(Closed) why did u choose him?(Time 2 count our blesings)

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Sugar bee

1. He treats me with respect, like an equal, like his queen

2. He understands and accepts my flaws. I will bring home any stray that is in need of help because we live in the country where people go to dump unwanted animals. He NEVER gets mad, in fact he always buys extra dog food -just in case.

3. He supports every crazy idea I have ever had. I am a very creative person and even when I have a thousand projects going on, he loves every one of them. Even if they suck haha.

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Sugar bee

He’s not my Fiance or husband, but I love him like one. ๐Ÿ™‚ But here are my 3.

1. I’ll admit it. He is damn sexy. Seriously. I was shocked he called back cause I was sure he wasn’t in my league.

2. I see myself in him and he sees himself in me. Its just a perfect meshing of personalities that I think make our highs so high and our lows so easy to work through.

3. He’s a gentleman. Plain and simple. And it’s something I’ve never found with other guys I have dated.


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1. He knew everything thing there was to know about me BEFORE dating and STILL loved me!.. We were friends and he knew all my “dirty laundry” lol

2. He loves me with a completely sacrificial love… just like Christ loves the Church <– He does whatever I may need (emotionally, communicatively,etc) regardless of what he’s dealing with or if he’s tired.. etc

3. I am his “Beatiful Crown of Honor” <— He washes me in the Word, telling me everything I truly am whether I feel it or not… He calls to more and lifts me up to be able to get there =)

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Bumble bee
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I love reading threads like these.  ๐Ÿ™‚

1. He’s a cheeseball with all of our and his friends, and barely is serious.  Very easygoing, but with me, he’s different. We’ve been dating 2 years on Tuesday, and he still does the small things that made me fall for him.  He always makes sure he holds the door open for me, he’ll randomly surprise me with a single red rose on any given day (my favourite), he texts me every morning to tell me he hopes I have a great day at work and he loves me, etc.  Just the simple things like that, he’s the exact same guy I fell for 2 years ago.

2. He respects my goals in life and takes them seriously.  My career path isn’t your typical career and a lot of people look down on me for it. He ALWAYS is there telling me to go for my dreams, regardless of where they take me.  He’s made it clear wherever I go, he’s following me.

3. Most importantly, he keeps his promises.  This is really important to me, because my ex and I dated for 3.5 years on/off, and it was LD.  He promised me things but he was too scared to commit.  That relationship really made me guarded.

I cannot wait to marry him one day, he truly is my “soulmate” as cheesy as that sounds.

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Bee Keeper

1. He is incredibly smart and wonderfully worldly. When I was first getting to know him at work I knew he was a brilliant technical mind, but when I found out he was a professional ballet dancer as his first career I was smitten.

2. He loves me for me. I’m brutally honest about myself, my past, my struggles. He didn’t shy away, even in the beginning while he was just getting to know me. He supports me in every way.

3. When I’m feeling down he always gets me some sort of small treat, pours me a glass of wine and cuddles with me.

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Honey bee
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1) He makes me laugh. He will seriously do just about anything to get me to smile at him.

2) He’s my biggest cheerleader. I’ve never had anyone in my life support me harder or more vocally than he does. He believes I can do absolutely anything. 

3) He’s seen me through some of the hardest years of my life and came out the other side loving me even more. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2011

1. I can be completely myself with him.  Seriously I’ve never felt as comfortable with anyone else in my life!

2. He can put up with my moods and make me smile no matter what (even if I’m mad at him, haha )

3.  He’s the sweetest, most supporting and loving man who’s always trys to put me first, even when he’s got a lot going on himself

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Blushing bee
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1. I still get excited to see him, even after 2 1/2 years together. Its like the first night we met ๐Ÿ™‚

2. He is my best friend. He is there for me 100% with any/every thing I want out my my life. IM going thru a layoff at work right now, and really stressed and he is the one that is keeping me grounded.

3. He treats my son like he is his, they do EVERYTHING together. My sons father is involved, but not much so he def picks up the slack.

He is truly everythign I ever wanted and so much more. I cant imagine my life with out him in it.

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Helper bee
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My reasons are actually really interesting. When we met, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, just fun. We hung out and hung out and continued to see each other and I felt there was something there but ignored it. We broke up in October. Well, I found out in December that my first love had killed himself and we had never got to reconcile with each other. I immediately contacted Will and begged him back (yes, begged). After all the breakups and ignorance from me, he took me back and promised to love me forever. 

He cares. He has odd ways of showing it but I know this man loves me regardless of anything I wear or what I look like. I was in a car accident in March and chipped my tooth. He left work and came up to the hospital and just stroked my forehead. When we left the hospital he helped me into the car and took me home and then went to get my meds. My mom says this is how she knew he loved me.


Didn’t mean to write a book, but that man brings it out of me.

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