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I actually just finished mine two days ago and I’m so proud of it!  I didn’t go completely DIY (hats off to you girls who did!) because I was scared I couldn’t attach it to the comb correctly and cut everything straight.

I purchased an elbow-length veil for $20 at David’s Bridal and about $7 worth of beads and clear thread from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  It was kind of a PITA but I stitched those suckers on one at a time.  Put on some Law and Order reruns in the background and did about 12″ at a time, more or less depending on my patience level for the day.  And voila!  A pretty beaded veil for at least a quarter of the price of what something similar runs here in town! I’m not gonna lie, it definitely took some time, but was definitely worth it.

Wish the pics had turned out better, but here they are anyway:

[attachment=1060394,131921] [attachment=1060394,131922] [attachment=1060394,131923]

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@DeepBlueDiver: I made my veil, too, and was going to edge it with beads, just like you did!  However, I had a hell of time finding beads I liked and once I started sewing them on (one at a time) I hated how they looked, so I took them off and left the edge plain.  Major props to you, I know what it a pain it was to hand sew those beads!  It looks beautiful!

@CorgiTales: I just wanted to chime in here to say yes, I made my veil and yes, you should make yours!  It’s really not that hard.  And it’s waaaaay cheaper than any veil you can buy!

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My mom and I made my veil!  It was very, very simple: literally a big piece of tulle and a hair comb, all from Joannes for about $25.  We rounded the corners, but that wasn’t actually necessary.  All that we really needed to do was find the right place on the tulle to sew the hair comb.

I also made my hair flower from leftover dress fabric (hemming).  It was a last minute idea, and turned out to be very simple, and I loved how it looked.



ETA- Sorry my pics are so enormous!  I tried to shrink them and failed miserably. 

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Yep!  I made mine!  Actually, I made 3 and then picked the one I like best (and still only spent like $15!)  It was super easy and cheap (despite the lady at the veil store telling me it was “impossible” to make a circular one.)  This is the one I wound up wearing:

I’m afraid I don’t really have any tips.  I just read as many good tutorials as I could find online and then made things up as I went along.  And, maybe most importantly, I wasn’t afraid of it being imperfect.  It was cheap, easy and fun to wear.  I highly recommend giving it a shot.

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I also made my own veil. It was time consuming more than anything, but it was worth it.

The lace that I used is called alencon reembroidered beaded lace. I couldn’t find any lace that that matched my gown at Joanns, so I purchased my lace on ebay. It was some lace that the seller had from somewhere and I don’t really think she knew how expensive it really is or maybe she was just cleaning out her stock. I was lucky enough to find it for really cheap; $9.99/yd.

When I searched online, I could only find it for about $40.00/yd or more. Here is a link to a lace site that I found: http://www.laceco.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=48&sort=20a&page=1

I didn’t purchase from them, but they look like they have some good prices and may have what you are looking for.

There is a fabric store here called Hancock Fabrics. I didn’t look there because whenever I have looked there before, they have been way too expensive for what I wanted to spend, but they do have a large wedding section.

Keep in mind that nice lace is going to be expensive, but in my opinion, it is worth it.

I was at Joanns the other day and I did see some lace trim that was similar to mine, but it wasn’t as wide. I don’t know how much it was though. If you have a bigger Joanns in your area, you may want to check them out to see what they have. If you use one of their coupons, you can save a bunch of money and they will let you special order and still use the coupon. You will just have to pay shipping, if it is something they don’t keep in stock all the time.

When I sewed the lace to the tulle, I placed it on the tulle so it laid about halfway on the tulle and then I sewed on the inner edge of the lace. Keep your stitches tiny. Only pick up the tiniest amount of tulle and lace with your needle and go slow. I wish I was there to show you. It is hard to explain. Make sure you lay your tulle flat to pin the lace to it. If you make a fingertip length veil, you will need at least 4 yds of lace. If you can get it in one solid piece that would be the best way. Also, start to sew the lace from the bottom of the veil. I tried on my veil by holding it in place on my head several times before I started sewing to make sure everything was lined up correctly. Use a tape measure or yard stick to make sure everything is even. Also, remember that your lace will be on the outside of the veil when you are wearing it.

Oh, my lace is about 4″ wide at its widest point.

[attachment=1060791,132003] [attachment=1060791,132004] [attachment=1060791,132005]

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My friend’s mom made mine.  She once took a class offered at her local fabric/craft store for $25 on how to make veils.  She made her daughter’s and now mine.  It is awesome and all in diamond white to match my dress with hand glued Swarvowski crystals.

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One more thing – to second what Caitlanc said – you should not worry to much about it being “perfect.”  Tulle is a b*tch to work with, and it’s probably not going to be perfect.  But tulle is also sheer and floaty and lovely, so there is about a 0% chance that anyone besides you will notice the imperfections. 

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