Was I wrong here?

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Bumble bee

I live in Europe and have travelled extensively around it and this has never happened to me before in my entire life, so either you were very unlucky to bump into an arsehole or this guy thought you were filming him for whatever reason.

Yes in a public space you’re entitled to film and if he happens to be in your shot then so be it, just today I was walking along a touristy part of my city and ended up being photographed by tourists, but it was obviously just by accident as I walked into their shot. If I thought they were purposely filming me I would have probably asked them to stop. I’m assuming this guy thought you were filming him as a lot of tourists are rude AF and treat locals like photo props. I agree with others your reaction was a bit over the top and aggressive, you weren’t in the wrong per se, it seems like a misunderstanding on his part, but you could have responded by saying “sorry I wasn’t meaning to film you, I was trying to film x,y or z” which more than likely would have diffused the situation. Again, I’m not saying you were wrong, but in future it would probably be better to try and diffuse situations rather than escalate them, especially when it’s so obvious that it could just be a misunderstanding. 

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Blushing bee

…you have no right to privacy when you’re in public, pure & simple.

He was in the wrong teliing you to delete your film. Lmao tf? & hey if you can’t handle/don’t like living in a tourist hotspot …where there will be TOURISTS… f***ing MOVE. Or get over it/get used to it. You didn’t build the city, you don’t own it, & tourists don’t owe you privacy. Common decency & civility, sure! But being sick of tourists doesn’t give someone the right to force delete someone’s photos etc. You’re not obligated to live there; get over yourself.

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Busy bee

We become so used to these pics and cell phone cameras that apparently it’s now normal for you to video other people because you are in public place. I deliberately take pics and videos without other people because I would hate to be part of someone else’s. 

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Sugar Beekeeper

The driver was right. This guy was totally out of line, but you should have just put your camera down, said OK, sorry or moved on rather than engaged a total stranger in a dispute. There are too many crazies out there. 

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Helper bee
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socalgirl1689 :  Ahh, you’ve just illustrated my point–you’ve merely gotten defensive rather than considering what others have to say about a question you had about the appropriateness of your own behavior. I was taking in ALL of your responses (yes, I did indeed read all of them) and drawing an overall conclusion from your behavior AND the content of them all. And because my overall conclusion was negative (given that you were telling a local in his own country what to do so that you, a tourist, could do what you pleased without knowing said country’s regulations and customs), you assume that I didn’t read everything. Rather than considering that, perhaps, you should be slightly more cautious about your behavior in foreign countries and defer to the locals now and again, you acted as though *I* were the one at fault somehow. 

But… didn’t you ask if you were in the wrong? Well, I answered. 

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Sugar bee
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It will depend massively on where you are in Europe. Privacy debates and laws are getting stronger here and there are people who really object to having their picture taken.

not quite the same, but my husband and I are quite tall and when we travel in Asia we get lots of other tourists try to take our picture without us knowing. I call them out and say no. When we’ve travelled with our son they really try as he is cute with blond hair and blue eyes. I stop that for sure.

he was rude how he did it but I’m guessing English isn’t his first language and you should have just put the camera down and apologised. 

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Bee Keeper
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…you have no right to privacy when you’re in public, pure & simple.”

Luckily that is just not true in most places.  European countries have many law, ps around privacy and taking someone’s image, storing somone’s image, holding someone’s image, distributing, the issue of consent when they are underage, taking a photo under someone’s clothes without their knowledge etc. You can’t just do what you want because “public place”, pure and simple. 

beepboopbop :  


Twizbe :  I’m not tall but I feel your pain! I was in SE Asia this summer and the amount of people taking my picture because i’m white and on the fair side was insane. People would just film me eating my dinner, it was so uncomfortable. 

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Sugar bee
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zzar45 :  at the grand mosque in Abu Dhabi it was horrible. So many Chinese tourists trying to pose with my son without even a smile towards us! 

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