(Closed) Who is least supportive of your marriage?

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Honey Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2009

Wow that sucks! Sometimes my parents are, er, “realists” about my marriage. I almost can’t blame them, with the divorce rate being as high as it is and the fact that they’ve only met Darling Husband like, 5 times. I guess they are still skeptical of him. Most recently, Dad wants to gift me a safe for a Christmas gift. Yes, a safe, to have installed in the house. For protection of paperwork and who knows what. And he was very specific in stating that it is MINE, for me to protect MY assets, although the husband can “use” it, it’s MINE. It rubbed me the wrong way. You can’t give your child a gift, to have installed in a house they share with their spouse, and then be all, “it’s not really for him” about it.

I feel like we’ll have to get 10+ years of marriage under our belt and a handful of kids for them to accept that i’m actually married now, lol. My parents are weird about stuff like this though.

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Bee Keeper
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I’m either blissfully ignorant or lucky that no one is against us getting married. We do have people who don’t care at all and act like it’s not a big deal we’re getting married which bothers us a little. Sometimes I feel like my one single friend is against me getting married, but she would never say it to me. Nor does she have any real ligitimate reason.

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Buzzing bee
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Thre’s a friend I was close to for the better part of the last 10 years. We went through a period of about 1.5 yrs that we didn’t talk much. She had been through a divorce and went back to school and work. We just started getting close again and we were hanging out once a week or so and talking every 2-3 days on the phone for 4-5 months and as soon as Fiance and I picked a date and I started talking about the wedding, she stopped returning calls and emails. SHe offered to go dress shopping with me and then said she had other plans. I decided that I would just leave the ball in her court and let her call me when she was ready. I haven’t heard from her at all since June.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: December 2009

I have a friend that I would have asked to be in my wedding if she didn’t live in Florida and wasn’t in her second year of law school who didn’t support us at first.  I know the reason is she was kinda bitter about the whole relationship thing, she has had a string of bad relationships, so it’s understandable.  In a drunk moment she actually said “I’m so glad I’m not like all my other girl friends and ‘settling’ in my early 20’s just so I can get married.”  I was pretty upset when she said it, but knew where she was coming from, and that it was a drunk moment.  Now she is fully supportive and can’t wait to come to the wedding, but it was def hard on her at first.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2009

Almost everyone is supportive and saw our marriage coming. Only my SIL, my husband’s sister, has been a little peeved. She manages to get digs in at me whenever she can. Ick. But not too bad overall. I think she’s upset about a recent breakup, and I certainly understand that even if her happiness in her own relationship has nothing to do with us.

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Sugar bee
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one sided total bromance – ouch. 

Everyone’s pretty supportive, though some people are more or less interested than others.  Very lucky!

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Helper bee
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Please educate her on the prenup.  LOL!!!  Funny she told you to get one even though you and your fiance have no assets  What’s the point?  You ended your post right on point.  “Idiot.”  Some people can’t be happy if it isn’t all about them.  Maybe she is jealous and would give anything to be in your shoes (I bet she doesn’t sign a prenup).  LOL!!!  Good luck with that friend. 

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A college ‘friend’ always felt I stole Fiance from her. Fiance knew she was stalkerish/crazy before I did, and he never liked her, but since she always had a massive crush on him (while in a relationship, may I add), she felt I went out with him because I was mad at her or some other petty line of bs. I thought we all graduated junior high melodramas… apparently not. Suffice it to say, she (clearly not invited to the wedding) victimizes herself to all of our mutual friends about this engagement. Sooo, she’s not too happy. Girl is nuts and everyone knows it, so whatevs.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2010

My brother.

“Dubious” and “scornful” are probably the best adjectives to describe his attitude.

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Honey bee
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Um I’d have to say my mom. Well, she’s plenty supportive of the MARRIAGE, it’s the WEDDING that she’s not supportive of – she acts like she couldn’t care less about it, but then when someone else gets married I have to sit through 30 minutes of her talking about how amazing their wedding was…it’s rather irritating.

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Busy bee
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Initially his parents and a few of his friends.  They thought he should marry ‘his own kind.’  Mostly, I think they had never met anyone who wasn’t Korean, so they didn’t really realize that people are people.  Thankfully everyone has come around.  It only took 4 years.^^

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Bumble bee
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Thankfully, no one really. But I did have a conversation with my grandmother about how I wasn’t going to ask for a pre-nup. She seems to think I am made of gold. My VISA bill says otherwise.

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