(Closed) Who would you choose to spend the rest of your life with?

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  • poll: Which guy would you choose?

    Rich guy

    Smart guy

    Hunky guy

    This was an easy decision.

    I really had to think about this.

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    Ah, that was hard. I went with rich guy because I think with financial stability and a nice partner, I could survive (it would blow). I’m actually not a big fan of “smart guys,” in general. My Fiance is smart, but major intellectuals seem to clash with me. Most of my friends are traditionally intelligent and I actually prefer someone who is smart, but views the world and his life a bit more simply. Attractive guy will probably get gross at some point, so no on that. At least rich guy can give me a stable life while my friends/family give me stimulation and I just have to rely on myself for sexual satisfication…hahaaha

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    Lol…all of these are terrible options. I chose rich guy because at the very least I could be fulfilled on other levels (wouldn’t have to work so I could spend my time doing things that make me happy, be able to spend time with our kids, could travel, never have the worry that bills would go unpaid, etc). 

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    I would run away and join the first nunnery I saw! lol 

    If that’s not an option, the smart guy.  

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    @maureen0907:  I would choose the smart guy. Honestly intelligence in guys attracts me. As long as I can have a nice talk with him that’s enough for me! Money wouldn’t be an issue honestly I’m used to being the more financially successful in relationships. 

    I’m also not really into monetary things, so the rich guy would def. not work for me.

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    Until fairly recent history, I always said that I was attracted to good-looking poor boys who know how to fu*k.

    But the Amish have a saying – Kissing don’t last, cooking do. Looks fade with time. Looks fade with time so now I prefer smart guys, and I do not necessarily mean book-smart either.

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    I chose the rich guy because I think I could open his eyes to the world and make him more interesting.

    Plus, my life would be full of travel, amazing food, sky diving, scuba diving…I would make my own life interesting and fill it with many other interesting people.

    That and I think that attractiveness can increase as you spend time with and get to know a person. 

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    @maureen0907:  Are mulitple, sequential marriages an option? Is divorce an option? Ok, just hear me out…

    I would start with the handsome hunk who appears to have/make no money. Though broke, it’s ok when you are in college and just getting started in life. Plus, the first round of wedding photos would be absolutely gorgeous! Heck, might even have a kid with him so they have good genetics. The marriage might last for 8-10 years because the financial strain of being broke woud be exhausting and strain the marriage. Thus, it would end in divorce.

    Then, I would move onto the smart guy who is fasicnating. Being in the early to mid-thirties by then, it seems like while he won’t make a ton, he could have a stable decent income because he is smart. He would make for a great father (of my children from the previous marriage) and would help raise smart children as well. I bet this marriage could last between 15 and 20 years. What might end is that he doesn’t age well and as retirement approaches/college costs, financial burdens may highten as well. But it would be pretty decent while it lasts.

    Lastly, I would finish my life with the rich guy. Why? Because it’s a no brainer. I would be approaching my mid 50’s and heading for retirement within 5-10 years. Him being rich would make life very comfortable. I would be quietly satisfied having had an interest life, raised smart children and then being financial stable. Heck, might be ready by then to truly settle down and be ok with a somewhat boring, quiet life with a ridiculously rich husband. At we could travel quite comfortably!!

    Ok, lol, I obviously over thought this. Let’s face it though, marriages end in divorce, so this is entirely possible!

    Fortunately, I have lucked out with an attractive, smart husband who has great earnings potential (and I make quite a bit of money myself). So I don’t think I will have to execute this elaborate plan 😉



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    None haha. But I picked the smart guy because I honestly can’t imagine not being at least sort of attracted to a really fascinating and smart and nice guy.

    Next I would pick the hunky guy, at least he would be fun sometimes.

    Rich guy is a very distant third. I can make my own money, a rich guy means nothing to me.

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    Why would you ever have to spend your life with anyone like any of the 3? Haha! 

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    Rich guy! For all the reasons other bees said! If all three choices suck in some way, why not make my life as interesting as possible and money can often do that.

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    Smart guy. I can make my own money, and looks aren’t everything, but Id get bored if I couldn’t have an interesting conversation with my partner. 

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    Well I voted smart guy but none of them sound like someone I could spend the rest of my life with. So I should have said rich guy cus then he could pay off my debts and when we get divorced and I could find a fun guy who I actually find attractive and then I’d still be rich cus I’d have no payments. So yes rich guy. 

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    I voted rich (maybe in my 2nd life).

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    I am an intellectual. I tend to treat people that are not on my level like children. In other words, I can be condescending and downright rude. I get really irritated too. It’s a horrible character flaw. With that being said.. I could not spend my life with anyone that cannot compete with me intellecually. It simply would not work.

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    Rich guy,better to choose a guy im a bit attracted to than not at all (smart guy) or who also entirely bores me (hunky guy)

    Its no good saying stuff like “i like smart guys so i would be attracted to him”, thats cheating. Answer the questiin as it is or not at all!

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