Why do you think the Kardashians are so famous/rich?

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Busy bee
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Its called suspension of belief. Thats why they are popular. They make it seem like just anyone could become rich, famous, and good looking just by using their products, living like they do.

You have to suspend your belief in reality though. Think about it. If your mom leaked your sex tape would you ever speak to your mother again? I certainly wouldnt. I would cut her off without ever speaking to her again, and yet to see the Kardashians, its like they are secretly thrilled that their mom got them on the map. 

Of course social media has helped them immensely, and it doesnt help that they are constantly in the news and practically shoved them down our throats. I dont hate them, but that is a seriously dysfunctional family and the only reason they arent like the rest of us is because of money. 

I mean think about it they are glaring red flags about what not to do in relationships. 

Kim getting married and separated in 72 days from Kris Humphries

Routinely having babies before marriage..Kylie and Khloe. (For the record its not that I disapprove, but the men seem to rotate in and out of their lives at an alarming rate.)

Parading numerous paramours in and out of your childrens lives.. ala Scott Disick and Kourtney.

By the way, being a millionaire doesnt make you smart or genius. Lots of people with lots of money do stupid things and make stupid decisions. 

 ETA: If you can find pics of them way back in the day, they dont look like they do now, even if you accounted for aging. Plastic surgery has done a lot for them…

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zl27 :  To even have your name in the same sentece as billionaire, even if you “only” have $900 mil not 1 billion, you’re still freaking rich and very dedicated/hardworking in my opinion. And while no, I don’t think she is “self made” beacuse no random 19 year old can make makeup and get rich off of it, she could have easily just been an “insta model” and made more than enough!

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socalgirl1689 :  just off the top of my head, Kim’s Break the Internet Paper Magazine cover. It’s just a picture of her, from behind, showing her ass. But she teased it brilliantly for weeks, adding  the Break the Internet buzz that implied this was such a desirable and scandalous image that everyone would literally go wild online when they saw it. It also indicated that people didn’t actually have to buy a print magazine and bto see it, guiding people who wouldn’t bother towards providing lucrative clicks. 

She created a titillation based market for the issue long before it debuted and it was brilliant.

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Busy bee

izzabella :  while I don’t completely disagree with you, I will say that Kim Kardashian has been impressing me these days. If I’m not mistaken, she’s working on becoming a lawyer to do some good things for people who were unfairly sent to prison or of the sort. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

There is only one real reason they are richer (because they were already rich) and famous and that is the suckers thst buy into their crap. They are snake oil salesmen and yes whilst you do need some skills and smarts to be the best snake oil salesmen you also need the lemmings who will buy and believe in the crap they sell. At the end of the day they are just a cog in the dumbing down of society wheel. They saw an opening and manipulated it in order to make profits. 

They are a toxic family (well most of them) and some of them are worse than others. The way Kim treats people is shocking which is why she has to be seen doing “humanitarian” work. Plenty of stars do the same thing without the cameras.

I really hate how the hard work of real people is glossed over and credit given to “stars” like the Kardashians for causes and campaigns. I hate how the voices of experts who have studied hard and campaigned hard go unheard but someone like Kim gets a presidential audience. This is what is wrong with society and the people who buy it up are to blame.

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Busy bee

j_jaye :  Fair enough, but their dad Robert Kardashian was a successful lawyer and he inherited a large amount of money from his own parents who were very wealthy. So, it’s easy for others to bash them but Kim’s seemingly doing the best she can to make something of herself.

And I’m totally not asking to be a shit head I’m genuinely curious…you talk about Kim Kardashian being this awful person like you know her…do you?! Or is it just what you’ve read online?


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Sugar Beekeeper
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In addition to the other marketing examples listed they pay off the media and tabloids to run stories about them.

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Busy bee

slomotion :  Like the one I read about Kim having such bad pregnancy gas that Kanye had to sleep in the other room when she was pregnant with North?


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Honey bee

Because  they came out at a time when self-promotion is seen as a virtue and people are content to use outside appearances as a means of hero selection. The whole selfie/Instagram age is perfect for them.

They’re rich because of the same two reasons other people are rich: first, because they were lucky. Their brand would not have been as successful in other time periods. Second, they do work hard at it. 

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socalgirl1689 :  It’s a unique combination of where they started (US, Los Angeles, fairly comfortably financially, fairly attractive), imfany from the OJ simpson case, the young socialite scene, the sex tape and persistent rumours about Caitlin before she was Caitlin and other scandals, and then all wrapped up in a beautiful bow of marketing, grinding, exposure, sponsorship, paparazzi etc.

I don’t follow them and I have never watched their show, but I don’t think they deserve the hate they get.  Their empires employ a lot of people, their show is entertainment to people.  No they aren’t necessarily good role models, but neither are plenty of sports stars, actors, singers etc. 

If you want to watch documentaries instead, or read books, or follow scientists on social media, no one is stopping you.

The Kardashians didn’t create their market, they filled it. 

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I think a lot of it has to do with their ability to tease the general public and allows rumors to brew. Almost everything they do is shrouded in secrecy and then when they do the big reveal, they milk it for all its worth( Kylie’s pregnancy comes to mind). Although that was a personal decision on her end that I respect, you can’t tell me they all weren’t thinking how much hype they could build up around it by not saying anything. 

I think most importantly they know their audience. They know who watches them and they know how to sell to that demographic. And as a PP mentioned, it’s this idea that your life becomes a little more luxurious if you buy this one product. And even though historically, many of their products have been given harsh reviews, people are STILL buying them. 

I don’t own anything by them or watch them and I have no desire to. Reality shows just documenting famous people’s Lives just aren’t my thing, so it’s nothing against them personally.  And now that I’m thinking about it, I haven’t personally heard anyone say they watch it since like 2015, but clearly people are watching it.

I see both sides of the coin. Yes, there’s plenty of other women out there doing amazing things for politics, the environment, social justice and working with A LOT less than the Kardashians have. And we can argue that their impacts are more meaningful or helpful. And yes, they probably are.  But the Kardashians have built an empire and even if they started with money, we can’t deny what they have done for pop culture and “influencer culture” on the Internet. I think anyone looking to become “famous for doing nothing” can thank them for paving the way. And clearly it’s working for the Kardashians and a lot of people people. 

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princessanon0125 :  well, just had to say it’s called “suspension of disbelief.

Well, I don’t know why they are so rich because I’m not American and I haven’t been following Kardashians like since forever. But even I can’t get away from them. 

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