(Closed) Who would rather have a c-section?

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I had a natural 2 years ago with DS, and hoping for the same with Dear Daughter. If I had a c-section the first time, I would opt for a c-section the next time as there have been a couple deaths in our family and close friends from trying for a VBAC. Natural is the best option for me and our babies, but everyone has the right to their own choice!

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@CorvusCorax:  So just to get this straight, you are more concerned about the outward appearance of pregnancy, and want to combat any weight gain or stretch marks by taking the baby out early? This concerns you more than doing what is best for your future child? You don’t want to leave him/her in for as long as possible so they can grow and develop until they are ready to come out or need to be taken out? I get choosing to have a c section, but only when you are full term, not a whole month early to avoid stretch marks, when that month increases your child’s chance of being healthy!

I personally would prefer vaginal delivery, unless I needed a c section.

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@idoalterations:   Some women aren’t made to have babies.  I am one of them. My mom had me and my brother by c section. She tried vaganally. Both times  and she  and us almost died each time and we were both emergency c sections.

my aunts were the  same 

When I went to the gyno the first time ( my moms also ) she told me that we are built exactly the same, something weird with our hips and our cervex is weird ( to the left?) 

because of my family history gyno said that if I decide to have children , I am automatically in the high risk portion and should consider a c section Since I have inherited all of the same problems my mom had.

at I haven’t even decided if I want kids, but  it is something I think about


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I will likely choose an elective ceasar. My obstetrician (who is my gyno now) supports me to do this. I trust that she is a medical specialist (who recently gave birth to her first child via c/s this year) and would not do anything that would jeopardise my future child. 

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I would. Do what’s right for you and your baby and to hell with what anyone else thinks. It’s your body. 

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I totally would. And screw those who think that because I choose to have a c-section, I am not ready to be a mother. 

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@idoalterations:  I felt this way, prior to my first birth.  I had a really tough labor, 12 hours natural, then an epidural that wore off, 2 hours of pushing (poop and vomit not excluded), and a 2nd degree episiotomy, and a forward tear (Ouch!).  I needed a local anesthetic during the repair because I could feel it all.  I walked bent slightly forward for at least 2 weeks and had to use the hottest water I could stand in my peri bottle with every restroom use.  I got so tired of people saying how easy natural childbirth was compared to their scheduled C secrion. Easy?  Not.  


Now, having said all that, I’m still so glad for the experience.  There is something so empowering about working the hardest you’ll ever work in your life to push that baby out.  I had NO idea how hard it would be, but wow, it felt like the biggest accomplishment (relief) EVER when the baby’s head emerges.  


My 2nd birth was a dream!!  I pushed him out in ONE push!  I still had the pain (hard labor) but the delivery was a breeze.  I had no episiotomy that time (and just a tiny tear).  Then, number 3 came along and her birth was just as easy…like seriously NO pain, no recovery.


So, once you deliver the first baby (paving the way), subsequent births are much better!!  

I haven’t read the entire thread, but if anyone is worried about their vagina being stretched out forever…that is not the case.  It goes back to normal, and sometimes even feels tighter, believe me. 

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I would never elect for a c-section. The research is pretty clear on this IMO, if you can deliver vaginally you should. I also live in a part of the world where elective c-sections are not the standard or ususal at all. Never heard of anyone in my circle of friends who had it electively. 

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I didn’t read through everything, but given the nature of your OP, I am pretty sure you received a lot of flack for it. I’m sorry about that. The worst part is many people with strong black and white opinions have never actually been through it and only read research, which doesn’t give you the whole story.

I had my son by c-section after 47 hours of labour that didn’t go well. I was one of those who was really scared of doing things naturally, but I read the research that said it was better so I prepared myself for that and was actually ready. I was convinced that my woman body was perfectly capable to do it because it was built for it. Well, things don’t always go as planned, and I ended up being exhausted from the labor, not able to feed my child without supplementing with formula for three weeks because the milk wouldn’t come (I was so exhausted and stressed), and depressed that my body failed me in every way. I did not enjoy the first moments of my first born’s life at all. I had to recover from the c-section, yes, but also from the labor at the same time which had left me with bruised bones, so pretty much incapacitated for a while. I developed infection from having my water break so early and all the vaginal exams happening after… Infection that spread to my c-section incision site and my scar was pretty bad after. I would have had to live with that scar that actually hurt me forever.

We pushed back our plans to have a second baby right away because I didn’t want to go through that ever again. In fact, at first I told my Darling Husband I was done.. Then I got over it and changed my mind but it took months.

Second baby, I chose to have a c-section. Got a lot of flack for it by people who kept saying that every labor is different, that a natural birth would be so much better and easier for me and the baby, bla, bla, blah… They gave me all the research info that you get here…

Well, I was not going to take the chance to repeat my first experience. So we scheduled a c-section. My visits with my OBGYN were shorter, fewer invasive tests… On the day, I arrived 2 hours prior to the surgery, I wasn’t stressed, they prepped me and I went in. 30 minutes later my beautiful, perfectly healthy baby girl was born, and another 30 minutes later I was stiched up. Darling Husband and I were talking and laughing all the way through the birth. I was alert and rested, I could do skin to skin with my daughter right away and was able to breastfeed as soon as I got out of the OR. I was on my feet a few hours later. Oh, and they took out the ugly itching scar and now I have a neat one that doesn’t itch like crazy. No infection.

