Why are people against the pull out method in combination with BC pill?

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lauralaura123 :   think it is more that it is seen as unnecessary (if you are using your pills correctly)

That said, when hubby and I were at uni we used condoms and the pill as we really didn’t want any accidents.

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lauralaura123 :  I’ve never heard that myself, but my guess would be either it’s because if you aren’t settled into a long term relationship you still need to worry about S.T.D.s and pullout and pills don’t protect you from that, or if it’s your boyfriend/fiance/husband saying it then it’s because he wants to leave it’s in because it feels better for him.

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It’s not that people are against it exactly. It is just unneccessary if you take pills correctly. However, if it gives you more peace of mind then do what you have to to feel more protected.

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I think the pull out method has around a 50-90% effective rate depending on a variety of factors, and the pill is around 99% when taken correctly (I know some people dispute this), so while combining methods doesn’t up your chances of an unplanned pregnancy, the additional protection it adds is fairly negligible. 


Personally though, I always prefer the pull out method regardless of what method of BC I’m on (if any), and it’s not for contraception purposes. One of my friends will only have sex if her husband promises to pull out, and he’s had a vasectomy. (She is not worried about getting pregnant. She, like me, prefers the pullout method for other reasons).

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I’ve never heard of using pull out if you’re responsibly using the pill.

Now, if you were JUST using pull out or using pull out + charting or something then I would see an issue. 

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I don’t think anyone is upset about someone using pull out when they’re responsibly using BCP. Although it is a little frustrating because it is so unnecessary, which reminds me of how awful the US is with sex education. Sperm won’t get you pregnant if you’re taking the pill, so there isn’t any reason to go the extra step and prevent sperm from going in you.

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I don’t think anyone is against it, it just seems like overkill to me. Isn’t that kind of the point of BC pills, so he doesn’t have to pull out? lol

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I think it’s just overkill. The pill is sufficient birth control if you’re using it properly.

That being said, my husband and I used only the pull out method for years and never got pregnant. Immediately when we started NOT pulling out is when I became pregnant (no joke, two weeks later I was knocked up). 

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I know my husband would be against it because pulling out doesn’t feel as good for him and if I’m taking the pill correctly (which I do) it’s not adding any protection so all it really does is make sex less enjoyable for him.

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The pull out method does not protect from stds. If you are on the pill, have both been tested, and are in a long-term monogamous relationship why would you need to use the pull out method as well as the pill? 

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It’s just unnecessary and doesn’t provide any extra protection. The pull-out method is the least effective and the least reliable form of contraception (that’s why they call it the “pull and pray” method). If you’re worried that the BC pill isn’t sufficient, it would make more sense to use condoms as a backup method, since condoms actually work. There are so many reliable forms of contraception out there; why use a method that’s notorious for failing?

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lauralaura123 :  its unnesescary is my thought, no combination of birth control methods is ever safer than the individually safest method on its own. 

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Like others have said, I’m personally against it because it’s redundant. The BC pill is meant to be used as a sole contraception method. I just feel bad for people who choose to pull out, because the sex isn’t as good lol.

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A lot of people advise against the pull out method on its own. It’s seen as harder to be consistent with, there’s a risk with pre-ejaculate, and it’s harder for a lot of men to stick to. 

If you’re using BC, I don’t think there’s much purpose in the pull out method for contraception purposes. 

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