(Closed) Who’s the Guy and Who’s the Girl?

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Bumble bee
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hahah he jokes about this all the time. he’s a very stereotypical male – loves beer and sports – BUT HE is the one who’s the clean / neatfreak at home. HE’S the one who does the cleaning and the laundry and is contantly telling ME to pickup after myself! :p

I have, at least, taken over the cooking – which he used to do that too!

but he totally does the laundry cuz he’s stubborn and likes things done a particular way – so i told him, “you want things done your way – YOU do them….” i do try to help out laundry now and then – but it’s just his thing!

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He’s definitely more manly than I am (loves cars, can fix things (sometimes), etc) but he’s not into sports, which I am so grateful for! Also, he’s clean and doesn’t mind cooking, doing dishes, etc. Win!

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Bumble bee
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Eeeekk.. I have a manly man too. However he helps out A LOT with the “womanly” chores… cooking, cleaning.. so on.

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Sugar bee
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My Fiance is DEFINITELY more cuddly/touchy/attention needy than I am. He likes to cook, and he also has skinnier legs than I do. And he LOVES HGTV (and also likes Real Housewives…shh). Other than that, he’s pretty typically manly–obsessed with all sports, likes beer/scotch/etc, throws his socks all over, is very math-science oriented.


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Busy bee
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I am the sports fanatic and my fiance could care less, though he humors me and watches football with me on Sundays.  Wink

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Sugar bee

Ok, so I’m opposite, but Mr. TKE is typical.

Ms. AXiD: loves beer, watching hockey, owns a pair of hockey skates, reads Sci-Fi, hates the color pink, loves comedies, hate’s “chick-flicks”, hates talking about emotions, would rather grocery shop than clothing shop, loves Mr. TKE

Mr. TKE: loves beer, computers, football, basketball, etc. all things manly, except he loves to talk about his emotions (weird to me), loves Ms. AXiD

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Helper bee
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Almost wish we were a bit more like this, emotionally:

Fiance doesn’t like sports, doesn’t drink, etc. But emotionally, he’s a guy, he has two emotions: happy and angry. 😛  He’s very artistic, and loves all kinds of movies, including some “girlier” movies. (He liked The Holiday…) But he also is going to be the one working outside the home, providing for the family, so I guess there’s a mixture with us.

I’m pretty typical emotionally, too. Which freaks him out, because FMIL/FSIL are both very non-feminine in appearance and personality. I don’t think either one of them has ever cried. Ever.  The first time I had a meltdown in front of Fiance he patted my head and looked at me like a confused puppy!  As far as hobbies and interests go though, I’m not so girly – I love trying new things, I’m a sci-fi geek, and love horror movies.   I’m also really domestic, though…I knit, I cook…I work from home as a professional painter and photographer, and I teach culinary arts classes on the weekends.

I guess we’re kind of a mixup of a bunch of random stereotypes.

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Bumble bee
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Both Fiance and I love watching sports (mostly just baseball and football). Fiance loves baseball so much that we watch the MLB network ALL the time. Whenever I get home from work, the TV is on the MLB network (even during the offseason). It’s a good thing I like baseball so much. Other than that, it’s pretty opposite. Fiance is much more emotional and touch-feely than I am. He’s always wanting to touch me and give me hugs and I’m always telling him to get away from me. I can cook but I prefer not to so Fiance does most of the cooking. However, I do the laundry and the cleaning because I’m VERY particular about how the laundry and cleaning gets done, and he would probably do it “wrong”. Neither one of us drinks too much anymore so we don’t really do the whole bar thing.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I think we’re both kind of both? 

Fiance: Not super emotional, not into pda, SUPER into sports, loves cars, shovels the drive, takes out the trash, lifts heavy things for me, etc. But, he really cares about how he looks (not to a metro-point, but he puts a lot of thought into looking nice), he doesn’t drink at all, he can’t fix things at ALL, and he watches more reality tv than me. 

Me: More emotional/talky, hate sports, couldn’t care less about cars, cook, clean, sew, etc. But, I am pretty handy about fixing things and taking on projects and I’m a much more direct/aggressive person. 


Meh. works for us 🙂

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Bumble bee
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We both actually take on the opposite roles.  I’m not that sensitive, I don’t often cry, I was the one afraid of commitment, I don’t really like getting flowers, or call him all the time.


He is sensitive, crys a lot, very commited, calls me every hour or text, and takes care of the finances.

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Worker bee
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Like CorgiTales, we’re a mix of both.

I’m a tomboy, a huge gamer (PC, PS3), hate cooking and cleaning, love TV, love Hockey, hate pink and yellow, cannot keep plants/flowers alive, dog person, lazy…

He’s a gamer (Wii), loves to cook and doesn’t mind cleaning, loves TV, only really got into hockey because of me, loves to garden, cat person, a real go getter.

We’re both completely touchy-feely and love to have those snuggle moments, give each other foot massages, scalp massages, etc.. Neither of us like to show that ‘sensitive’ side though.  I go and cry in the shower if I’m going to have a breakdown (or at least wait til he’s not within earshot) .. not sure if he gets that way or not.. lol.

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Helper bee
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FH – cooks, very romantic & eloquent when expressing loving sentiments, physically affectionate, watched ice skating/ice dancing during the Olympics, very well-dressed for work…BUT a big slob, ratty jeans & T’s on weekends (for any occasion not work or lounging I have to dress him) loves sports, beer, arguing/debating.

me – a crier behind closed doors, loves CERTAIN girl shows but also watches a lot of sports, potty mouth, can’t cook at ALL, a jeans-sneakers-tshirt kind of gal but I can clean up when necessary.

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Sugar bee
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We’re a mix of both.

We’re both touchy feely but I’m more emotional than he is. I hate chick flicks, he hates sports. He does most of the cooking/cleaning and I’m more direct and blunt than he is.

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