I am so happy about how it all went, if I wanted more children I would not be scared to have them anymore. So, yeah.. If you feel that a c-section is better in your situation, then you’re the only person along with your Darling Husband and doctor who can decide what’s better for your family and children. Of course the c-section can be risky, but so can the natural birth. And research doesn’t tell you about the aftermath of emergency c-sections. It sucks. If you have good chances of ending up with an emergency c-section, you better try to avoid it – better have a planned one than an emergency one.

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I used to feel exactly this way. Like who on earth would choose to go through a day (or more) of agony and literally tearing yourself to pieces when a nice doc can just numb you up and remove baby easy peasy? Especially because lots of people in my family have required c-sections (of the emergency sort, after failed attempts at normal labor) and no one has had any issues or complications from the c-section. 

Now that I’m actually pregnant I’ve somewhat changed my mind though. I’m not at all one of those women who wants a “birth experience” or feels empowered by giving birth or wants to prove I can do and be proud of myself. I feel very “whatever” about all of that. But I do feel like you trade ease of delivery for ease of recovery. If I can go through 1-2 days of pain and then bounce back pretty quickly with few restrictions that sounds better to me than very little delivery pain followed by weeks of incision/ab pain and lots of restrictions. Most particularly because I live in a house with 5 levels and they usually don’t want you to do stairs after a c-section. I don’t even know how I’d get to bed. 

That being said if I need a c-section I’ll have it. I’m not going to a person who begs a doctor to let me try longer if their medical judgment is that it is safer for baby to come out immediately. However she gets here safe and sound is fine. But given the opportunity I’ll opt for a vaginal delivery to make the post-delivery phase a lot easier on myself. 

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@kestane:  I was scared either way. I was told for months I was having a c-section because I had gestational diabetes. I ate right and exercised so my baby would not have to suffer from my diabetes. It was hard and it sucked so bad, but four days before I had her, they measured her and because of my healthy living she was on track to be a normal sized baby and I was given the green light to have a vaginal birth. That was a scary day because I had come to terms with a medically necessary c-section and all of a sudden I had to be prepared to push her out. In the end I knew she was coming out no matter how I felt so I just let go and had fun. Yeah it hurt, but it was worth every second of it and it still is now, two years later! 

@swanks4tw:  Hahaha I love how it sounds like women willingly stretch their vajayjays out because they are nasty. Lol. I am totally with you that there is a real disconnect here.


For anyone who cares, vaginal birth does not leave you with a floppy vagina. Lmao. Also, for anyone that cares, having a baby does not ruin your body. Not taking care of your body ruins it. Sure, I don’t look the same as I did before I gave birth…I personally feel like I look a billion times better. I ate right and exercised while pregnant for the first time in my life. Turns out I really like that lifestyle and have kept up with it. I have always been naturally thin, but now I am toned and feel amazing. I hate the thought that motherhood ruins you in any way. Its not about you anymore once you become a mom.


And for the record (because I never know when to quit), my husband assures me all is well in vagina land. Can you really believe that anyone who has had a child has a stretched out vagina? Seriously? Women give birth and spend the rest of their lives tucking all their blown out bits in their undies and men still walk around wanting to tap that? People really think that? 

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@CorgiTales:  stairs were difficult after my emergency c-section, but not after my planned one. Same goes for recovery.

Darling Husband was home for the first 3 weeks and then my mom came over while Darling Husband was at work to help with my toddler for the following 3 weeks. I was able to take it easy, as would anyone who just gave birth.

I can’t imagine how it feels to recover from having a child come out of your vagina. But I can say that the recovery from labor pains (bruised bones, exhaustion from 47h of labor/not sleeping/not eating, infection…) was harder than recovery from the incision, it took much longer too. I think people who never had a c-section overestimate the pain it really is, especially when the c-section is not an emergency one.

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@MaggieF:  Hi! Just wanted to say that I too, am in Ottawa!!

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@idoalterations:  I know a few people who prefer a c-section. My best friend had natural for her first delivery and planned section for her second, she says the section was the best thing she ever did. I on the other hand always wanted natural, to be able to feel the pain that mothers describe about labour and how it was all worth it. Unfortunately due to severe pre-eclampsia i had an emergency section at 35 weeks it was scary as hell and although i healed really well, i couldnt do anything for weeks (even standing up was a challenge) so next time im opting for vbac. Unless you have tried both i dont think anybody can say for sure which is best. I know i might wish id never opted for vbac when im screaming in labour but id rather try. 


If you do end up thinking about a natural there are ways to not have any tears (massage oils for the perineum) and ways to manage pain (epidural) so there are always options but with your family history any doctor would be mad to make you try natural and end up with a section anyway. Just make sure you know all the facts before you decide, it doent end when the baby is born a c-section impacts your life afterwards and for other pregnancies later on x

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