(Closed) Who's car is your "main car"?

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  • poll: Who's car is your "main car"?

    We both have a car - my car is our main car

    We both have a car - his car is our main car

    We both have a car - we drive them equally when we go someplace together

    Only I have a car

    Only he has a car

    Neither of us has a car

    We equally own/share a car

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    Honey bee
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    My car has functioning a/c and has better gas milage… AND he can’t drive manual so that means I end up driving most of the time. oh well.

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    @abbyful:  exact same here, I have an SUV and his is sporty so we take mine usually. Plus the gas is cceaper and I only drive to and from a park n ride during the work week where as he commutes all the way to work and back in his car.

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    My car is my FIL’s truck he gave us.  We use it for most driving around since it has more space.


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    Bumble bee

    We share 1 car.  “Technically,” it’s mine, but we share it.  We got rid of DH’s junker last November to save money.  DH and I work within a couple miles of each other, with a 25 mile commute from home, with similar work hours.  It makes more sense for us to carpool to work.  Weekends or any other time, we share it equally as needed.

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    I have an SUV and we never drive it.  He has a volvo that we both love and we take it everywhere.  Better milage, more fun (it is from the 90s, has a tape player, no AC, and we love it!), and it has a roof rack that we strap things to.  I love old volvos, and I will never buy anything else.  My SUV is newer and “luxury” and really not my style.  We have it for the winter, because sometimes we actually need (4 wheel drive, high clearance) it living in the great lakes region.  We also have a dog, so if she is going to go swimming or something, we like to have the option of having that truck because it has a pet barrier and that way she is seperate, which is safer, and she has her own space.  We also have a waterproof dog liner made for SUV.

    I used to have a sports car that we took everywhere, but he got into lots of trouble driving it so we have to get him something safe.

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    we have 5 cars… we dont have a “main car”.. oh wait.. I guess we do…. when one is almost empty ..we avoid it until almost all our cars are on empty..hahahhahahahahaha

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    We both have our own cars, and usually equally drive places. More often than not, if it’s a longer distance, we drive my car since it’s a compact car that gets better gas milage. If we’re picking something big up or know we have to bring a lot of stuff to somewhere, we’ll drive his car since it’s an SUV. And we have no issues driving each others’ cars…especially if he had a few too many beers one night :o)

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    my poor old car doesn’t have a/c anymore and is generally a failure, so were always taking his car.

    my fiance is so wonderful that he’ll suck it up and take my car in the event that we both need to go somewhere!

    post-wedding getting a new car is one of the 1st things on my to-do list!

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    Honey bee
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    We both have cars.  His used to be the “go to” car because it is older and much crappier than mine, but now mine is the main car because his has a habit of breaking down once every few months, suddenly stalling, something breaking (the last straw for me was when we went grocery shopping and the automatic trunk LOCKED with our groceries inside………) … I hate his car I want him to sell it or junk it soooooooo bad!!!

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    We both have cars. I think we drive them equally, though he tends to drive when we go to “his” things…like his side of the family or his interests…and I drive when it’s mroe me-centered.

    ETA: his car is nicer than mine but there’s nothing wrong with mine. They’re both mid-sized cars that get about same mileage, have same ammount of space, etc.

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    We both have cars, but he has a company car so car insurance/gas is paid for by the company (within reason), so we always take his car everywhere.

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    Bumble bee
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    We both have cars, mine just lacks air conditioning and gets terrible gas mileage. Needless to say, we take his. Also, I almost never drive. He enjoys it and I really prefer not to.

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    Honey bee
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    We actually have 3 cars; my 1997 Lexus, his Nissan 350Z, and the Pilot we recently got together.  It’s the perfect combo because we pretty much have a car for everything.  He takes the Lexus to the airport and leaves it there every week while he travels, and I drive the Pilot for my daily driver.  On the weekend we’ll take the Pilot or the Z if its nice.

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    We both have cars.. I have a civic and he has a truck and a work van. 

      He likes my car bc its better on gas ..so he always wants to take my car when we go places.

      I like his truck cause its more roomy ( But its lifted so it cost more in gas)

      So its kinda like a game..who ever calls it first before we walk out the door..thats the car we drive haha

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    I’d say my car is slightly favored over his. Mostly because mine is an automatic and his is a manual. I can drive a manual but it’s a little shaky. So if we go out of town, we usually take my car since we’re both comfortable driving it.

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