(Closed) Who has had their wisdom teeth out?

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Helper bee
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When I had mine out… I had all four removed and they were impacted.  I was out of it for a few hours and in pain for a days.  I ate a lot of ice cream and chipped ice.  Good luck… men are 1098303498 times worse at dealing with pain than us women.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Mine were impacted and i was awake during my surgery. I was so doped up I don’t remember it. I went home, passed out, sucked on popsicles and ice cream for a few days, then mushy food and stuff. The worst was getting food caught in the holes. DOn’t let him be a dummy like me and try to grab it out with something (like a toothpick). Those nerve endings will make you seriously regret it. WORST FEELING EVER.

But it wasn’t so bad.

I did watch a ton of tv for a couple days. He’ll probably be out of it that very day, but after a long nap, he’ll just feel crappy and pitiful. Very “woe is me, bring me ice cream and put my movie in honey”.

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Buzzing bee

had mine removed in 3 separate visits [they came in at different times]. i had the surgery for the bottom two and was pretty out of it that first day. i was pretty much doped up on vicodin all day. i stayed on the couch, sleeping and kind of watching tv. after a day i was eating mushy foods and then real food. don’t rush that. i was STARVED and tired of mashed potatoes so i had a pizza. after my mom left because she yelled at me for trying to eat 2 days after the surgery. lol. but definitely make sure he keeps those holes cleaned out!

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Sugar bee

Oh all of mine were impacted (4), and I had waking anesthesia.  They totally lied to me when they put the IV in, I was like “is this going to make me sleepy or knock me out?” Their answer “no” and next I wake up completely like “WTF!” but I was so sleepy that I didn’t argue with them.

Funny story though, one of my friends came over to sit with me along with my sister, and they decided to watch Dazed and Confused, and my sister was like “do you want anything to eat, I’m going to eat some lucky charms?” and I was like “no” and then a minute later I was like “I want some lucky charms.” after she had put it away and was seated.

I got dry socket in one, but it really wasn’t that bad.  I felt like the prescription meds they put me on were the worst part of it, I was nauseaous and felt so gross.  I ended up switching to advil and it worked ๐Ÿ™‚

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Honey Beekeeper

I was knocked out during my surgery, which occurred in the morning, and for most of the day, I slept and was out cold. But by evening, I was awake, though groggy. Couches and movies will come in very handy after the initial anesthesia wears off.

Be prepared and get some soft food—I ate a lot of pudding—and no straws or hot food for a while.

Also, as gross as it is, he needs to rinse his mouth with salt water. A few times a day, minimum. I can’t emphasize that enough. It wards off infection while the wounds are still healing.

Good luck to you and your FI!

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Bumble bee
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I was groggy and cranky for the rest of the day when I had mine removed!

Just have plenty of soft food on hand for a few days. Ice cream, pudding, applesauce, etc. I remember I was at home during winter break, junior year of college, when I had all 4 of mine out. I was grossed out because I was drooling/bleeding on the gauze in my mouth, but I couldn’t spit (TMI, sorry). My dad drove me to and from the appointment, and when my mom got home I started to cry because I was tired, in pain, and upset, haha!

I also remember I couldn’t even eat things like bananas for a couple weeks, because I couldn’t open my mouth very much. Your guy is lucky you’re there to take care of him. ๐Ÿ™‚


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Busy bee
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I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth taken out.  Movies are a good idea, but initially when he gets home he will probably be really out of it.  My SO drove me home from the procedure, he got me a frosty on the way home from Wendys.  But, I kept falling asleep, I couldn’t eat my frosty.  Once the anesthesia wore off (a few hours) we watched movies, he made mashed potatoes and jello for me.

You will need to make sure to change the cotton in his mouth so that everything clots properly.  It was extremely gross, but very important.  Make sure he doesn’t use a straw for anything so he doesn’t get dry socket.

