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I don’t really understand why Lori was so upset when Rick admitted to the group that he killed Shane, it did seem like that’s what she wanted in some of the previous episodes. 

Carl is crazy- the part where he walked into the barn and told Rick to shoot him shows that he doesn’t have compassion and is starting to get the “killer instinct” ugh… no thanks.

I keep wondering why they don’t just go to an island. I’d go to Catalina or something, at least there are buffalos on Catalina and plenty of fish in the sea. I don’t think walkers drive boats. 

And does the “everyone is infected” thing really change anything- no. The group didn’t need to panic.

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The show is FINALLY back on track. I hated this entire season for two mere facts:

1) they kept Shane alive

2) this season’s story was basically only one issue (the second!) of the comics.

Now that they’re finally off of the farm and Shane is rightfully dead, I think I like the show again (though I’m still disappointed they killed off Dale and Sophia – in the comics, Dale and Andrea have a romantic relationship, and I think the producers must’ve thought that would be too creepy so they might was well just kill him off).

I think the whole “we’re infected” thing is a non-issue. It just means they’re carriers, and they have to make sure to get the brains of whoever dies of natural causes. It’s “Night of the Living Dead” all over again, I don’t think it will have any effect on their lives.


They finally introduced the best/most interesting character of the comics and I can’t wait to watch the next season!

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@GreenEyedMoon:  “In short, it may have taken them 18 painful hours to do it, but The Walking Dead has finally caught up with the first 10 minutes of an ordinary zombie movie.”

SO true.

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@nineteen87: I’m with you on the not understanding Lori thing. I mean, really? She abandoned Rick in the hospital on Shane’s word, had an affair with Shane, got preggo, has done a million awful things in the meantime that stem from her just being an idiot (seriously, you can’t hit a zombie with your car, better option is flipping it? And if you care so much about Carl, how come you never know where the dang kid is??) and then all of a sudden she can’t support Rick any more or take him at his word that Shane’s death was something that had to happen.

Sigh. Can you tell I have some Lori hate on? Haha 

ETA: SO MANY SPOILERS! Er, you’re welcome everyone haha

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@lamkky:  I’ve read all the comics so far. Been reading them, god, almost 10 years now! Holy crow! I think they came out in 2003, I know I was reading them when I was a teen, and I’m going to be 26 this year…

Anyway, maybe it’s because I was so used to them, or whatever, but I like the comics MUCH better than the show. They have a much darker, more “real” feel to them, the storyline moves quicker it seems, and the characters are FAR more likable (plus they have many more characters.) it’s just more well rounded. One of the things that broke my heart about the tv series was that they changed people’s personalities A LOT, and I felt like they ended up making all the women kinda…dumb. Like Andrea. Andrea is a true BAMF in the comic, she’s one of my favorite characters, she’s great. She’s actually closer to my age, (I believe she’s 26) and she hooks up with Dale in the comic. I figured they aged her a bit in the tv show to make the Andrea/Dale hookup a little more “PC”, but then that never happened. I dunno. Michonne is a badass, too, and *SPOILER* she’s in the tv show, now (the woman with the machete and 2 chained zombies) so maybe she’ll make up for the fact that I thought Andrea was lacking in the tv show.

The fact that people return from the dead regardless of whether they’re bitten WAS discovered in the comic, but they discovered it themselves through experience. There was no CDC thing. I don’t know if they’ll ever explain why people are carriers like that or what started it in the tv show, as they never did in the comic OR in any Romero film. But then they really haven’t been following the comic (or any zombie movie’s) patterm at all, so who knows.

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