Who is in the wrong: I paid $200+ for friend of bridesmaid hair/makeup?

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Sugar Beekeeper

If the salon accepts responsibility for their part in this and does not want to pursue the friend’s guest for payment, that’s their choice. It does not cheat anyone. 

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Blushing bee

There is no way in hell I’d be paying H + MU for someone I don’t know AND is rude. I dislike confrontation myself but I wouldn’t let this slide. I’d be telling the Bridesmaid or Best Man that the additional $220 is an expense incurred on her friend’s part and I’ll be expecting reimbursement. And it would be a friendship-ending move if said Bridesmaid or Best Man fought me on this – it’s not even about the money, it’s the principle.

Geez, the audacity of some people.

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Helper bee

kayxo13 :  it is everyone’s fault but more lead/ stylists’.

number one thing, if they were experienced/good/organized , they would have made a note of who all they were styling ( in terms timeline / billing) ahead of time ie when u booked them. To me , it is pretty clear that u will not be paying when ur mom pulled her aside and told her that this gal is not in agenda.

the girl definitely took advantage, who does prof. Makeup n hair for free!!! Flat rate!🙄I m sure she’s not so naive. I think u should ask ur stylist to send HER the bill ( not ur fren) since ur mom made it clear to them that she is not in Bridal party and that it is not ur problem. Stay out of it. Tell them they were unprofessional and greedy n that if they charge u her bill too, u will write the reviews exactly as it is in various wedding sites. May be they will send it to her once they hear about reviews.

1. Yes it is lead stylists n guests failt

2. You should stay out of it ie. Be adamant to ur lead stylist that SHE should send the bill to HER(guest) DIRECTLY. 

( u can get her phone and email and pass it to her)

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Busy bee

weddingmaven :  This is making a lot of assumptions. There is no reason to believe that the salon would be okay with that. Clearly, they are billing OP for a reason–they want compensation for all services rendered.

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anabee323 :  It’s not an assumption that the lead stylist was very specifically told not to include the guest in the services and that this direction was totally ignored. If the salon realizes they billed OP in error then it is up to them how they want to deal with it. All OP is telling them is that it’s not her charge, which it is not.

If the salon realizes they had a separate agreement with the guest and want to pursue her, that is up to them, but it’s my guess they won’t. The only question becomes whether OP should tell her friend what happened and ask her to pass the info to the guest. I already said yes.

It’s possible this was a billing error but it’s also possible the salon will take responsibility for their role in a misunderstanding and waive the charge. 

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anabee323 :  ETA  I never once assumed the salon would be OK with not getting paid. I just said they might, under the circumstances. They did screw up and they did bill OP in error. It is up to OP to let them know and up to the salon how to handle. 

Since the guest apparently was informed that there were individual charges or at the very least extra fees for special services, she should be told about the bill and the fact that OP was erroneously charged. After that it’s between her and the salon. 

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We need an update OP!

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I have not read any of the previous replies, so maybe someone has said this already:


I would contact the hair- and make up-stylists and tell them that since you so clearly told them that this girl was not part of the group, and that you don’t even know her, and as they still continued to do her hair and make up, you assumed that they had talked to the girl in question about a price and that she was paying for the services herself.


What did you respond when your friend thanked you on her behalf? 


I think it is extremely rude of your friends friend to just assume that you would pay for her hair and makeup! What on earth made her believe that? I would not feel very happy about paying her hair and make up, if I were you. Regardless the price. I would tell them to send her a bill that covered what she had done.

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Did you have a contract?  If your contract was for 5 and they gave 6 people hairdos I’d push back.  If you were trying to discreetly not have them provide service and they didn’t get it and this person recieved services, I think you should pay.  Just my 2 cents 🙂

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Yes, thank you anabee323 :  you are correct. I don’t know how different opinions can be so poorly misinterpreted at times.

PaperQueen :  I was purely giving my opinion on the information provided by OP. 

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