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@LadyBlackheart:  OMG is your boyfriend related to my husband?  Because this is the exact same thing I had to go through to get our phone discount (we use verizon though).  He gets his pay as direct deposit, so he had to print the stubs from work.  He left them at work for a week and a half and I felt like my head was going to explode.  Now I take care of all the bills/finances, it keeps us both sane lol.

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@LadyBlackheart:  your boyfriend and husband must be long lost brothers of MY husband.  

I have resorted to a “Honey Do” list. and that is his “Get Shit Done” list.  Its on a board in our kitchen. If i didnt write it there, he would NEVER remember to do anything. 

Its annoying. I hate nagging, but if you dont get shit DONE i have to nag you. 

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@LadyBlackheart:  My Fiance is the same way. I can ask him 9 times in one day to do something and then I ask him the next day if he did it. And the answer is always no.

Like last week for instance. I’m on a family plan with him, his mom, my sister and his brother. His mom had written me a check and stuck in at on the fridge at their house. I text him at 4:30 when I got off work from my full time job and asked him to bring that check and a check for his portion of the phone bill to my part time job so I could deposit it the next day before we left for Pittsburgh.

Well, my whole shift at the part time job goes by and he never shows. I go to my apartment thinking he will be there. He isn’t. He was with his friends drinking and forgot that I needed him to bring them.

They do stuff like this and then they wonder why we nag all the time…..

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@arsing89:  “My Fiance is the same way. I can ask him 9 times in one day to do something and then I ask him the next day if he did it. And the answer is always no.”

Ugh!  Me too!  I feel only slightly better knowing it’s not just mine. And he gets mad when I’m annoying and bug and ask over and over, but I don’t understand why he can’t just DO what needs to get done sometimes. 😛

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@LadyBlackheart:  I liked his texting response!!! 

I know its sooo easy to get frustrated with our flaky men…but, well, at least he realized that he was wrong, sent a text, and hopefully he will follow through soon lol!!

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THIS. I think it might be some kind of epidemic!!!

We moved in together in October 2012. In September 2013, he still had not changed his address from his parent’s and I had given up on weekly reminders once we got engaged in August. (By reminders, I mean emails with a link for both the DMV and USPS.) So he got around to updating his address not too long ago and just last week he got his new car insurance policy. He had the nerve to ask me why I didn’t remind him to change it sooner because he saved sooooo much money with our new zipcode. It’s like he’s purposely trying to break my sanity…

My only saving grace is that I’m not the only one. Thanks, bees.

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They don’t listen, so they don’t remember. It pisses me off.

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That’s why instead of telling my Fiance to do something, I say, “Hey honey buns (Yes, I call him that and in public too as I have no shame, lol)? Can you please set an alarm on your phone to do x, y, and z when you get home?” He sets the alarm at that moment, and it reminds him to do x, y, and z. If he didn’t set the alarm, he would definitely forget. 🙂

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@MrsNewDay:  Smart!! I may have to do that for my Fiance


And OMG +1 to all the pps…I don’t know how they function without us.

My Fiance is also really bad at remembering where anything is in the house. He will literally call me at work and as me where his wallet/keys/pants…ect are. I always tell him not to make me mad or I will ‘hide’ all of his stuff and not tell him where anything is 🙂

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HAHAHA my poor Fiance is the same way. He is soooo forgetful. He’s absolutely brilliant, and he gets so offended when people say he has no common sense… I’m want to be like, “Honey, you DON’T have any common sense… You can’t get offended by the facts.”

Case in point:

We went to a wedding two weeks ago in which Fiance was a groomsman. He and one of the other groomsman were going to take our car to the ceremony, and the other groomsman’s wife and I were going to take their car.

Well, lo and behold, they don’t take our car, so Fiance puts our card for the couple, his wallet, and his keys in the (completely random person’s) minivan that all of the groomsman took. And then forgets about all of those things completely.

At the reception, when we finally meet back up, I ask if he has the card–of course, he doesn’t and he’s totally flabbergasted that he forgot. He then realizes that he also forgot his wallet. He freaks out and then runs around asking everyone whose minivan that was that they rode in like 5 hours previously. No one knows. Finally the Bridesmaid or Best Man says he thinks he knows and he will get FI’s stuff later that day.

After the reception, we’re now all back at the hotel. I remind him to meet up with Bridesmaid or Best Man, which he does. He comes back to the room with his wallet and the card for the bride and groom. I say, “Honey, don’t you think you should have LEFT THE CARD WITH THE BM?!” He is completely shocked that he didn’t think to do that, runs back to the BM’s hotel room, but the Bridesmaid or Best Man is gone. So he slips the card, full of CASH, underneath the BM’s hotel room door and calls it a day.

So he comes back to the room–I’m a little horrified about the card, but whatever. Then about twenty minutes later, I say, “What happened to your keys? Did you put those in the minivan too?”

Sure enough, he did. He forgot to ask Bridesmaid or Best Man to get them. He STILL doesn’t know whose minivan it is. And it’s now like 2am, and we have to get up and drive home at 8:30. Thankfully I brought another set of keys, and we were able to drive home and have the keys mailed to us!!!

I truly don’t know how he functioned without me, lol.

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I don’t think it’s forgetfulness, always. If it’s something DH really wants, he’ll remember it. He just doesn’t give the same attention to mundane things like errands – less attention, less likely to remember it.

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Oh lord. If this isn’t my life. I can tell my Fiance something and literally within minutes he forgets it. I tend to think it’s because I talk so much he has learned to filter what is and isn’t important Wink. I always joke that I am going to start tattooing things on his arm so I don’t have to tell him things over and over again!

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@LadyBlackheart:  Saving money should be a priority over hanging out with friends. I’d be pissed too. It’s not about being forgetful at that point.

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