(Closed) Who is the ‘richer’ one. You or SO ?

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  • poll: who has more MULA $$ ( money )

    he does , and it does not bother me

    i do, i wish he did

    were on the same scale, equal :)

    he does, and it bothers me :(

    i do, and it does not bother me :D

    other, explain below

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    He makes more than I do but it doesn’t bother me (anymore). It used to, mostly because after I finished college I couldn’t find a job and wasn’t able to contribute financially. Now that I can work and help out it doesn’t bother me anymore. 

    As far as families go, I really have no idea who makes more. I think my parents now are making more than his mom, but only because his dad passed away and his mom is retired. 

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    I chose other because of the financial situation we’re in.  Currently, yes, I make more money than he does.  He was laid off from his previous job and currently is working a minium wage job, plus receiving unemployment check, while I have worked for the same company for almost 12 years (I worked my way up from the bottom level in the company to our corporate offices.) 

    I wish he was making the same as me – it would take SOOOOO much of the weight off of my shoulders.  We’re fortunate that his parents have generously gave us  a gift of $4k or otherwise, we wouldn’t be having a wedding, period.  (My family does not have the income to give me any $ towards my wedding. 

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    @chesseplease:  My SO and I both come from families of the same

    social strada and class.


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    I have a fair amount of savings, he has none, but he’s the only one with a job, so together we have more financial stability

    ETA: Our families are about the same, I think, I have more saving than my parents because it’s something my grandparents invested in when I was born.

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    I make substantially more (and will continue to make exponentially more) than my Fiance. (I’m a doctor).

    It doesn’t bother me though – I like it. I like having independence and able to buy what I want without being questioned (too much).  I like not having to feel somewhat guilty about using “”his”” money. I prefer to look at it as “”our money”” though..  trying to instill that idea in my Fiance is a difficult task… I never want him to feel like he is less important than me or is unable to do the things he wants because he feels wrong using part of my salary… 🙁 I trust him not to make spontaneous irresponsible financial decisions, thats jut who he is.


    Sorry for the personal vent! It’s been on my mind since we were first together! Even then I can remember our very different spending styles… and bank accounts.

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    Neither one of us has more money, as we view all our assest as joint (no matter whose name it is in, not all accounts are joint).  I brought more money into the relationship, but right now I am not getting paid, and DH makes a decent salary.  My parents are better off than his, but it doesn’t bother either of us.

    I would have some concerns if his family was heavily in debt.  I would be worried about the habits he picked up from his parents, as well as family expecting hand outs.  Luckily, his parents are still in a decent financial situation so it isn’t something I worry about.

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    DH is waaay better off financially than I am and is pretty financially savvy (lucky me). His family is also financially more secure than mine – they have a family business and own lots of property. My family not so much, in fact I’m a little worried that we’ll probably end up taking care of my parents when they’re older because they’ve pretty much ignored saving for retirement.

    I try to hold my own though, I have a pretty steady job with decent pay (not exactly my first career choice, but given the economy I’m happy to have it) and I feel bad sometimes that I don’t contribute financially the way that DH does. But, on the other hand he does rely on me to feed him and be his therapist – so that’s totally worth its weight in gold! 🙂

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    I make about 2x what DH makes.  However, due to my massive student loan payment per month (which basically wipes out one of my after-tax, after health insurance, etc. checks…), our salaries actually average out to equal one another.  I’m in “control” of all the money, though.  I put together our monthly budget, pay all the bills, etc.  But, DH is very much in the loop.  I just happen to be more organized than he is, and our arrangement works out perfectly!  

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    Are you asking about our families or us?

    DH makes more money than I do. But it’s really “our” money. I came into the relationship with a lot more money, house, paid off car though because my parents make a lot more money.

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    Lol Hehehe both broke .specially after our wedding.LOL but were working on it.

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    I have kind of the opposite issue from you, OP… I come from a family that’s pretty well off and can afford to support me while im in grad school (I’m 22), whereas my Fiance grew up very poor and his parents can’t help him out at all.  He works two jobs and goes to school and still has less money than me.  It doesn’t bother me, but I think it bothers him… I think he feels like kind of less of a man because he can’t just support me on his own.

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    Well i voted on the basis of families…. Mine never had much money. His parents weere divorcced but he grew up with a boat and a snowmobile…. His dads house was run down but his moms got a mansion. They paid for his school. All that. He always thought he was poor until he met me. His friends had money and ifcourse so did his exes. I always felt like i was letting him down or he was loosing out by getting stuck with a poor girl. I couldnt give him anything good. I felt like i wasnt good enough. He disagreed always just said well you know im not with you for your money. Im just self consious when it comes to my familys money. Always have been. But now that we r on our own he makes more then me and im the one with a savings. I learned to be very frugal with my money… Im determined to not end up like my parents.

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    I think both of our immediate families are in the same bracket. But I make more money than he does (i.e. he makes none). I wish he made some money, but as of right now, I am the bread winner.

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    Mine earns like 5 x times more than me and I have 3 jobs lol but I dont mind one bit and neither does he! we have a joint account and it’s ‘our’ money. I would never take that for granted though and I know how lucky I am! x

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    Well considering that I am in massive student loan debt, I would say he does!

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