair that is left is very fine (not coarse) so it’s very easy to shave what is left. 

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Honey bee
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I’ve had my legs, armpits and face (sideburns, hairline, between my brows, chin & lip) done. I got a groupon for a local salon for my legs for its $250 for 6 sessions, it stings (feels like the snap of a rubber band) but within an hour afterwards I dont really feel any discomfort anything. For my face & pits I go to a lady who worked for a laser clinic but then opened her own shop. She’s great and always throws things in for free. I think I had basically my entire face and pits done for about $100 last time. I used to be an everyday shaver (legs & pits) and 1x month waxer (face). I can go 2-3 months without having any facial hair and I actaully havent shaved my legs since my last laser appt 1 month ago. I have optimal hair & skin though because my my skin is very light and my hair very dark. I’m tempted to get a brazillian since I wax that every month too, but I think it’s a bit more painful than waxing and I’m not sure if I really want to.. 

ETA – I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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Busy bee

italianbride0508 :  It was one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done.  I wish I had done it much sooner in life and depending on your personal situation, for me it has improved the quality of my life dramatically.  Sounds like a lot for laser hair removal, but as someone prone to awful ingrown hairs, I really mean it.

I have had my underarms, a brazilian, my upper legs and my forearms done.  I got started through a groupon, but the place I go offers promotions to existing customers that are roughly the same price as the groupons.  Its $49 for three sessions of a small area (under arm, bikini line etc.), $149 for three sessions of a medium area (brazilian, forearms), and $299 for three sessions of a large area (half leg, buttocks, etc.).  My sister on the other hand goes to somewhere that charges $500 a visit, and they will laser whatever you want…your whole body from face, to nipples to toes.

It is very important that you go to a legit laser hair removal place, and make sure you find out what machines they use.  Some places advertise “laser hair removal” but they use an ipl machine, which isn’t going to do anything. There is a website called hairtell, that if you google it, you can find all the information about what types of machines the place should have. I spent $350 on “laser hair removal” from a place that did ipl, not true laser.  It did absolutely nothing.  And don’t take them at their word…ask them the name of the machine that they use, and google them for yourself.

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Busy bee
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I had my lower legs done last year. It was $160 for 6 treatments (found a Groupon) and I would for sure do it again – I hate myself for waiting so long to have it done.  The place I went used a “cool laser” so it didn’t hurt, got a tad warm sometimes (if it hit a hair I missed shaving) but in general was totally fine and relaxing – doesn’t even compare to waxing which I used to do every month or so before.  I still have some hair that grows in but NOTHING like it was, I could probably just go in for 1 more treatment and I will probably ask about that if I go back to have another area done. 

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Helper bee

I did it a few years ago. Got a groupon for six sessions on my underarms for maybe $150. It worked for awhile but did all come back eventually, so I guess you need to keep up with it. Although I think I did IPL, which another poster said doesn’t work? Dang. 

Also, I don’t know what crazy pills the other posters are taking that say it doesn’t hurt. For me it hurt like a mofo. It did go fast though. The things we do for beauty…

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Buzzing bee

Hands down one of the best things I have ever spent money on. Luckily, there’s a place here that routinely offers groupon rates, and I buy up sessions then! They charge $379 for a year of sessions on a large area, 6 weeks apart – so 8 sessions. 

So far, I’ve had 8 brazilian sessions, and since the hair wasn’t all the way gone, they are throwing in a freebi session. 

I’ve bought another round of 8 sessions, and I’ll probably use 1 or 2 for more brazilian, just to be very sure all hair is gone, and the rest on lower legs.

It’s so amazing for me to never have to worry about shaving or waxing or stubble or ingrown hair anymore. 

I had my underarms done about 6 years ago, back when it was a lot more expensive. I think I paid $160/session back then – and that was their groupon rate!! I only had 4 sessions before moving across the country, so I’ve definitely had some regrowth, but I’d do it all over again even with the regrowth. The hair is a lot finer, easier to shave, not so dense and stubbly, etc. 

Once my legs are done, I’ll probably buy a year of sessions for a small area to finish off my underarms, which is I think ~$180 at the place I go to, so definitely worth the money!

– The better the contrast between your skin and hair (pale white skin + black hair is best), the better your results will be with most lasers. 

– I’m not sure if this is true for ALL lasers, but with the one my place uses, you can’t tan AT ALL for the duration of your treatments. 

– The pain is not bad, and they can always turn down the intensity of the laser if you’re really uncomfortable, or ice down the area before beginning, etc.

– The sessions are quick and there’s no residual discomfort. Mine usually take about 10-15 minutes. I stop by on my way to the gym after work.

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Busy bee
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I’ve done bikini line (groupon for $99 for 6 sessions), underarms (groupon for $99 for 6 sessions) and full legs (groupon for $199 for 8 sessions).

It is LIFE-CHANGING!!!! I have pale skin and had thick, dark hair, and I spent most of my life annoyed by the need to shave constantly, and always having dark stubble on my shins, underarms, and bikini line, no matter what I did!

Laser hair removal pretty much removed ALL of my dark hair, and left me with some blonde stragglers. After laser hair removal, it is SO EASY to shave with no dark stubble or red bumps, and I sometimes go for weeks without even bothering to shave!

I wish I had done it sooner!

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Busy bee
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PS – It is painful. I bought a tube of lidocaine numbing cream (*ahem* was purchased while traveling outside the US where it is available cheaply over-the-counter), and applied that to bikini & underams prior to sessions, which helped a lot. For the legs, I never bothered with the cream.

My legs would get red and a little swolen (like a sunburn) right after the laser hair removal sessions, but the salon had aloe gel that I would slather over myself before putting my clothes back on. (Haha – I always wore a dress to my legs sessions, so that I wouldn’t have to have pants touching my legs after the sessions… even in the dead of winter!). I would continue putting aloe on at home that evening, and the swelling/redness/pain was usually gone within a few hours.

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