(Closed) Who takes care of the pets in your relationship?

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    I have a angora Rabbit and a russian tortoise. I basicly do all the stuff with them. Clean cages, feed them, water, grooming etc. Hubby plays with the rabbit on occasion but not as much as I do. 

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    Fiance takes care of our cat and I take care of my snake. He will not go near it, so he’s mine.

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    We each have our “own” pet, I have a cat and he has a dog.  I got my cat about 2 years ago and he got the dog this past November.  I take care of my cat, but for the moment, Darling Husband is cleaning the litter box since I’m pregnant.  Darling Husband takes care of the dog, per our agreement.  I don’t like dogs and I really hate this dog, so our agreement was he could get it, but he is soley responsible for her.

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    We have two dogs. They were mine and my exes initially, but they stayed with me and they are 100% mine and DFs now. It really depends on what it is. I still feel responsible for a lot of the financial stuff (vet apps, surgery, etc). I used to be the one to feed them and take them out, mostly so I didn’t burden him (he on ever had pets before.) But after we moved in together he started taking on a lot of the day to day responsibilities but its usually just the first one up/home in the evening will do what needs to be done. Ill go as far to stay he’s probably the more responsible pet owner now, even though it took me a long time to give up control and not feel guilty for him doing it. 

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    We both share rolls in our furbaby life if Fiance gets up to work before i do. I take our lil guy for a walk every morning vice versa. We both take him to the vet together. We both feed them clean them it doesn’t matter its whoever gets it done.


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    It’s mostly me because I’m the one that promised if I could have the pets I’d take care of them.  I am a huge animal lover and right now we have two cats & two dogs.  If it were up to my husband we’d probably just have one cat.  Or one perfect dog who never pees, doesn’t bark & loves everyone.

    He’s always been pretty good with the cats & they take such little effort really.  And he loves our girl dog because she’s always been really good.  But he started to take more of an interest in our youngest dog because he was a pretty bad dog when we adopted him & he realized I was’t going to give him up.  He’s kind of paranoid about them peeing in the house, so he started taking him on walks every day.  He also really wants him to listen & behave so he has his own little tricks he’s trying to teach him.  And now I finally find him cuddling with him ;-).  He still doesn’t pick up poop or feed them unless I’m out of town or sick or something, but he’s at least partially involved!!

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    We split feeding (I feed them breakfast, he feeds them dinner), he usually lets them out to go to the bathroom and we both walk them, but I take care of their medical care. He’s taken the Golden to the vet before when I’ve been at work or taken the dogs to my mom for her to take them to the vet, but usually that’s my job.

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    I do about 95% of the work. I am stay at home, so it’s what works for us. Anytime I ask him to do something he does without hesitation. We both take them to the vet together, though. 

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    I have two dogs which Darling Husband loves. However, since I work from home and certainly made the decision to get our pup, I do most of the everyday work with them. Darling Husband is very helpful and will clear up puppy accidents and feed them if asked and always enjoyed going for walks with them but I tend to be the main Doggy Wrangler. Also, because Darling Husband is fairly unwell at the moment and one of the side effects is exhaustion, I don’t drag him out on long walks but he still loves to play with them and the dogs are very sweet and cuddle up to him when he naps.

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    We have two cats that we got together in our second year of sharing an apartment.  We split their care 50/50.  All of their costs come out of our joint checking account.  We go to their vet appointments together unless one of us has a conflict.  As far as feeding and cat litter duty go, he takes the odd days and I take the even days.  

    I bet we’ll do the same once we get a dog, although I’ll probably end up doing the middle-of-the-night and early morning potty walks since I wake up at the drop of a pin and his journey to consciousness is long and painful.  He’s a night owl, though, so he can do the last walk of the night before coming to bed since I’ll already be asleep.  I like the idea of going on long evening/weekend walks together.

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    We have a doberman puppy and she is 10 months old. We got her when she was 12 weeks and at first she lived with him in GA, but he knew that I was lonely and brought her to live with me in NC. She stayed with me for quite some time. I took her to puppy classes and the dog park and she is such a good girl. But I graduated from college and I had to move back home with Mom and Dad to plan the weddin and they wouldn’t let me bring her so she now lives with him again, but it’s ok. I miss her, but she LOVES her daddy. She is a Daddy’s girl through and through. He is very good about taking care of her, my only issue is I wish he would find a dog park close to him to take her to. But yeah, we share the responsibility, we try to take turns on taking her out to potty. Smile


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    I do. We have 2 ferrets and a miniature pig. I’m actually fine with this, because I’m the one who wanted all the pets. Darling Husband will play with them and fill up their food and water dishes, but that’s about the extent of it.

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    We have one dog and share the duties, about 60/40, skewed toward me doing more work. 

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    We share, although I do pay for most of the dog’s vet bills because they are mostly my dogs. FH usually always cleans out the litter box though because I can’t really handle the smell. As far as feeding, watering, walking and such, we share those responsibilities. 

    @t_f_m_2point0:  I’m really jealous of the fact that you have a miniature pig. I’m thinking pictures are in order.

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    I would be pretty resentful if my SO didn’t help with our dog. Though it might be different if she was MY dog before we got together…idk. But it feels like we split it pretty down the middle.

    I do all the research for pet products…her doggie harness, her flea stuff, toothpaste, bath soap, dog treats, and dog food. I try to really make sure she’s getting good stuff. My SO pays for the majority of it because she makes a lot more than I do and we tend to go to the store together, though sometimes I’ll go alone with the pup.

    We split taking the dog out to the bathroom, 2 times each every day on average. My SO takes her poo more than I do due to our work schedules so I’m trying to take her out 3 times a day instead of just 2 since it takes the dog like 20 mins to freaking poo.

    We both bathe the dog most of the time, though sometimes my SO does on her own. She tends to feed her more and top off her water more. Again, mostly because of our work hours…she works overnights so she’s home during the day when the dog eats.

    I brush the dog’s hair and teeth and try to keep up with trimming her nails.

    It’s pretty down the middle, maybe sometimes leaning toward my SO doing more but I try to do my share.

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