(Closed) Why all the misspelled childrens' names?

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  • poll: Is it ridiculous?


    No, it's cool.

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    I should also note that I have some amazing, talented, intelligent students with “different” names.  Their names do not make them any less amazing, talented, or intelligent.  In many cases, these children also have supportive, loving, and involved parents.  I also have never seen a single child bullied because of the spelling of his/her name.  

    I refuse to believe that these children will not be successful because of their names.  The fact that an adult would judge these children because of their names is pretty deplorable.

    Do you think that 40 years ago anyone would have believed we’d have a president named Barack Obama?  

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    EDIT: Holy crap that came out huge. Sorry hahaha 🙂

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    Not reading through this entire thread but just adding my two cents. My name is a very very common name but spelt very different. I love it! It’s not some rediculous name like Apple or Tree, those I don’t understand, but I don’t see a problem with making the spelling of your child’s name unique. Not because everyone else is doing it but because you like it.

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    @RahlyRah:  Do you think that 40 years ago anyone would have believed we’d have a president named Barack Obama?  

    Interesting point!

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    @MrsCarnival:  lollllll which makes that creepy face even more awesome 😛

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    I have to chime in. For the record I voted that it’s annoying. However, my best friend my entire life was named Sommer. When I was 23 I got a phone call that shattered my life…Sommer was killed in a car accident. It’s been 10 years and I will still find myself sobbing like it was yesterday. Naturally when you love someone and they have great impact on who you are and how you came to be the person you are, you want to name your children after them. So, although I’m not a fan of misspellings, my daughter is Sommer…summer with an O. 90 percent of the time she goes by Sommie (kinda like Sammie). It’s different, unique and spelled wrong…but I loved my friend and I wouldn’t change her name for the world!!!

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    I wonder what the reaction would be if I started a thread that was “OMG I HATE HOW PEOPLE ANGLICIZE PERFECTLY GOOD NAMES” and then demanded all Jonathans go by Yonaton, every Joshua by Yehoshua, and every Rebecca by Rivka.

    ***please note the heavily joking nature of this post. I’m just saying there’s always something to think is strange, what is acceptable evolves across time and place, and we all should relax.

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    Ok I’m not saying I make fun of them or anything, but I do think in mind that’s its weird like anything else that is off.  I can say from experience kids will make fun of other kids for weird names and they can be really cruel.  Teachers can’t stop it all. Kids are going to be kids, they get into a group and evey thing goes out the window.  And they can be just as mean as adults, I have seen it.

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    I have absolutely no problems with using unique names for kids, to a point. Now I’m not about to go and name my kids Pilot Inspektor, or Blu, but I see nothing wrong with the trend of traditionally male names becoming female and vice versa, I love the name Riley for a girl and that name was traditional a boys name in the past. 

    I also don’t think some of the unique names out there are as bad as others, there was a point in time where June or May were just names of months, so names like Apple are very far from being the worst names out there.

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    @alyssaC:  Kids will make fun of just about any name if you let them. I don’t think it’s justification enough to prevent you from switching letters out a little bit if you really want to.

    If you make a name that’s totally tease-proof (and boring), they’ll just find something else, if they really want to. Should we put short kids in heels so they won’t look so short, too? I got teased for being short. Should we start making redheads dye their hair at the age of four? Otherwise someone might tease them!

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    My name is Aimee, and I can say it’s annoying to spell all the time. I’m named after my great-grandmother though, and I prefer the spelling to Amy. My last name is uncommon and 10 letters long, so it can get tiring. I wouldn’t say it’s the end of the world, just a minor annoyance to spell everything.


    Some names just kill me though. I met a girl who changed her name to Stephaniii. Ew.

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    Man it’s really starting to irk me! What is up with this?? Making up strange names, naming kids after objects and fruits, placing letters where they shouldnt be, using only y’s for vowels, misspelling normal names to be cool. Wtf stop it people!!! We can’t be having berthas, bubbles, bryndyls, and braendees representing us. We look like illerate fools!



    And sorry don’t care if u don’t agree. There’s a differencebetween being creative and messing ur kid up!


    so who’s the illiterate fool now? spelled and pronounced : il·lit·er·ate



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    Names are very important and have a lot of meaning and culture behind them…did anyone see or read Freakanomics.  They did a bit on names.  They said they had some 100 or something different children with different spellings for the name “unique.”  So having a unique name for many is important.


    I have a pretty strange name.  But I’m always told it’s beautiful.  And it wasn’t totally made up…it does exist.  But yeah I do appreciate having a unique name.  I feel special.

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    You guys. This isn’t a “tell me the worst name you ever heard” thread. It is a poll for people to agree or disagree that . . .

    @MrsSanchizel:  Making up strange names, naming kids after objects and fruits, placing letters where they shouldnt be, using only y’s for vowels, misspelling normal names to be cool.

    . . . is ridiculous.

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