(Closed) Why did they burn bras?????????

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Okie dokie.

I see nothing wrong with women who choose to be house wives or those who want to be successful in their careers. Whatever works for them, works for me. Personally, I have a TON of respect for the woman who paved the way for the rest of us to follow our dreams. 

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American Gypsy? 


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This isn’t going to end well.

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I think there is definitely too much expected of women and I think a lot of women are deciding for themselves what is right for them now.  We are expected to have careers, and children, and be gorgeous and not age.  We used to be looked down on if we worked, now we are looked down on if we don’t, yet expected to have a family.  Whatevs!

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They burned bras so that women could have the CHOICE to have equal opportunities. If you don’t want a high power, high salary career, marry someone who wants to be the provider in the family and stay home. No one is forcing you to do anything….

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If you want to be a housewife, then marry a man who wants to be married to a housewife, and set out for a lifestyle that can be supported on that single salary.  

A lot of the things we take for granted today were considered luxury items by 1940’s standards. A car for the wife. A vacation more than once a year. A plane ticket. Dinner out twice a week. A trip to the movies.   Yes the cost of living has gone up, but salaries have gone up too, and a very big part of why it takes two salaries to support many households is because of all those bells and whistles.

If you want to be a stay-at-home mom, then by all means that is your choice. But most women would not have been able to even make that choice if it were not for the women’s rights movement and all those burned bras.

PS the notion that society somehow only means for women to have low-paying jobs is straight up BS.  Of my female friends who work, 75% of them make close to or over $100k. I myself make $136k— that is $11k more per year than my fiance– I most certainly do not feel like society has held me down; but I did used to work in a dead-end career for low wages. Turns out it was MYSELF holding me down.

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Mirror what 

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@CanAmBride: said.  They gave us that choice and I am grateful to them.  

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I love having my own choice. Marry a rich guy if you wanna be home with kids all the time. I want to be in charge of my money and feel accomplished

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I dont care what each woman does, that’s up to them! I am neither for nor against. For me, if my husband suddenly became rich enough to sustain a house, us and children, then yeah I’d probably give up my full time job and focus on the home and children, BUT I would HAVE to do something on the side, as I value and love my independence too much. I like having my own money, don’t really like the idea of having an ‘allowance’ ….. I’d get bored at home 24.7.

I am a passionate, ambitious woman who has worked hard at my career, but I am also very maternal and domestically proud. – THESE DAYS, some of us women HAVE To work, we live in tough times and 1 wage does not cut it anymore…it’s not always a choice for some families, it’s a must just to keep a float.

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@Shoshota:  I agree with you.  I feel like it’s not really a choice because things have swung so far over to the career side.  Women are now expected to work and that screws over all the women who have more domestic ambitions.   

Unfortunately, you’ll probably get eaten alive on here.   

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I want to stay home, but can’t I have to work… minimum wage don’t give much more than the basic needs…

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I’m very old school and wish I could stay at home and be the typical housewife.  Unfortunately, unless Fiance is very successful in his plumbing business, there’s no way that I can’t work.  I do appreciate what women have done in the past to get us our equal rights though.  I wouldn’t want to be treated with disrespect and like I’m dumb all of my life.

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News flash, ladies: minimum wage in 1955 didn’t pay the mortgage, either.  If you were a man who worked a minimum-wage job back then, you either worked two jobs or your wife took in laundry or cleaned houses to make ends meet. 

If Nickelodian has some Leave It To Beaver marathon on or something, well, that’s not a documentary!

Everyone— male or female– who wants to escape minimum wage has to work hard to get ahead.  If it is important to you to work in the home instead of in the commerical workplace, then you and your husband/fiance need to put him on a career path where that is actually possible, and streamline your household expenses wherever you can.

And if you want to be mad at anyone, don’t be mad at the womens’ rights activists; be mad at the politicians and corporate execs who made it acceptable to ship manufacturing jobs overseas. For many Americans, a long-term career in manufacturing was the best and most accessible way to get out of the lower income tiers. Same with steel work and other traditionally blue-collar industries. You could start these jobs fresh out of high school and support a family AND a stay-at-home wife without racking up a hundred grand in student loans.  Those industries are pretty much dead in the USA, but there’s been very little new industry created to replace them.  This is the real reason you can’t afford to live on one salary: because, without an expensive education and a whole lot of luck, most folks can’t ever earn a high enough salary!

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