(Closed) Why are Craigslist people so weird??

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I was selling a hanging lamp on Craigslist and when the lady showed up to pick it up, she wanted a discount because she thought it was purple when the photo and description clearly showed otherwise. Really?!

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Busy bee
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I hate those scammer ads!  I sent an email when they had an ad posted for a hot tub, and after 2 emails back and forth suddenly it was “gone to another poster” and she spammed me with teeth whitener ads.  I was so annoyed that I got spammed that I wrote back a crazy email so they wouldn’t keep contacting me.  I wrote:

“Wow, that sucks. I hope that the person changes their mind.  Because I recently saw a documentary in the theater about how some hot tubs are also time machines.  I desperately need one with this function as I would like to erase the last 25 years or so.  Please let me know if yours has this ability and I will come and get it.  Also, if you have any spare aluminum foil, I need as much as I can get to make a new batch of hats for me and my colleagues to stop the government infiltration rays from controlling our minds.  I hear that tooth whitening kits can also do this if you would like to donate them and join our cause.  Thank you.  Nanu Nanu and may the Force be with you.”

Never heard back. Laughing

Got the idea from Fiance who, when telemarketers call with sales calls yells, “SAVINGS?!!! I get SAVINGS?!  I LOVE SAVINGS!” into the phone until they hang up.

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Sugar bee
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I can’t stand to haggle!! It’s why I hate garage sales. I mark my stuff really cheap and that’s my final price!

Honestly Craiglist is awful. I just got this spam this morning, which I found pretty funny! (it obviously was written by someone who doesn’t speak english):

“Thanks for responding in earnest, I am indeed exhilarated with the condition. I am also interested and will like to make an immediate purchase, so kindly remove the ad. on Craigslist, I will not mind adding an extra $25 for you to close the advert on craigslist so that I can guarantee I am the potential buyer, I would have loved to come take a look but I am a very busy man I am very sure you understand. I will also want you to know that I will be paying via Certified Check, and it will be sent to you via courier service due to the distance. You don’t need to bother about the shipment, as that has been taken care of…… So I will need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the mailing of the check.

1. Full Name on the check 2. Address where payment will be sent to not p.o.box (because my courier service does not deliver to p.o box) 3. City 4. State 5. Zip Code 6. Phone Number

                                Once again, I want you to be rest assured that you will not be responsible for shipping as I will have my mover come over as soon as you have cashed the check.
Have A Nice & Rewarding Day Ahead.

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Helper bee
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@PinkMagnolia:  first off, it sounds like they used a thesauraus to write the letter. second, they sound like a creeper! asking for your name and address and phone number? i feel like they’d come later and do a home invasion!

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haha I didn’t even think of that!!!

Well I often address stuff to myself and leave off my apartment number if I think it’s sketchy. We have an awesome doorman who knows which house I live in anyways. And I live in a secure building, so I’m not sure about the home invasion. DH might enjoy a home invasion though, the way he stockpiles guns and ammo! lol j/k…

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Busy bee
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I’ve never used Craigslist personally, but my Fiance has sold some things on it. I hate it if he has them come to the house too, I don’t want any weirdos knowing where I live! It just makes me feel so …ugh.

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@sehrler:  This made me laugh! I have in the past did stuff like that to telemarketers. It’s kind of fun to see how far you can get with them before they figure out you’re wasting THEIR time!


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Honey bee
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oh god nooooo I didnt want to hear this, hhahaha.

We have a table/chairs that we are going to be selling once our kitchen is remodeled..hopefully in the next few months. I told Fiance I refuse for him to move the table/chairs to our basement, and that we cant buy a new set until this one is gone. He agreed b/c we dont want to have a Goodwill in our basement, LOL. I was planning on selling it on craigslist, but now I’m nervous!

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Sugar bee
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for whatever reason, dressers seem especially hard.   I had a crappy old dresser that I wanted to give away for free. I scheduled a few appointments and got no shows.  it’s a free dresser people, come  ON! I finally dragged it to the curb with a “free” sign and it was gone within a day. 

but one other time, I sold an elliptical trainer at 1/2 what I paid for it. the buyer was awesome and there were no problems with the transaction. 

so I’m totally convinced that dressers on craigslist are cursed or something!

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Bumble Beekeeper

Oh man… Craigslist. There are definitely some weirdos out there. When I was trying to sell my wedding dress, I had a guy who was either a drag queen or a transvestite contact me about it. He sent me probably 10 e-mails with his measurements and worrying about if it would fit him or not. Now, I have no issue with selling the thing to a man, I just wanted the damn thing sold, but…. if you’re worried about fit then come try the damn thing on and stop bugging me!

I even told him he could come try it if he was concerned and he never did. It was a really weird situation.

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I hate to state the obvious- but you are using craigslist too! LOL

I have sold and purchased many things on craigslist and obtained quite a few things free for the non-profit fundraisers I do. Yes, you get your share of whackos but then so do those who are on the buying side. Some sellers are “odd” too.

I usually meet the people at the front door of the apartment building if I am selling something small, or only have them in when my SO is home.

Like a pp, I have a email address I only used for craigslist. People can send all the junk mail they want as it is set to automatically delete unless I have something for sale.

One thing I have learned is that many people who are buying a used couch for $30 don’t have a car and that’s why they ask for delivery. They might be a single mom who has had to leave an abusive situation like some of our bees. Sometimes people need a hand up not a handout.

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I don’t mind buying stuff on Craigslist.  I’ve gotten a lot of sporting event tickets and just met them somewhere public.  I drew the line at my Future Mother-In-Law telling us to put all our furniture we wanted to get rid of on Craigslist and just put ‘free.  Just come pick it up’.  There was no way in hell that I was going to let some random person into my house, especially when they’re coming to pick up really nasty old furniture for free.  I don’t want people knowing where I live and what I have inside my place.  It’s like I put an ad saying ‘please come check my place out and take inventory of what you’d like to come back and get when you rob me. PS-a girl lives here and she’s alone right now.’

Fiance still thinks it’s a great idea because it doesn’t cost money.  I’d rather take the non-profit route and have Purple Heart or Habitat for Humanity come get it.  I’d feel safer and it goes to a good cause.

My friend’s ex-boyfriend was actually one of the people murdered as a result of Craigslist.  His wasn’t selling home goods (he was ‘selling’ other ‘goods’ if ya get what I mean) but it still freaks me out.

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I don’t mind Craigslist, but haven’t actually sold anything yet, I think. We bought a few things though, and it was super weird to head right into someone’s home to get them, I felt so intrusive! I used Freecycle when I did have stuff to get rid of, and it was all very painless! I haven’t used it in awhile, but the people on there seemed a lot nicer and just really wanted to get rid of things or get things they couldn’t afford to pay for. I gave a lady a lava lamp, of all things, and she was super grateful, it was totally sweet.

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I have to use Craigslist today, to post a help wanted ad–after reading this thread I am wondering what kind of crazy responses I’ll get.  Also, I didn’t realize they charge $25 for posting help wanted ads–not that it’s a lot but I just didn’t know any part of it was fee based.

@Iluvmydog  OMG that is horrifying!  Sorry to hear that 🙁

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