(Closed) Who would you have voted for if you could have voted? (for overseas Bees!)

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  • poll: Who would you have voted for?
    I'm not American but I would have voted for Obama : (77 votes)
    51 %
    I'm not American but I would have voted for Romeny : (8 votes)
    5 %
    I'm not American but I would have voted for a third party : (4 votes)
    3 %
    American!! (yes, I am) : (63 votes)
    41 %
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    @FauxBoho:  damnit i just tried to click “american” and clicked the one above it.  sorry =(

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    I always am so interested to see what outsiders have to say. I voted american 🙂 (because I am!)

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    As an American, I also love this thread. 

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    I’m from England, and I would have voted for Obama, I don’t know enough about anything to make a real judgement on this, but I find that he strikes me as a trustworthy person.

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    I’ll be the first from the UK to have a say then!

    I would have voted for Obama, because I think he has shown that he isnt afraid of hard work and to an outsider it looks to me that the majority of the country is behind him, although I heard a sound bite from someone in the US the other day saying that he was voting for him but it wouldn’t make any difference who he voted for as they’re all useless (which is how I feel about politics in this country…..)any way I digress.

    But the thing I am most surprised about in your election campagins are how many celebrties endorse either party, I saw an ad that featured Samuel Jackson on TV the other night and I was surprised that such a high profile celeb was on TV telling people to vote for Obama.

    Anyways I dont suppose my opinion has counted for much but I thank you all for reading 🙂

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    I would definitely have voted for Obama. Although I’m not an “overseas” bee, so I’m not sure you wanted to hear my vote lol.

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    @Lillyrose:  Didn’t Romney just look like a snake in the grass?  I am American so I could get further into the debates and really hear what they had to say, but from the moment I saw his face on the TV I told my Fiance “I don’t trust him”.  He just has that look that I associate with someone VERY devious.

    Not that any of our candidates are ever 100% honest.  But really our government was going to pot before Obama and I feel he has tried to help us, so we can’t just blame it all on one president.  Unfortunately its not just him that has a say in our government but the Congress, Senate etc so our president may say “Let’s cut taxes for the poor” but 100 other people can say “NO WAY” and it doesn’t get passed.

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    I am a resident, not a citizen and I most definitely would have voted for Obama. I’m still waiting to hear the details of Romney’s plan to “fix” America

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    English! When I checked my facebook this morning there were dozens of statuses saying things like “if that phsycopath named after a glove is ruling the world when I wake up I am going to be extremely pissed off!”

    As far as everyone I know is concerned, and of how the media showed it, we all think Romney is abolutely insane. I think that most people also think that Obama was the best of what was to offer but not brilliant.

    I am amazed at how media focused the elections are though, funny clip on one of our comedy shows of all the Obama-delivering-pizza-on-campaign videos

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    @FauxBoho:  It says Canada beside her name.

    They played the debates up here (that’s what happens when tv stations are shared) and well…Romney did not look good, half of what he said was contradictory…it was annoying to watch but there was nothing else on! lol

    The thing is Obama didn’t start this recession. He can’t end it by himself and the US is going down fast because everyone is so busy arguing with each other that they don’t notice the big corporations bleeding them dry. The same corporations that got bailouts and tax relief and then turn around and slash wages while making record profits…they are to blame. Yes, they are providing jobs but at the lowest wages possible and they will continue to do this. The gap between the 1% and the rest of us keeps growing and growing!

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    I’m from the UK – prevailing opinion is that we wanted Obama.

    I’ve not been involved with much of the campaign trail but the main things that I didn’t like from what I’ve heard about Romney’s platform are as follows:


    – No free healthcare, and to abolish Obamacare. I find it shocking that some people can say that giving people medical treatment for free is ‘unconstitutional’. What’s unconstitutional about saving peoples’ lives?

    – Womens’ Rights. Whatever my stance on abortion, I don’t think it is ANY Government’s right to say what a person can do to their own body. I frankly found the idea a little scary.

    – Sesame Street. That just struck me as being mean – what has Big Bird ever done to them??


    The Gay Rights issue is one that’s been going for many many years, these were just the new ones which came to light in this campaign that worried me. Sadly, I don’t think there’ll be a resolution to the Gay Rights one for a while yet, but at least that was Old, Familiar Platforms, rather than New And Disconcertingly Invasive Platforms.

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    I’m Canadain, and I tend to lean towards a Conservative party.

    I watched the elections last night with a lot of interest, but I honestly don’t know who I would have voted for if I was American. Romney’s political views seem to be in line with most of my religious views (i.e. pro life). However, I don’t think he’d make a good president. Something about him… can’t quite put my finger on it… I’d be nervous for America’s future if he were to be elected.

    Obama on the other hand, I think he did a fairly decent job during his last term and he deserved the win. I think the economic state of America will do better in his hands. He just seems like an overall genuine person… as genuine as politicains can be lol! However, I disagree with some of his moral stances. I feel so conflicted. 

    Ugh… I am glad I’m not voting.

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