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Sugar bee
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I worked front end customer service for five years. Longest five years of my life.

Things I hated (in addition to your list):

People who dump out an entire pocketful of change and expect you to pick through the linty mess and count their money for them. (I once had a guy get angry at me because I refused to count out two Ziploc sandwich bags full of various change that wasn’t even all one currency.)

People who drop change onto the counter even though your outstretched hand is RIGHT THERE waiting to receive the coins.

People who think you’re flirting with them when you’re really only being nice to them because it’s part of your job.

People who move your CLOSED sign and put their purchases on your till, then get mad when you tell them *duh* you’re closed.

People who use disabilities, age, race or gender to try and get you to serve them ahead of the people whose rightful turn it is.

People who try and use the, “I’ve been a customer here for years” argument to try and tell you your employer allows/accepts/provides/sells something they actually don’t.

People who talk about you behind your back in a second language. Yes, lady, I did just hear you tell your mother in French that I must be too young to remember when my store had a points program. Yes, I did just tell you, also in French, that my age is irrelevant as my store has never offered points, only instant discounts. Don’t look so surprised. I’m Canadian, chances are I’ve studied French.

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Busy bee
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I seriously have so much respect for those working in customer service!  I worked as a waitress when I was back in school, and upon graduation from college, I worked in a hotel for 4 years.  Working with the general public is HORRIBLE.  People are rude, not understanding, just…barf.  When I was a waitress, I once spilled a few drops of iced tea on someone’s table…and when I went to wipe it up, the guy says to his wife, “yeah, that’s the problem with young waitstaff nowadays…they’re cute to look at, but too stupid to know how to do anything right.”  When I went crying to the kitchen, my boss went out and told him that he wasn’t welcome in the restaurant if he was going to talk to his staff like that.  🙂

I actually took a demotion and a pay cut to leave my hotel job for an administrative assistant job in a facility that’s not open to the general public…best decision ever!!!

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I work in Customer Service at a huge grocery retailer in the South…OMFG, people are so downright stupid it’s a miracle they were able to get out of bed and put clothes on. My list goes on and on and on and on….

People are stupid, arrogant, rude, filthy..etc etc..


It really is a shame

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Sugar bee
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When I worked in retail my #1 most hated customers were the ones who were too important to get off their cell phones while conducting their transaction at my register.  I think that is so rude and disrespectful.  Really, you are not that important.  Call the person back, or wait to pay until you’ve finished your phone call.

My #2 most hated customers were the slobs who tried on clothes and left all the rejects crumpled on the floor of the fitting rooms.

And they don’t really count as customers, but the most hated of all is the organized retail crime syndicate who accuse us of racism for following them around the store and watching them like hawks.  We don’t do those things because we’re racist, we do those things because we (amd everyone else in the mall) recognize you and know that there’s no actual baby in that stroller with the blanket draped over it and that as soon as we look the other way you are going to shove an entire stack of jeans in there.  And tomorrow one of your co-criminals will bring said jeans back to the store, demanding a store credit because you need to return them and you lost your receipt.  I hate you most of all.

… I feel better now.

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haha I am now picking up a few shifts at a local restaurant and have learned that your list is sooooo true. Seriously people are so rude. They want you to order for them, which do you like best, I want this no I want that, its horrible! People are nuts!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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lol nice list. I was never a cashier quite like that but I was both a cashier at the grocery store and worked in restaurants as a host, expo, or server for about 3 years… so I have plenty of experience in the service industry. I’d say the worst/weirdest thing about those jobs for me was the DREAMS. And I can’t even explain it because it isn’t like those are life-and-death type jobs, right? But I had nightmares about them!

When I worked in the grocery store, more nights than not I would hear the beeping in my dreams. Beep *scans item* beep *scans item* etc etc and I’d see never end lines of customers. 

When I worked as a waitress (and sometimes to this day) I’d have these nightmares about not being able to get to my tables. Like it would take me 45 minutes to get their coke for some reason and everyone would be mad at me. 

Now I’m a lawyer. Presumably much more stressful right? I have to like… give people advice and know stuff and talk in front of big groups and there is the whole element of potential public embarrassment and loss of significant sums of money for my clients and yet……… NEVER had a dream/nightmare about this job. Weird.

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I hate that people think they know you after a 15 second interaction.  I had one guy tell me that I was a waste of space because I didn’t go to college and the only job I would ever be able to get would be in fast food.  I was attending college at the time too.  We also had this light over the back door to the restaurant that was on a timer to shut off after the sun came up, and the same guy kept yelling at me because “I forgot to turn the light off again,” and “it’s my fault the prices went up.”  Sure, gas being at $5/gallon has nothing to do with the prices going up!!

I had another customer there who used to come through the drive through ever day at 4:50am and park in front of the window blaring his horn, even though we weren’t open yet.  We opened at 5:00am every single day, and I told him this every single day. 

The first week I ever worked for them, at a different store though, a customer ordered a fish sandwich and asked me if it had cheese on it.  I knew it came with cheese so I said yes it does.  What I didn’t know yet was that it only came with half a slice of cheese on it.  The customer came back pissed off because who the hell puts half a slice of cheese on a sandwich, so I brought it back to the grill and asked them to please put extra cheese on it for her.  They gave it back to me and I gave it to the customer.  Apparently someone thought it would be funny to put an inch high stack of cheese on the sandwich, so the already angry customer got furious and threw the cheese at me.  Now I can say I’ve been hit in the face with a stack of cheese.

