(Closed) who has driven you to be a bridezilla?

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  • Wedding: July 2013

So far, no one.  I think if anyone does, it might be my Future Mother-In-Law.  Love her to bits, but she’s so frustrating sometimes!

ETA. And my mum, for totally different reasons.  FMIL is super-relaxed and changes what she’s saying half-way through a sentence – it’s so difficult to pin her down to actually say what she means!  My mum gets very uptight and worries about things far too easily, they’re like opposite ends of the spectrum Laughing

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Only one Bridezilla moment a week before my wedding.  I specified throughout that there were no children at the wedding.  My husbands cousin gave birth a week before we were due to get married and (on instruction of my MIL) phoned the hotel we were getting married in, asked for a free room so they could change the baby etc (the hotel said this was fine) and were coming along without any consultation with me!!  I had a full on meltdown, told them they couldn’t come with a week old baby…..needless to say I was not all that popular on the day.  I had a great time though and didn’t let it get to me at all.  

A week old baby at a wedding!  Honestly.  I had a feeling it would end up being (with husband’s family) all about the baby and using my photographer to take some professional shots.  What part of NO CHILDREN do people not understand!! GRRR

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  • Wedding: January 2014

If anyone will, I think my mum will.

She doesn’t seem to get that we want a relaxed, low budget wedding. She hasn’t been too bad so far, but god forbid I want to do anything different! Everyone else so far has been super supportive of my ideas. I see where she’s coming from and she has been helpful, but I get the feeling that we’re going to butt heads down the track.

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  • Wedding: April 2012

My Father-In-Law, on the wedding day.  Prior to the wedding, he kept on insisting that pictures with his family would be first, even though I told him multiple times that the pictures with my nieces and nephews would be first, since you know, they’re kids, with a limited attention span.  Little did I know that they would behave better than my Father-In-Law. 

Sure enough, the jerk had the nerve to leave halfway through the family pictures before ever taking any pictures with us!  My husband wanted US to go after them, and to my shame, I actually used the “it’s my day” line, which became the one thing I hated about my wedding day.  I was not proud of myself.  Our groomsmen ultimately went and got them back, but my Father-In-Law didn’t smile for any of his pictures, and they’re the only ones I cannot stand. 


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  • Wedding: November 2012

I haven’t gone all crazy-pants yet, but if anyone drives me to that point, it will probably be my little sister. She just turned 19, and has been acting out a lot in the past couple of years. I swear if she pulls anything I’m gonna lose it lol

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  • Wedding: October 2013

I haven’t had a bridezilla moment yet, but if I do have one I can say with some certainty that is will be my little sister’s fault. I’ve been engaged for 2 months and she’s already thrown a fit about several things.

1)me inviting one of my mom’s frineds to the wedding (who she doesn’t like)

2)not being chosen as Maid/Matron of Honor

3)wanting to bring a date to the wedding (I told her if she has been dating someone for 2+ months at the time I send out invites I will give her a date, she seems to think that bar is too high)

4)her hypothetical date not being allowed to sit in the front row honor seating

5) the Maid/Matron of Honor bouquet having hypericum berries when the bridesmaid bouquets don’t

6)me inviting a high school friend of mine to the wedding

7)who I mentioned wanting at my bachelorette party


and we still have a full year to the wedding. I haven’t gone bridezilla on her ass yet but seriously she is grating on my nerves.

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  • Wedding: February 2013 - Colonial Country Club, Ft. Myers, FL

My dad’s girlfriend. She think’s she’s the Mother of the Bride. She has been buying things like toasting flutes (with FI’s name misspelled on the engraving) and jewelry for me. While that is very generous and nice, it is stuff I don’t need nor want and she has been extremely pushy about making me use them. I have explained that I already have a custom set of toasting flutes, and that FI’s wedding gift to me is my wedding jewelry, but she just completely ignores me.

She has also mentioned that she is excited that she gets to get ready with the bridal party and have her hair done. I have explained that only myself and the BM’s are getting ready in the bridal suite and she does not comprehend this.

I am FAR from a bridezilla, but this woman seriously makes me want to rip my hair out.


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  • Wedding: October 2012

My dad.. He has been the most uninvolved person ever! I  was supposed to fax a list of songs to our DJ on wednesday I asked my dad to pick out a song. THREE DAYS didnt hear a word from him I texted him everyday asking Hey have you picked a song I really need to fax the list to him… Friday and I finally gave up picked a song myself and sent it off. The only thing my dad said was Cool. COOL seriously!? Never wants to talk about the wedding or anything and its in two weeks!

The alterations ladies at DB ruined my dress. They let it out or took it in what ever it caused the sides AND the back of my dress to bunch up. Then the lady kept suggesting things and when I would ask will that fix it? she would shake her head so I said Well why do you keep suggesting things?! then the manager came and smoothed things over. phew.

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  • Wedding: August 2012

I almost went a little zilla one day….oh, the poor girls at DB

I went to pick up my BM’s dresses from being steamed (3 of the 5). I gave them the names, and they said they couldn’t find them! Then she said “Well, the day you brought them in it was really busy. They might have been put back on the rack.”

ok, so CHECK THE RACK!!! At this point I am freaking out b/c it is THREE days till the wedding! And the dresses are NOT on the rack! So they look in alterations again and bring out ONE dress…my sisters. With her name on it. He NEW MARRIED name, while I had given them her maiden name. Teehee.

After calling the other two BM’s relentlesley, I found out that they hadn’t even dropped the dresses off yet! GAH!

Other than that I was cool as a cucumber. Even while buying masses of umbrellas at wal-mart  the day-of because it was raining!


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  • Wedding: February 2012

You would think my mother, but because I’m able to go toe-to-toe with her about anything, she didn’t really push me over the edge. The real person was my mother in law. So glad my planning is over! LOL but it was SO worth it!

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