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Helper bee
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Getting my BFP was exhilirating and TERRIFYING at the same time for the same reasons you listed.  In fact, my entire first trimester I was scared of peeing, afraid that I’d see spotting.  I think once you see/hear the heartbeat and baby, you’ll be able to breathe a teensy bit easier.  I don’t have advice on how to beat this anxiety right now.  But for me, these were the milestones that let me breathe easier little by little: once I saw first u/s at 10 weeks, once I hit 12 weeks, once my bump started showing (18+ wks?), once I felt first kicks (23-24 wks). It will get better!!!

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Sugar bee

@mrscandyv:  I was extremely terrified of having a miscarriage and I finally started calming down around the 12 week mark when the chance of miscarriage goes down significantly around then. 

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Bumble bee
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I freaked out up until I could feel him move. Stay off google! It will only make you feel worse about every little cramp or twinge. Keep positive and think “today I am pregnant, and I love my baby!”


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For me the moment I found out I was pregnant (after the initial shock of course) I fell in love with my baby. And like you I was worried about everything. I think we’re just wired to be protective like that. I’malmost 30 weeks and I still have my moments where I second guess a cramp or an ache. But as much as you can try to stay calm and YES STAY OFF GOOGLE! If you have any questions or concerns call your doc. Even if you think it’s silly. That’s what they are there for. So I’m saying it’s ok to worry but don’t let that overshadow the fact that there’s a little person growing inside of you! Look forward to seeing/jearing the heartbeat. Or seeing them move around on the ultrasound. Or the first time you feel the baby kick (you’ll probably think it’s gas at first..lol). But focus on the positive.

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Busy bee
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I am 12w5d, and I still worry a lot. It’s definitely getting better, but I know my fear comes from having had a miscarriage at 10 weeks with my last pregnancy.

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@mrscandyv:  Welcome to TTC/pregnancy. It starts with the first trimester worries, about having a viable pregnancy then moves to “will my baby be healthy” then to “holy crap, I’m actually having a REAL baby that I need to take care of forever” then it will be “wtf, it’s past curfew, where is my kid?” Hehe. Not to say your worries aren’t founded, just wanted to bring a little bit of a light atmosphere to the thread. This whole journey is the start of a new world of worrying but one that I’m told is worth it.

I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and I still worry about baby, I will until I deliver safely and have a healthy baby in my arms but the bulk of the worry for me started to get easier around 10-12 weeks.

I can see how you would worry with spotting but it could have been implantation bleeding, it’s a great sign that it’s gone. Honestly, there’s nothing any of us can do to keep our babies “sticky”. It’s out of your hands now, just keep yourself healthy and get lots of rest!

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Helper bee
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I feel your pain! I am 5+6weeks. I started spotting dark brown today and it scared the shitout of me. I called dr and nurse said its totally normal,so here I am still freaking out. Praying all this will disappear tomorrow.

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I think everyone has these fears. I do the same thing, sometimes I’ll pee even if I don’t have to just to make sure I’m not bleeding. I tell my Darling Husband it’s a 3 minute process to make sure I’m not spotting! Honestly, the first trimester is torture, but once you start feeling the baby move all day every day it gets much better! This is the scary time where it’s impossible to KNOW everything’s fine.

I’m 5 weeks with my second and everything came back to me about how I was in tears almost every day during the first tri w/ my son b/c I was so terrified! I started worrying about this baby right after I ovulated because I just knew we caught the egg.

It gets better and luckily the first trimester is the shortest of the three!

@prettyjen82:  Glad the office called back and eased your fears! Fingers crossed for no spotting tomorrow!

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Helper bee
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@JewishBride:  Thank you!  It’s still here, but I think it’s better. FX ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
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I’m with you ladies.  I have yet to have my first appointment, but I’m estimated to be around 6 weeks.  I can’t wait until I go in next week and can at least have a doctor confirm that everything I’m going through is normal.  I have not spotted at all, so I’m hoping that an implantation even occured, since so many people on here talk about implantation spotting.  I’m just waiting for that 10 week appointment to see a litlte heartbeat!  I know I’m still pregnant as I kept taking cheap pregnancy tests every week with darker lines, so I fall into the camp of the paranoid.  I, too, just want everything to be ok with my baby.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I’m in the same boat. 4w3d pregnant and with my history I’m scared of losing this pregnancy.

Every time I pee I’m a little nervous. I am just taking this day by day.

But it feels different this time, I’m a lot more relaxed and in general very happy. Just keep being thankful for the blessing in our tummies ๐Ÿ™‚


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