(Closed) Who is always late? You or your FI?

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  • poll: Who is always late? You or your FI?

    Me (My FI has to wait on me)

    My FI (I have to wait on him)

    We are never late! We know how important it is to be on time!

    Other (please comment)

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    Oh this is one of those touchy subjects for us.

    Lets put it this way – when Fiance was growing up they were ALWAYS early for EVERYTHING. I’m talking one of those – “Early is ontime, ontime is late, and late is dont even bother coming” So if it takes us a half hour to get somewhere and it starts at 10 – If I am not in the car at 9:15 he’s not a happy camper.

    Me on the other hand – my family was late for just about everything. 5-10 minutes late is perfectly acceptable and thats just “fashionably late”. No biggie. And in reality they are usually 15 – 30 minutes late to everything. 15 is normal i’d say. 

    Fiance has rubbed off on me ALOT. I’ll go with his on time thing. Its nice to actually be on time sometimes. but on time to me is still ON TIME – not 15 minutes early. THAT is where we really butt heads. I’ll even roll with the time he wants to leave but its still say 9:20 before i’m in the car and then he’s mad that we’re 5 minutes late – but to me we’re still 10 minutes early and thats a big improvement for me.

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    We both can use better time management skills sadly. 

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    We’re both huge about being on time. My mom and his dad are the worst!! His dad isn’t as bad as my mom though. If I tell my mom to be somewhere at a certain, she will always always show up around an hour later. Even her friends lie to her and tell her to be somewhere earlier than she should be.

    So because of this and how frustrating it is, we’re both pretty careful that we’re always on time.

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    we are both always early or on time. both sets of our parents are the same way.. that must be where we get it from!

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    My definition of being on-time is getting somewhere a half hour early…at least.  I like having time to kill (more time for coffee or reading the paper), adjusting to my new surroundings, having ample time in case of traffic, etc.

    FI’s definition of being on-time is arriving 5-10 minutes late.  This.drove.me.insane. Yell

    He got the hint one day when I flat-out told him, “Nope, dinner reservations weren’t really for 7:30 honey.  They’re for 7:45”

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    And OP, it definitely helped to get my man a nice cool-looking watch that he loves to wear every day.  He checks it all the time now!  I actually changed him 🙂

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    I laugh because this is something we go back and forth about. I tease my Fiance because I tell him that the stereotypical roles are reversed because I am the one always waiting on the couch for him to finish getting ready. What does he really need to do in there? Sheesh!

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    I do the same thing with my Fiance that I do with my Mom.  I tell them both that we have to be somewhere 1 hour to 30 minutes before we ACTUALLY have to be there.  Then we get there ontime.  I personally prefer to show up early, so even getting somewhere just ontime is annoying to me.

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    “Other”… Both of us have the tendency to run late, which means that combined…we almost never get to where we’re going when we intend to, lol! You can add about 10 mins delay time for each of us. It’s not our most charming feature, as a couple.

    We are also each very productive and creative, and when that gets combined it’s pretty awesome what we can do, and I guess that matters more to me than being on time. Still, I wish we could be more timely, too. We both try, we just almost always fail at it for some reason.

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    I’m usually on time and dh is usually early, which makes me feel like I’m late even though I’m not! lol. usually we get to places either right on time or a little early, in which case we have to walk around the block a few times or something, lol. the only time his earliness is bad though is that he didn’t realize that when people invite you over for dinner or something, it’s actually bad form to be early–I had to teach him that being early to a 7pm dinner party, for example, means you’re stressing out the hosts who aren’t ready yet, and that it’s better form to show up 5-10 mins late in that case

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    i wait for him 99.9% of the time and when he waits that .1%, he lets me know.  crazy. 

    it drives me crazy and very anxious.

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    My Fiance told me initially that his ex made them late everywhere, I’m learning she wasn’t alone! He has ADD in a bad way so he gets side tracked & distracted and has trouble staying on task. It drives me batty.

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    We are never ever ever late.  We’re both perpetually early people.  Almost to an annoying degree.

    I can’t stand people who are regularly late.  It’s so incredibly rude. We all have lives, why can one party make it on time but the other is constantly acting like the world should revolve around their schedule?

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    My Hubby is always late. He thinks he can try and bend space and time in ways that are impossible! I’m usually early. Now that we’re married, we’re usually just on time, or way less late than he usually would be. :p

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    My SO has missed a flight because of his chronic lateness. After being with him for as long as I have I’ve decided that it is a condition. lol. When people invite us to things I always tell them we’ll be there 15-20 minutes after they say because my SO suffers from chronic lateness. lol. Might as well try and have a sense of humor about it right? I do what most other bees do. I remind him at intervals, lie about the time etc. However EVERYONE in his family runs late. It must be genetic. lol. 


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