(Closed) Who is always late? You or your FI?

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  • poll: Who is always late? You or your FI?

    Me (My FI has to wait on me)

    My FI (I have to wait on him)

    We are never late! We know how important it is to be on time!

    Other (please comment)

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    I voted my Fiance but he’s usually never more than 5 minutes late because I’ve trained it out of him 😉

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    Neither of us are late.  We are both actually “early” or “on time” people. =)

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    I voted Fiance, but really that’s before he realized how important it is to me to be early. I’m definitely down with PP who said 30min early, haha. Before, he was more relaxed about timeliness from stories he would tell me. He pulled that on me exactly once and I semi-freaked out on him for making me late. He got the message.

    My ExH, on the other hand, is ridiiiiiiculously passive aggressive, and being late to stuff is his weird way of retaining some sort of control. I used to resort to time fibbing and on a few occassions outright begging (bc everyone else in the group was more like me) to save my sanity. The compromise was if it was ever just the two of us and we didn’t have time-dependent plans, I let him have his way. Like if he said dinner at 6pm, I had to be flexible enough and (outwardly) ok with as late as 6:45. 

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    It’s genetic to run late everywhere we go 😉

    But seriously, we try to time it together, but he usually ends up waiting for me. And if we are late, it’s my fault.

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    I have a thing about being on time.  I find it completely insulting to show up late or to keep people waiting.  It just seems very self-important and disrespectful of other people’s time.  My DH does not get in a hurry or feel strongly about being on time.  As you can imagine, this can be quite frustrating for both of us.

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    I totally understand how you feel my ex-bf was always late 20 mins or longer. I was always on time and this man would make me lose my religion everytime he showed up late. I would curse him out the whole car ride and I would work myself into a frenzy. I thought he was inconsiderate and had no respect for my time.

    Sad to say, I slap the shit out of him one day and told him never mine I rather go by myself and take my own car than to look at your face. If you come there is a 99% chance that I will hit you again. I was angry everytime we went out and I realize I cant get myself this worked up he is just wasnt worth to me. I left him 6 years ago for that and so many reasons.

    My Fiance is in the military and believes in the 15mins early for everything (whew) what a relief.

    Given the fact he is your Fiance what you can do is take your car or get a ride by someone else. The will force him to see how serious you are about how you feel.

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    I’m always early for everything… he’s generally on time but that’s not good enough for me haha I always have to have that “buffer” time! I took a long time to figure out that being early wasn’t always good… now if I show up early to someone’s house I just bum around elsewhere (I pick up a coffee or something) to kill time, but I still show up early to restaurants and stuff!

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    I am chronically late. I was late for my own birth and I’ve been late for just about every appointment, school function, dinner reservation, etc. for my entire life. I’ve been working very hard at trying to keep a better eye on time and come up with a realistic amount of time it will take me to get ready. I’m seeing progress and have actually been *gasp* early for things recently! SO is one of those “if you’re on time you’re late” people.

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    Definitely my DH!  It annoys the crap out of me because we are always running behind getting to any appt. or important event.  I like to be early to things and get annoyed at how long it takes him to start moving and get ready.  

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    I have to herd him well before we have to leave.

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    So funny We JUST had this convo tonight! I always have to wait on HIM when its an event with my family or friends  Either because he waits until 5 mins before we need to leave before he decides to get off his cpu or tv to start getting ready, or because he thinks the time I give him is an approximate and doesnt matter anyway. Its sooooo frustrating. BUT when its something with HIS family or friends or an event HE planned, like tonight we went to NFR, he is very much on time or usually early! I am never late for anything. Not my stylr and I hate heing rushed. So does he so I dont gey it but weve been together 4 years so I should just deap w it by now huh?

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    I HATE it when people are late!  Neither of us are late, we both love being on time.  However, my roommate from college was chronically late to EVERYTHING.  Seriously, HOURS late!  OR she just doesn’t show up!  GRAR!


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