Who is your worst imaginable marriage partner?

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Doesn’t like animals, atheist/agnostic/non-religious, uneducated, chirpy morning person, wants kids, workshy, hunter, smelly, previously promiscuous, swears, dirty jokes, no sense of humour, low earner, ungenerous, has a beard/stubble, finicky about tidiness, not close to his mum/family, never owned pets.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: February 2016

Aside from the obvious ones that have been, here’s some specific real life ones. Theres a guy at work who constantly sniffs/snorts up his snot. He makes that gross sound like he can’t be bothered blowing his nose. He does it like every 20 minutes and he sits right behind me. Just go grab a tissue and blow your nose rather than subjecting the entire office to your nose snorts. He also regaularly makes comments such as “women shouldn’t be in the workplace, they should be at home and in the kitchen as it’s been for thousands of years”. 

I’d also like to add another vote for my BFF’s partner. He’s a complete douche. He’s lazy, rude and emotionally abusive to my friend. Plus he can’t even be bothered to play with his own son.

Oh and my Brother-In-Law. He’s not a bad guy but he’s the polar opposite of my Darling Husband. So everything I admire in Darling Husband is lost in Brother-In-Law. He’s “unlucky” which means that if he doesn’t see the value in it or it doesn’t interest him (marriage, jobs), he just stops trying with it but then blames the situation rather than his own lack of interest.

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Basically my ex-boyfriend.  A controlling, aggressive, emotionally abusive narcissist who had absolutely no respect for women and treated everyone around him like dirt.  In the short time I was with him (about seven months, though he was in my life for much longer unfortunately) he completely drained me financially, encouraged me not to take a new job, would not allow me to spend time with my family or friends without him, constantly screamed at me over insignificant things, embarrassed me in front of others, broke down my confidence, told me I would never be able to find anyone better than him, and manipulated my thoughts and words so much that I always appeared to be the one in the wrong.  Thank god I was able to get myself out of that relationship.  If nothing else, it taught exactly what I didn’t want in a partner. 

I’ve been with my current boyfriend (and hopefully future fiance) for over a year now and he is the most amazing, compassionate, supportive person I could have hoped for.  He is everything I deserved and never had.  In the end, I won.

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Buzzing bee
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A non-Christian. Liberal. Pro-abortion. Uneducated and unintelligent. Into porn. Doesn’t like to travel. Too caught up in pets. Sloppy. Bad with money. Cheater. Uses profanity as part of daily language. Too tidy. Cheater. Doesn’t like his family. Doesn’t like my kids. Overly macho. Can’t cook. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2016

A Christian. Conservative. Against women’s right to choose. Uneducated and unintelligent…couldn’t help myself but seriously – uninformed, obnoxious, non empathetic, unable to show depth, not open minded towards the people he disagrees with, small minded mentality, takes himself too seriously, regressive right, regressive left.


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: April 2017

Someone homophobic and anti-feminist who maintains flirty friendships with a bunch of women, including exes, and doesn’t see a problem with it. He would be lazy in terms of his work ethic and have a complete lack of interest in physical activity. He would rely on me for money, think reading is for wimps and have low intelligence. 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

pearleaf :  +1 to that.  I would not only never be in a relationship with a lazy unintelligent person, I don’t even want to have to spend an extended period of time with them.

And I’ll add someone who always has to be centre of attention. Ugh, I can’t stand that.

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Helper bee

A man who doesn’t pick up his share of chores at home, childcare duties, etc. Who never cooks or cleans and leaves me to pick up & put away his stuff while he plays video games & expects that he’ll be able to spend all his time outside of work purely on leisure activities for his own enjoyment. Who expects me to wake up with the baby every single night & handle every doctor’s appointment & soccer game throughout their lives. Who thinks that any little thing he does do is “helping” me, as if it’s my job by default to do all of those things in the first place. He wouldn’t even have to be stridently anti-feminist or pro-traditional gender roles, just entirely oblivious & unwilling to change. I would go slowly insane & become a bitter, resentful shadow of myself in that situation. 

Obviously that’s not the absolute worst partner I could possibly have. But I ruled out abusive, narcissistic, completely opposed to my political/religious/world views in every way, etc. I think the man I described above is the very worst partner I could ever actually imagine myself somehow managing to end up with. 

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Helper bee

Any dude who shares ‘Meninist’ posts on facebook in a non ironic way. A “gamer.” A grown ass man who plays video games daily? No thank you. A man who takes selfies and uses Instagram. A man with a favourite porn star. A man who frequents sleazy strip clubs on “guys night” with his manchild friends who all hate their wives. Any man who uses the word “feminist” as an insult. 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: January 2017

Two of my friends nearly identical husbands’ come to mind. Cocky, narcisstic, an ego 24 times the size of their weenie; controlling, lazy, and arrogant. 

Husband number one has been witnessed controlling how often my friend can see her family. Sits around on his butt and asks her to do everything for him. (Bring the remote, make supper, do the dishes, bring him a snack, close the blinds when he’s sitting two feet away, etc.) The dude literally makes her bring him coffee in bed first thing in the morning, and won’t get out of bed until she does. 

Husband number two is equally controlling. Cut her off from all of her friends when they first started dating, because she “didn’t need any friends other than him”. He will not let her talk to any other guy, not even guy cashiers or waiters.  He will literally pull her behind him, have her whisper in his ear what she does wants, and then order it for her. Stuff like that. Total d-bag. There is no way on God’s green earth I could put up with that 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2017

Aside from that set of obvious deal breakers- substance abuse, physical or emotional abuse, animal or child abuse, adultery, sexism, racism, chauvinism etc. I couldn’t deal with anyone close-minded, uneducated or willfully ignorant, very religious, anti-choice, or anti-gun, or anyone who dislikes cats, traveling or hiking. Wanting a large family would be a deal-breaker for me as well. 


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: January 2015

My cheating, lying, narcissistic bastard of an ex-husband is my worst imaginable marriage partner, and I pity the poor soul he’s involved with right now, especially if she has any attractive female friends or relatives…and also anyone who doesn’t like cats.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: July 2016

This guy:

Can you imagine having to physically touch this guy?  I think I’d be in a perpetual vomit.

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Sugar bee

amanda1988 :  It’s what we all will look like when we are older.  Let’s hope that when we get there someone somewhere will still find us loveable and attractive.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2015

1. Someone lazy. Not just from a fitness perspective, but an energy perspective. I get really affected by my environment and lazy people put me to sleep and depress me. You know the time who say “Ya,” a lot and are always slumped over like they’re ready for a nap or never speakw ith any enthusiasm.

2. Someone non confrontational. Nothing turns me off like a man who mutters under his breath. Speak up. You have balls, use them.

3. Someone who will say “Go ask your mother” for EVERYTHING.

4. Someone who won’t defend me when I’m around and when I’m not. I value a little bit of craziness and if someone is going to speak ill of my loved ones I’m not flip out at the person so I expect the same. 

5. Someone who doesn’t value all of the LITTLE things it takes to maintain a home, a healthy lifestyle and an attractive appearance. That crap doesn’t come easily and it requires DAILY maintenance and work.

6. Someone who is sexually linear. Do something different. It may or may not work. It may or may not be creepy. You’re only going to find out what’s fantastic if you explore. It doesn’t need to involve gangbangs or sex swings,b ut CHANGE is good.

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