(Closed) Who's more attractive to the opposite sex?

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  • poll: Who's more attractive to the opposite sex?
    you are : (81 votes)
    43 %
    FH is : (40 votes)
    21 %
    we're equal : (44 votes)
    23 %
    not sure : (25 votes)
    13 %
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    I voted we’re equal but I totally think it’s him. I would say through HS and college (we didn’t know each other) it would have been him. 

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    My FH is for sure. Not really sure how I snagged him ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    For us it depends…. my Fiance is a hot hot red head, Since we live in latin america, he stands out but he doesn’t get much attention since it isn’t considered an attractive characteristic here (I can’t understand why but am thankful for it since he is HOT). So here I am checked out more. In the US, him definitely. It is rather annoying lol When we go visit family up there EVERYONE hits on him, and I’m like, girl I AM RIGHT HERE!!!!! He is blissfully unaware and thinks they are just being friendly so he is friendly back fml It’s a good balance though, we both get ego boosts throughout the year ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


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    @lawbride88:  Yeah me too, but the look on their face when I give him a peck on the cheek and an overly honey dipped I love you babe, is priceless hahaha but he’s slowly starting to notice… we’ll walk out of a store after the cashier tells him that he must work out with such big arms, he will now answer, yeah, my Fiance loves them too and once we’re out of hearing distance he will ASK me, that was flirting right? Did I answer ok? But I wasn’t rude right? It is the cutest thing, I love my Fiance so much hahahaha 

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    He gets more attention than I do on a daily basis, but when I actually dress up and have my face and hair done, we’re equal. I just like jeans and a tshirt for everyday, though.

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    I voted for Fiance. As I was making new friends in my latest “round” of college, they all commented on how good looking he is. I don’t consider myself to be pretty… I’ve got nice eyes, and a decent body, but my face isn’t a “pretty” or “hot” face.

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    Him definitely. My college friends actually told me when we were just getting together that I should be careful because he was clearly using me for sex “because I mean he’s out of your league.” Ouch, yeah no longer friends with those bitches.

    He gets hit on all the time. He’s got this bad boy/badass vibe going on that makes girls swoon.

    It drives me nuts when girls throw themselves at him when I’m right there. So disrespectful. I can’t fault them if they hit on him when he’s alone because hell he’s hot but when I’m there it’s just tacky.

    I’m definitely more girl next door so while guys will develop crushes on me it’s usually after we’ve been talking for a while or have become friends. I do have a great body but only an OK face. I like to think I have a good personality though!


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    I voted Darling Husband, but I’m no slouch either. I think I agree with @HonoraryNerd:, I can compete when I’m all done up, but I usually just don’t care that much (and Darling Husband prefers me au naturale anyway). I do consider myself quite lucky that I scored such a hunk, though ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @lawbride88:  That’s true. Several studies have shown that women are more attracted to a man if they’re told he’s married. 

    A recent study has shown that 90% of single women questioned were sexually interested in a man that they believed was married – but that figure dropped back down to 59% when the single women were told he was single. This tells us that married, a man is more attractive than he is single – but why?


    Those bitches!

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    Ok, so I know this is going to come off as totally snobbish, but I thought I’d give a shout-out to the Ladies who said themselves.


    Seriously, I’m not the best looking girl in the world and I am plus-size. TBS, I get hit on a lot. Even with FH right there! Even in college, all of his friends said that I was out of his league (to him, not me). He’s just the typical nerdy, country boy. I’m not nerdy, I love dressing up, I just like to look good.


    I still remember, we were at a chili cook-off for my mom’s work. When it was done, we decided to hang out at the bar and have another drink (there was maybe 10 other people in the bar). While we were sitting there, legs touching, talking to eachother this guy comes up to me and starts talking about chili. Asking if I made any, if I like chili, on and on and on. Then I say, I didn’t make any chili, but my mom did (which is true, she had awesome chili). Then he’s just like, ok. Then he left. 


    I was completely oblivious to the fact he was hitting on me. After he left, FH is just like you do realize he was hitting on you, right? I’m like, WHAT?!?!? FH says: No one is that interested in chili. Lol!

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    It’s down to personal taste, certain sorts of women will literally drool over him. I mean, he is dead hot but in a rock ‘n’ roll sort of way. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Like PPs, when I am made up I can compete, but over lazy weekends he wins hands down.

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