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  • Wedding: June 2014

Oh, there are SO many reasons.. let’s see if I can remember them all:

1.  I have always dreamt that I would get married barefoot on the beach. The islands are the most beautiful beaches in the world and I guess I’m “spoiled” when it comes to beaches and I want the best. I’ve been lucky enough to vacation in the islands before and I want those beautiful beaches in my pictures.

2.  We really wanted a small, intimate wedding. We only wanted the people who really cared to come to our wedding to be there. We didn’t want anyone coming because they felt obligated to or just because we invited them – and that doesn’t happen w/ a Destination Wedding. They will only pay that much to come if they really want to be there.

3.  A lot of our friends/family are spread across the country (actually, world – but we don’t anticipate those people coming at all) and so a lot of the people would have to travel anyway. Fiance and I live in SC. His best friend is 4 hrs away. He has friends in NC, NJ, and NY. I have a ton of family in NY. My brother is in FL. His brother is in PA. His parents are in NJ. Some of his relatives are in VA. My parents are in NY. My relatives are in Cali and FL. You get the point… there would already be a lot of travelling to begin with.

4.  We really wanted to vacation with our friends for our wedding. We think it’s really awesome that people will be there and celebrating with us and having a fun time the entire time. We plan on taking our bridal party on an excursion. We plan on doing our bachelorette/bachelor parties at the island. It just seems like such a fun blast.

5.  We have both paid a ton to be in bridal parties and to make it to other people’s weddings, so we didn’t think it would be that bad if we asked for the same in return. Granted, we’re asking for a lot more than others have asked, but I had to get a hotel room for 2 nights to go to my friend’s wedding in NY and rent a car and drive there and ultimately being in her wedding and paying for the dress and gifts and whatnot cost me well over $2k. Another friend’s wedding a few years ago cost me over $1400. If someone told me that I could instead get a vacation for that money, I would jump on it.

6.  It’s cheaper. I hate to say it bc a lot of people get upset that we’re basically making our guests pay a lot to be at our wedding so that we can save money. That’s not exactly the case. We could have done something similarly priced and likely cheaper in NY (where 50% of the guest list is coming from and where I’m from) – either at a vineyard or at a bar in Brooklyn (reBar was an option for a while) and actually, we may have spent the same amount of money as we will for our wedding in the DR – after all, our guestlist wasn’t going to change – but it wasn’t the vision I had and I couldn’t fathom spending $15-20k on a wedding that wasn’t my dream; I’d rather just elope. The food and alcohol is actually not any cheaper than most venues in NY are – it’s probably going to cost us about $100+/head.  And flowers are even more expensive, so we will likely have fake flowers and/or very little. The photographer I booked was also just as expensvie as one I could get in NY (although, I am sure I could find more expensive in NY). But the rest of the stuff – DJ, decor, etc – is cheaper and also the quality is different. For the quality of what I’m getting, I’m paying a lot less.

7.  Trash the dress. I LOVE these shoots and I feel like it only makes sense if you do it at a destination wedding. If we weren’t having a Destination Wedding, I probably would have taken my dress to my honeymoon and still done the shoot. I want one so bad.

That pretty much covers the reasons. The one con I can think of is that some people might end up not coming bc it costs too much. But, for that one con I think there are too many pros that outweigh it. So far, we haven’t had an issue with people we really wanted to come not being able to come.

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  • Wedding: October 2013

@futuremrsk18:  We chose a destination wedding for a lot of the same reasons. I always dreamed of getting married on a beautiful beach, we both have fairly small families and we wanted to have an intimate celebration with people that really matter to us. Also, it is true that although the costs for our guests are quite higher, the costs for us are a lot less than if we had a wedding in the city. The planning process was also quite stress-free as I have an amazing wedding planner on site who has answered to my milion and one questions this past year.

The only thing that we are a sad about is that our grandparents will not be able to be there due to health reasons. Some other close friends and family members are not abe to come due to budget/vacation issues.

Overall though it was the best decision for us and we cannot wait for it to come true in 7 short weeks!

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  • Wedding: October 2013

@mscuppycake:  I am having a huge ( 200 guests) Destination Wedding, because FI’s family all live in CA, which was the main reason we are having it there. 

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  • Wedding: June 2014

@emsy3110:  Oh yes, the lack of stress!

I forgot this part, but basically you pretty much just have to show up to your wedding. There’s a wedding coordinator (pretty much a free wedding planner) that you work with and all the planning is done with minimal work on your part (or as much as you want – lot’s of brides DIY a lot of things for their wedding, but I personally will probably not be doing a lot). So, add the stress-free wedding planning to the last, that’s definitely a big one!

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  • Wedding: October 2018

Because I tried to plan a (budget) church wedding and got too stressed, then I thought about semi-destination (car trip distance) and my own brother and sister didn’t want to come… so now we’re doing a civil ceremony and “eloping” to the Caribbean to have a private ceremony. 

