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What kind of test did you do to see that your thyroid wasn’t normal? Fiance is about 350 lbs and I’ve often wondered if he has some thyroid issues. ( in addition to an unbalanced diet).

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Paleo. ;D I didn’t lose 100+ pounds on it, but I did lose about 30 and kept it all off, and my mom and aunt each lost around 100 and kept most of it off. 

I dont just mean the “eat meat and vegetables” part either. It’s an overall lifestyle plan – each part complements the others. If you eat paleo, you have to work out paleo (it feels better and leads to less carb cravings), and there’s a lot of very small lifestyle things that really make a difference to how easy and natural it feels. There’s even advice about sleeping schedules and such. Obviously you can choose how into it you want to get, I’ve never gone all the way, but my mom does, and she is insanely healthy for her age. She could probably outrun me and take my dad in a fight. 

The basic idea is that there’s 3 “zones” of carb-eating.

0-50g per day: Ketosis and accelerate fat burning. Not something you can maintain for a long time healthily but good for a week or two to jumpstart a big weight loss. 

50-100g per day: Perfect for healthy weight loss that is fat-focused of about 1-2 pounds per week.

100-150g per day: Perfect for maintaining your weight right where it is.

150-300+g per day: Weight gain

(This is on average, obviously… some people have a way higher or lower tolerance than others.)

I got serious cravings and had a really tough time at the 0-50 level… But at the higher levels, between 50 and 150g, I never feel deprived and hunger goes way down. (BUT you have to eat lots of healthy fat to keep that effect going! I know when I start getting that gnawing hunger I haven’t had enough fat.)

I learned a lot about this from the movie Fat Head (explains it all really well) and marksdailyapple.com is helpful too. There are a lot of huge misunderstandings about this diet and lifestyle that get it a lot of flack but it’s so legit.

The downside I’ve found, and the thing that makes me fall off the wagon when I do, is not hunger or cravings, it’s money and time. It seems like it takes a lot of money and time than some other options. (Though this is regional, meat, nuts, good fats, and good quality fruit & vegetables cost a lot where I live, and the prices on supplements are insane here) You really have to be willing to plan ahead and get creative in the kitchen.

Anyway that’s my spiel about it. ;D Sorry if it seems a little evangelical… It’s hard not to want to tell people when you’ve seen the positive changes in yourself and people you love. 

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I still have about 85 lbs to loose, have lost 20 in the last 3 months.  I like high protein eating.  I don’t like to say low carb, because I still eat veggies, whole grains, but have cut out white sugar and try to not eat as much processed food.  Pretty sure it is similar to Paleo.  I feel good when I eat like this, not as sluggish.

By The Way, congrats on 104lb loss!  That’s amazing!  I regained about 40 lbs over the holidays last year, and I know how disheartening it can be!  I am still 20 lbs higher than I was last year.  I am really, really lazy, but if I do a little exercise, even walking, I get this super motivated, seize the day attitude. 

You can do it! Little steps!

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My highest weight loss was 96 pounds (so…close to that 100 mark :D). I did it by counting calories: I never ate more than 2200 a day. Nowadays, I eat around 1800 – 1900 calories a day. I worked out 5 – 10 hours a week…usually more physically demanding stuff, but a lot of walking too.

I try to eat high-protein and high-fiber foods. I also try to get a few high-fat foods in (I tend not to get enough in my diet). The reasoning? Keeps me full longer, so I avoid binging and binging. That’s really my only secret – I didn’t do any fad diets or special diets. i ate whatever I wanted…in moderation.

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If you can manage it, give veganism a try. I hear there are some people who do vegan until dinner and still see amazing results. 2 of my aunts have gone semi-committed vegan and lost over 60 lbs at least, and still losing.

I’m a biostatistician and my research focuses on nutritional epidemiology. I can’t, in good faith, recomend a diet with any animal products. The differences we see in the health of those on a plant based diet compared to all other diets is astounding. 

Please please PLEASE stay away from paleo.They’re on the right track recomending you cut out overly processed junk foods, but they promote lots of meat/ coconut when the data has shown unambiguously that these foods are harmful to our health. They also recomend restricting the intake of grains and legumes when these foods have been shown over and over again to be extremely beneficial.




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@Bebealways:  please tell me more about the supplements?

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@edgebee:  I don’t means special supplements… I just mean like.. vitamins and stuff. I don’t know why but all vitamins and supplements cost several times here what they do in the US at least. They’re really prohibitively expensive.

As for what supplements I like…

The only weight loss supplement I really trust is green tea and reliable extracts. Most of the others are either ineffective, or effective and dangerous, and green tea really only gives you a small boost. Coffee is actually a good one for a lot of people but it increases my appetite and causes carb cravings so I can’t use it that way.

Fish oil and vitamin D3 are great additions to a paleo lifestyle – not for weight loss specifically but just to be healthy. You may have heard lately some doctors keep upping the RDA of vitamin D for their patients (sometimes to levels that only a prescription can provide) and getting really good results with mood stability among other things. 

Iodine, iron, and selenium are popular, but you really have to get your levels checked and decide from there what’s right for you if you decide to do any serious supplementation.

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@craftylish:  How is coconut harmful to our health?  I’ve never heard that before!  Would love to know the science behind what you said.

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I lost over a 100 lbs but it took some time.  I was a big girl most of my life, but when I went to college I dropped about 50lb my first year.  I kept most of it off until my senior year and I put about 20lbs back on.  I really got into exercising after that and changed my diet.  I rarely eat processed food anymore, lots of fresh veggies.  I have a light lunch because when I tracked my food intake I noticed that it was the biggest calorie consumption of my day for no good reason.  

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Hey ladies!

Count me in – I’m currently around 130, and my heighest weight at the doctor’s office was 269, though it could have been higher at certain points.

… It still kinda blows my mind typing that out!  I had lap-band surgery.  For anyone who’s gonna call it the easy way out or dangerous or whatever, I’m not super interested. I had my surgery more than 4 years ago and have had no negative side affects other than an innability to eat sushi rice :p  If anyone has questions I’d be more than happy to help.

Obviously my band was a tool that made weight loss easier, but I still followed a healthy diet but my biggest help was falling in love with exercise.  I found a personal trainer who became one of my closest friends, and although it wasn’t cheap my twice weekly personal training sessions gave me a sense of accountability, and the more time I spent with her, the more I wanted to, which meant I started going to her spin and dance classes.

When I was exercising that much, healthy eating became easier in two ways- 1) I wanted to eat well to fuel my body – I craved burgers to up my protein before lifting, or a huge salad to reward my hard work and 2) I was burning enough calories to not have to worry about little blips off my healthy eating plan.

Good luck, OP, you can do it. xx

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@Sweetjennygirl:  Darling Husband lost 100 pounds in 1 year.  He eats a greek yogurt for breakfast every morning, a homemade smoothie for lunch every day (lovingly made by yours truly) and then we try to have a healthy dinner as often as possible.  He alternates lifting weights and running (5-9 miles) every other day.  Yep, you guessed it!  Diet and exercise!!!

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