Why can't this be simple? De Beers strikes again!

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Honestly: Just buy the ring you want, what does the value matter once its on your finger? I’m assuming that you aren’t planning on re-selling the ring so try to push the worry out of your head.

I understand the anxiety thing completely. Have you tried applying this worry to the CBT technique of rationalizing this?

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djroomba :  I  also had this question about mined / lab / other. If you spend some more time on pricescope / even ebay, you’ll find (like I did) that alllll rings drop in value as soon as you buy them, but mined diamonds most of all. Get the ring you want – screw the rest and don’t think about dropping in value. Depreciation affects all jewellery hugely. 

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There are quite a few of is that are excited about the lighthouse lab diamond collection and honestly even if they won’t set them in more expensive metal or grade them doesn’t mean it won’t stop alot of people from doing so  ๐Ÿ˜‰

 I personally wouldn’t spend alot on a lab diamond when rather soon there will be a cheaper avenue but that’s just me I woohave the setting designed and if you want to use it before thru go on sale set a cz in it for the mean time..

once again thats just me and bargain hunter side ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I know you said you don’t want a stimulant but maybe you could have your ring created and set with a CZ just for a few months. Take that ring to Europe and watch the prices then have the ring set with a diamond when you come back and announce. It would allow the ring creation to move forward but you could still watch the prices and not put off your engagement. 

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You could get engaged with a piece of twine on your finger.  Don’t sweat it.  Get what you want, and be happy.

Prices will always change

Products will always change

Marketing will always change

There is nothing you can do about it.  So making yourself crazy with if/thens is just that, making yourself crazy.

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So, I’m of two minds here. The bargian hunter in me says to buy a setting now, have it set with a CZ and wait to see what lab diamds do when De Beers comes out with their new line, then reset it with the diamond you want. 

However, the other part of me says that’s a lot of hassle when you don’t have to worry about the cost anyway, and no matter what you buy or how much you pay for it now, the second that diamond walks out of the store, it will depreciate about 50% anyway. So why not just get what you want now and have your “forever ring” to show off in all the pictures! 

Whatever you do just make sure that when you travel you throw in some sizing beads or something in case the ring is a little loose! You REALLY don’t want to lose it when your traveling!

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If a one carat mined right now is on average 4,000, and you can get one at 900 (800 plus minimum 100 more for a silver setting from Lightbox), to me that’s a significant savings.  Even allowing for purchasing a setting and having the stone set into it.  I would wait, and keep an eye on reviews of the stones.

Biggest problem I see is, since they are not grading the stones, how on earth are we to know what the specs are going to be on the stones?  Sure they say they will be good quality but what does that mean?  SI2?  I1?  VS?  What about color on the white ones?  What is the cut quality? 

Lots of unanswered questions there.


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djroomba :  I have a lab diamond from Brilliant Earth. I was honestly kind of pissed about what DeBeers is doing but what can I do? Anyhow I still love my ring it does have papers with the grade etc (different grading company than GIA for lab). 

I’m  still happy with it it’s still carbon and I didn’t want a natural stone anyway. I wouldn’t change a thing or go back in time. I hope this helps. 

As with any purchase of any item with worth there is the chance of resale value dipping. Think of a new car. And honestly even if you had bought a brand new mined diamond ring before this even you’ll almost never get the retail price back anyway. Maybe later when it’s heirloom. 

But the real value is the sentimental value. It’s the ring you were engaged with. If you love it it doesn’t matter if it’s  CZ, mined lab or other stone or no stone even. 

Another option if you dont a want a new mined diamond is to go the estste sale route or check out vintage jewelery. 

Hugs I hope you can feel good about whatever choice you make. There really is no wrong way. 

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Get a setting you love now with a cz center. Once DeBeers starts selling lab diamonds, replace the cz. Of course this assumes you would be happy with a 1 ct diamond. If you want a larger lab diamond then just get it.

I’m one of the Pricescope people but I don’t care what people get. I like mined diamonds because I want to know that my stone was created in the natural way, that’s important to me. Lab stones turn me off, I wont buy them even when DeBeers sells them for cheap. But I’m big on diamond recycling; I love to buy used. Saves $ and it’s more eco friendly. Maybe that is something for you to consider.


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20sparklingyears :  shoot for the price id send it in and have it graded and im sure there is a return policy so id just return it if it was really bad..

also if it ended up being resold it always helps to have a cert.

now personally I don’t have one for my diamond bought used as well as my setting cost effective ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Okay, girl, I didn’t even finish reading because I know what you should do. 


Eff DeBeers, eff the whole diamond industry for preying on and conning people (I say this as a diamond lover and owner!!)

Get engaged. Be happy. Love your ring and love your fiancé. Don’t make it any harder than it should. Don’t stress- just enjoy!!!

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Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

I think lab diamond is actually pretty amazing. There are some (like V&O) that makes the semi-custom ones (you choose the setting, the carat etc) that actually gives pretty nice result on the rings I saw IRL on my friends’ fingers. I think that it’s actually a good thing to have a diamond that you are 100% sure isn’t blood diamond.

Despite the Kimberley Process, traditional diamond can still have uncertain traces of blood possibly. I’m not again traditionally mined diamond, but I do adore lab diamond jewellery since it’s a marriage between science and art, both my favourite subjects. My Boyfriend or Best Friend knows that if we ever get there, lab diamond will be something that scores pretty high for me.


About diamond’s price: you get your ring for the sentimental values I guess, the second you walk out of that shop’s door the value crashes down anyway.


For the proposal: how about a plain band (get it from Mejuri or somewhere not expensive) for his proposal in Europe and you two do a romantic dinner once back home and he puts the real ring on your finger?

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