At that same store I had someone else come through the drive through and order a cup of water.   I didn’t have any other customers so I didn’t ring it in the computer, I just poured a cup of water to give to them.  When they got up to the window they yelled, “WATER’S FREE, BITCH!!!” and threw a dart at me.  Thankfully it wasn’t thrown very hard and didn’t actually puncture my skin. 

I could probably go on for days about all the crap I’ve had to put up with.  Actually, speaking of crap, at one of the stores I worked at the teenagers in that town had absolutely nothing to do, so they entertained themselves by playing “pranks” on us.  Primarily pooping on the floor in the men’s room.

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I’m an auditor for the corporate office of a popular retail chain. I am NOT in customer service (for a reason, mind you) but sometimes we still end up having to talk to disgruntled customers anyway. I had a customer call me because her debit card was declined at one of our stores (side note: when a card is declined the bank still puts a hold on the funds). She totally flew off the handle and started screaming at me to give her back her “f*cking money”. Her card was declined on a purchase of $7 and she was complaining about how she wouldn’t be able to feed her kid now because of us! Ok, for starters, if you only had $7 to your name do you really think that spending it on a Justin Bieber CD was the brightest idea? Also, should your transaction have gone through and you were able to leave with your purchase, how exactly would you have planned to feed your kid then? You just spent all of your money on that CD! *eye roll*

When I explained to her that there was nothing that we could do and that she would have to speak with her bank she went off on me, telling me that I’m a “minimum wage loser” and that I should “get a real job”. Um, I mentioned that I’m an AUDITOR right?! This woman couldn’t even form full sentences let alone speak in anything but Ebonics but I’m the “loser” who needs a “real job”. Some people should really take a good look in the mirror before they start throwing around insults that make absolutely no sense.

People like this are the reason why I do not work in customer service. I have no patience for stupidity and I’m not good at pretending to care about stuff that I so obviously don’t give a shit about. I don’t know how our store employees do it. 

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Busy bee
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Oh I agree with everything on your list. I work in the children’s department of a major department store. Customers drive me insane! Last weekend, someone stole a pair of underwear and changed their kid in the fitting room leaving the soiled underwear in there for us to clean up. One time this parent let her kid pee on our floor. People are horrible and expect you to cater to their ever demand and whim.

I especially hate when they treat me like I’m uneducated. I’m only working there because I’m in grad school not because I didn’t go to college. I can’t wait to graduate and get out of there.

I do think that everyone should work in customer service at least once so that you know how to treat people. There are just days I want to tell them that I’m not a slave. People don’t realize that usually a person in retail has a list of things to do on top of catering to them. I’m supposed to watch the register, clean the department, restock merchandise, check fitting rooms, and help customers, and on nights like tonight I will be alone in the department and expected to do all that. People don’t realized what people in retail go through.

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I feel for everyone here.  I’ve worked in restaurants and it’s so, so true.  People are crazy.  I hated:

1) Taking big tables (like parties of 10 or more) and everyone left thought “everyone else left a tip.” REALLY?  How do you not check?  Thank you for the $.03 tip on a $125 bill…awesome.

2) People that act like you should know the exact time they want to order.  As a waitress you have a routine – you get drinks then you come back and get the food order.  I had one couple who weren’t ready to order when I first came back – ok, I’ll give you a few minutes, no biggie. BUT, I don’t want to forget about them, so I wait 5 minutes, remember that they haven’t ordered and ask them if their ready.  You would have thought I asked them if they’d like to have entrails for dinner.  Ugh.

3) Foregin people who pretend then dont’ know how to tip.

4) Americans who don’t tip at least 15%.

5) Reiterate PP’s who say that people talk down to you like their better than you.  UGH.

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@CorgiTales: lol i have those weird dreams about my job…. im a server in a brewery/ restaurant… i have nightmares that im at computer and i have like 20 tables and i cant find the buttons to ring in the food and im freaking out! ive actually woken up in a cold sweat lol… creepy.


i once had a table transferred to me because the server wasnt feeling well and was going home… the tables food was rang in by the previous server and all i had to do was bring it out. well i brought out the food and the guy had a cheeseburger and his wife had a salad…. he very rudely asked me ‘wheres my ketchup and mustard?, and where is her (the wifes) bread?’ i politely told him i would be right back with it…. as it was not my table and i wasnt aware he needed it because the previous server didnt tell me…. so this a**hole continues to ask me “how f***ing hard is your job??? you cant even bring this or that…. you f***ing stupid blahblah…” you get the idea right…. i was seriously appalled by his behavior… and so were all my other tables. i got my manager and refused to wait on the guy. some people…. ugh!!!!

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@NatAndTy: oh man…there was once…ONCE…that i went to a diner with like a dollar and whatever was in my change purse in cash.  recently too…i was with Fiance and his little brother, and neither of them had any cash.  anyway, we were planning on paying with card, which is allowed there (there was the little visa sign in the window)…but there was a note on the board when i went up to the register to pay that said you can’t leave a tip on your card.  i was sooooooo mortified.  i wound up leaving like $3.50 (basically, the dollar i had plus all the quarters i could find in my bag), which amounted to like an 8% tip.  i felt soooooooooooo bad.  but what was i gonna do at that point?

just wanted to let you know that some restaurant patrons do feel shame, lol.

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I worked at a Deli when I was 19 and I absolutely could not stand the whole people talking down to me thing.  I especially hated it when management would do it.  I had one manager who despised me just because I didn’t come from a poor white trash background like himself.  He stuck me with all the bitch work and tried to get me fired on numerous occasions, thankfully he never “won” ’cause the owner liked me!  We used to get drunk customers on a regular basis and they were the worst; dealing with wasted people is just frustrating.  You want to kick them in the face!

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