My wedding-stress level has never been lower.

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  • Wedding: June 2014

The main reason is bc Fiancé is french and his whole  family is there. I’ve basically stolen him afor for the past 3 years and it would mean a lot to them for us to have it in france.

another major reason is that we have friends and family from all over the world coming. France is the most convenient location for everyone 

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  • Wedding: October 2014

I looooved Las Vegas – it was sooo fun with the most gorgeous hotels I have ever seen. Once I saw the classy locations ( not just Elvis off the strip) I was considering and then when coming up with the French/Parisian theme I just loved the idea of the Paris hotel. I have always wanted a destination wedding…an event! Even if only a few come its ok because that is our style. I’m not a beach girl so it was Vegas or New Orleans or Paris itself ( all French themed… I’m obsessed) and decided there is so much to do in Vegas. The shows, the food and the fun is what makes it unique. I couldn’t find that at any local place. I’m excited!

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  • Wedding: May 2014

@mscuppycake:  Put me on a beach and I am the happiest you’ll find me. Put me on a beach marrying the man of my dreams.. that’s pure perfection. We also LOVE to cruise and of course want immediate family plus closest friends there. So we all jump on a ship, sail to paradise, get off on the beach and say “I do”, and then continue cruising.. it just seems so perfect. I also didn’t want a huge wedding where I see people that I have never even met. I like the intimacy of a small wedding.

However, due to his two occupations and the size of his family, he knows and loves a lot of people. On the other hand, my family is so small that they will all be with us at our destination wedding. So when we get back we are having a big ol’ reception for everyone not coming and the millions of the people he knows. We both adore the idea of destination wedding and it makes him happy that we’ll have the at home reception so we are both happy.

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  • Wedding: December 2013

I was almost finished planning a $30K, 110 person wedding – which I didn’t want in the first place, Fiance wanted a “wedding” and I did everything. Totally stressed me out – I had two minor strokes last year. I told Fiance a few months ago either we go to Las Vegas or nothing. Cancelled everything in MD, got in touch with the Wynn hotel and had the basics planned out in ONE WEEK. Total cost probably about $8K. And I get TWO coordinators who have so far been excellent and so helpful along with the minister who is marrying us. Wish I had done this from the beginning. All we have to do is show up! I’m happy and Fiance is happy that I’m happy LOL.

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My fiance works for a Major League Baseball team in Texas, the state in which we currently reside, but our families live on opposite coasts.  My fiance is a California native and I am a Florida girl.  Thus, our families would have had to travel far regardless of where we held our wedding.  That got us thinking: if our family and friends will have to book flights and hotels regardless of the wedding location, why not make the venue somewhere very special so the trip is worth their while? 

As we considered destinations, we found ourselves immediately taken with the enchanting, exotic, romantic ambiance of Hawaiian Weddings. The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua is a simply breathtaking resort property, and the magic isle of Maui shows God’s creation at its finest.   It was an easy decision to make.  The atmosphere of our location is elegantly refined and soothingly relaxed all at once.  Most of our wedding guests are successful, hardworking professionals, and we love that that our wedding celebration will allow them the opportunity to bury their perfectly pedicured toes and cares in the sand.

For me, there is nothing that I will miss or regret!

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  • Wedding: December 2013

1) Fiance had always joked about getting married in Vegas but I have no desire to take my children there so we compromised and picked Disneyworld.

2) Way less stress since it comes with a wedding planner/DOC, florist/decorator, hotel coordinator and photographer all from the same place.

3) We wanted somewhere that my kids would have a great time too.

4) A big one, sad to say, was to keep my family (specifically my mother) out of it. They can be overbearing at times and my mom is having a bit of a meltdown over having no control of it but it’s awesome for our peace of mind!

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  • Wedding: November 2014 - Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana, DR

Good question!

1)  I have some family over seas that will not be able to attend a local wedding but are able to make it to a destination one 

2) It is cheaper than doing a local wedding 

3) I have always wanted to do a unique wedding so chose a destination wedding 

4) a great way to realize who your true friends are and filter people you really want at your wedding (family and close friends) 



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  • Wedding: April 2014

@mscuppycake:  We just love to travel. Every year we go some place new in the spring, and it only made sense to us to do the same for our wedding. Neither one of us are particularly religious, and I couldn’t imagine anything other than getting married on the beach at sunset. It also brings together elements of our life that make us who we are as a couple, family, friends, and a love for travel (well…and each other, of course) What could be more perfect?!

It also is cheaper…in a sense. Yeah we have to pay for travel and food and accommodations…but we’d be doing that anyway on any other vacation. We aren’t having a fancy affair or a huge guest list, so we will be getting a lot more for our money. It will be more intimate and I think more special, as we get to spend several days with our loved ones to celebrate rather than just one night.  

And I can’t wait to trash the dress!!

I don’t think there is anything I would miss about having a local wedding. We are having a casual reception at home for those who couldn’t make it. 

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