Who here can't afford their ideal honeymoon?

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What the heck? Mortified? Pain? Because you can’t pay cash for a 30k honeymoon? Welcome to reality because I promise you 99% of us didn’t have a 30k honeymoon. 

Would i save up for a honeymoon? Sure. Would I take on a second job and cut major living expenses? No, it’s no longer a dream honeymoon if I have to make my life hell becore I go. 

The whole ‘dream hobeymoon’ is so overhyped…you don’t need a princess trip in order to have a great honeymoon. Take the vacation you can afford and keep it moving. 

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I guess I could give up my retirement. I could just plan to work until I die, or die at 60 and retire then. I think retiring counts as luxury these days

I can also give up having a house. Man I hope Bora Bora is worth it.

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I’m not sure why you’re copping so much backlash lol. 

OP Maldives is my dream too. The flashier hotels are out of reach for the average person (like Conrad Hilton). It’s just how it is really. I don’t know anyone who would drop $1,000 a night on a room (or overwater bungalow!) but those that consider this spare change don’t bat an eye. 

We’ve been looking at Meeru resort. Definitely check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ Much more affordable. The reviews are very good. 

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So the second job is an MLM? 

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Could we afford our dream honeymoon?  NO

Would we have paid what our dream honeymoon would have cost if we could?  NO

But did we have an ideal honeymoon?  Absofuckinlutely ๐Ÿ™‚


We stay-cationed in the UK.  Set off a couple of days after the wedding and had a week to ourselves with wide open skies, beautiful beaches, a comfy bed and uninterrupted quallity time.  And we got to take the dog.  It couldn’t have been more perfect, and it only cost a few hundred pounds instead of thousands so we didn’t have to run up debts, work overtime/extra jobs or waste money that could be better spent on the rest of our lives to do it.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Everyone has different ideas about little luxuries and ideal honeymoon. Not everyone will sacrifice the same thing for a honeymoon. 

My dream is to go to Bora bora for 2 weeks but its too expensive and fiancee does not want to do nothing on a beach for 2 weeks. 

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petitjordan :  That definitely makes more sense, and we’ve given up some stuff already so we can save for a honeymoon we’ll enjoy. For example, I pack Fiance lunch from leftover dinner every night so she’s not buying lunch at work, etc. Totally worth it if you can easily cut out little things you don’t really NEED, and if I had time for a 2nd job I’d totally do that too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I think 99% of couples can’t afford their dream honeymoon unless they just have simple dreams (which is a character strength entirely). 

However, most people want to travel, see the world, stay in a luxurious hotel, spend time at Oktoberfest, drink tea in London, hike the Alps, eat REAL Italian food, take pictures of Greece, and just have two months entirely off from work just to LAVISH in vacation time.

Only millionaires can afford to do all that lol, and to be honest, sounds about as financially dumb as spending $1 million on a car you can only drive for three months of the year because you live in Canada and it’s always snowing (which I have seen before, not kidding). 

But despite all of this, I think that in the end, any sort of honeymoon is cherishable and well-spent, no matter what you do or where you go, because all that matters to most people isn’t the tea and Italian food and beer, but the time spent with your husband. ๐Ÿ™‚ My dream honeymoon was a tour of Ireland or Italy, but our little cruise to Bermuda will do just fine <3

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My ideal honeymoon is to retire immediately and have enough money to travel every day for the rest of my life. If anyone can guarantee that for me, I will sign up.

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This is not a popular opinion, but we used a credit card. BUT – we are in a solid financial position with huge available balances / credit limits, so don’t lecture me about charging a vacation on credit. 

Before we got married, we signed up for a Marriott Rewards Chase card, and paid for the entire wedding on that. Immediately paid off about 75% of the wedding (and paid off the remainder within a year.) With these extra points for charges combined with my existing Marriott account, we ended up having the points for a free hotel for 6 nights in Maui. We then charged the rest of the trip (airfare, hotel expenses like room service tabs, and excursions) on the same credit card, and now 1.5 years later we are close to another free 6 night stay. We did get a lot of cash at the wedding and took that with us for spending money / food so we didn’t have to charge everything, but there are extra points involved when you spend within Marriott and/or airlines.

While it wasn’t exactly my DREAM vacation, it was incredible and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I am a bit confused on this post because who wouldn’t want a 30K dream vacation to the Maldives?? But we lived within our means and chose a dream that was easily a reality. We could always have dreamed bigger, but come on, who NEEDS first class?

Hopefully going to plan a baby-moon back to the same hotel in Maui with our 250K points we have earned since the honeymoon once I am pregnant! Best credit card I have ever gotten…

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Wouldn’t everyone want to spend two weeks in a luxury place, traveling first class? We absolutely could not afford any sort of dream vacation when we were first married, so we took the trip we could afford. We took a road trip to New Orleans, budget style, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. It wasn’t luxury, but it was perfect. 

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I can’t afford a lot of things that would be ideal in life but I don’t think I am alone on that.  You have to prioritize and be realistic with any expense.  Sure, a fancy honeymoon sounds nice. Maybe someday I will be able to afford such a trip.  I eloped last year in San Francisco so our “honeymoon” was simply being in SF, on the other side of the country from where we reside and it was awesome!  We explored a new area, had amazing food, enjoyed a beautiful Airbnb.  We had considered flying first class and while we could have thrown it on plastic we decided it was not worth the extremely elevated ticket price at the time.

Anyway, point is you make do with what you have. You budget for what you can afford and sometimes that isn’t ideal but you can still make the best of it and create a wonderful memory.


“Anyway, I am just trying to understand if giving up daily luxuries, or taking on a second job makes sense in the context of getting your desired honeymoon.”

None of us can tell you where to place value and how to prioritize expenses in your life.  Would I had given up daily luxuries or taken up additional employment for the ideal honeymoon?… The answer is no.  Would I do these things so I could afford a nicer home someday, yes.  That is because I place higher value on a home over a fancy vacation. 

That is neither right or wrong.  You should do what is right for you and place less emphasis on the opinion of others.

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petitjordan :  sort of understand you. Ideally I’d love to stay in one of the white-washed little house with blue roof overlooking the Aegean Sea. Expensive and long journey. So we are going to Sicily instead, rented a studio overlooking the Mediterranean and Mt Etna. Still good food, good company, good view. No regrets though.

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jpchasez :  I’m not sure actually. I just know it’s a very unpopular opinion on the bee – everyone always says it’s stupid to charge a wedding or honeymoon and only have the wedding you can afford! So I assumed I would get some push back saying we used it, mainly for the rewards but we did maintain a balance for awhile. Although we used the card, we were well within 30% of our credit limits. Using credit just doesn’t seem to be very popular here and bees are advised against it. 

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