I really wasn’t in a lot of pain afterwards, I didn’t use the vicodin.  I took a regular tylenol the first day and after that nothing.  My mouth just felt “different.”

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Honey Beekeeper
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I had all 4 of mine taken out.  They were all impacted.  I was only in pain for a few days and not able to eat solid food.  I avoided straws for a month for good measure to be safe!  Just make sure to have lots of soup, popsicles, and any other soft foods that he likes to eat.

Why has he only been to the dentist 3 times in his life?  He really should be going twice a year.  Dental health is very important to overall health.

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Helper bee

I had all 4 taken out and was out of it for a few hours after surgery until the anesthesia wore off. I watched TV, ate ice cream and ate mashed potatoes for a few days, but was back to my regular activities within a few days.


I agree with the pp who says to help change the gauze. Also, keep track of any meds that he  needs to take. I had to take medications  at different times for the first day and he may be too out of it to know when to take each pill.

Remind him to NOT use straws! The sucking motion can loosen the clots!

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Helper bee

When you drop him off, see if you can get his prescriptions filled while he is having his teeth removed.  That way, you won’t have to stop on the way home, which is great, especially if the pain meds start to wear off then, or if he is feeling a little light-headed or woozy.  (My ex left me in the car with no air conditioning in almost 100% weather – just one of the many reasons he is my ex lol.) Also, drive slowly – he will feel like every move is exaggerated. ๐Ÿ™‚  Stocking up on ice cream, pudding, jello, gatorade, and/or soup couldn’t hurt either.  Yanno, all the usual soft stuff and liquids for electrolytes. 

Movies are great – I watched a few after mine were removed.  Mine were impacted and fused to the jaw bone (all 4 of them), so surgery was long and I received a ton of anesthesia – darn stupid fast metabolism.  I actually woke up during surgery, grabbed the surgeon’s hand and asked (or slurred, if you will!) him to *hit me again* before he started cutting again.  ./facepalm  But what made the movies great was the company – not my ex, of course, but my kitties.  They stayed by my side the whole time. 

However, I was allergic to the pain meds they gave me (surprise!) so i spent most of my recovery recovering from the allergic reaction, lol.

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Blushing bee
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My experience was not really typical; I only had one wisdom tooth. And it didn’t even have roots. So I had it taken out early and didn’t really have much pain. Just jaw soreness and bruising/swelling. I took the pain medication and didn’t have any complications.

My brother had all 4 taken out and didn’t even have to take the pain medication afterwards. He didn’t even really have pain.

I would just have a lot of soft foods available because chewing is pretty much out.

I was pretty bored when I got home and was tired so I slept. So I’m sure he’ll really appreciate you being there with him to take care of him and spend time with him when he’s awake! I was only really out of it for like the first hour or two after the surgery. I was cranky though for like 2 days because it was annoying not being able to eat what I wanted.

Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Bumble bee
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Get him to start mega dosing vitamin C… It will help with the swelling.

All 4 of my wisdom teeth were impacted.  I didn’t eat for 4 days because I reacted badly to the vicodin they gave me.

Good Luck!

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Busy bee
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Yes I agree with MissCosmopolitan pick up the prescription before he is done with the procedure.  We dropped it off but didn’t pick it up.  My SO had to pick it up for me, we went through the pharmacy drive-thru on the way home.  I was passed out in the front seat and they gave him a difficult time about picking it up since it was for me.  It was really sorta funny to think about now, but at the time could have been a bad situation.

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Helper bee
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I had all 4 of my teeth taken out at the same time… I got anethesia, which made me a bit anxious but I am happy I did.  My ortho gave me lots of meds including 5 days of steroids to combat the swelling which was amazing.  

It is super important though not to strain yourself too much, beause then you can get a dry socket, which happened to my mom back in the day and she said it was more painful then giving birth.

Also, don’t eat any dairy!  Dairy products have bacteria in it that can get stuck in the wounds and grow and cause problems.  

I follwed all these things and had a super quick recovery!   Good luck to your FI!

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