Why did you choose MOISSANITE?? (Do you ever regret it?)

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2018 - Omaha, NE

I chose moissanite because I preferred it. Moissanite sparkles more than diamonds (or cz stones) do and is still very durable, and of course is FAR more affordable. I absolutely love my ring, which is all moissanite, including the side stones. I get nothing but compliments on it and I’ve never regretted it! Really it comes down to preference 🙂

I think people are far too caught up in physical things. There is no way in heck I would (or would expect my Fiance to) pay several thousand dollars for a rock on a piece of metal! I’d rather spend that money on a bangin’ wedding and honeymoon!

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

I have had both diamond and moissanite engagement rings. Moissanite is GORGEOUS, I loved the sparkle. In the end though, due to my own funny mind and people being nosy about my big shiny non diamond, I swapped back to diamond. 

Do I regret moissanite? No. I still wear a moissanite necklace and earrings often, but it wasn’t for me in the long term as part of my wedding set.

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Helper bee

To get the look I wanted in our price range it was ideal. It’s very durable and sparkles so beautifully.  I had wanted about a 1carat equivalent but ended up with a 2. If we had gone with a diamond we would be in debt and have trouble affording the wedding we want. My fiancé was able to save up for it easily and with less stress and pressure. Everyone that sees it thinks it’s beautiful as well. 

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Sugar bee

I chose moissanite as I just don’t like the diamond industry. I could also get the size of centrestone I preferred without walking around with essentially  $20k on my left hand. I’m too practical and felt sick at the thought of paying that much for somethibg that doesn’t really have a practical use lol

I am Aussie and it’s not too mainstream here. I’ve told my family and close friends about moissanite and they are amazed. I love having a space rock engagement ring!

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Helper bee

I am not engaged yet, but I have been talking up Moissanite to my boyfriend every time the subject comes up. I already have a one carat Moissanite solitaire right hand ring which I LOVE to the point that I rarely wear my diamond rings. I have been spoiled by the extreme rainbow sparkle that the moissanite throws off. It sparkles differently than anything I’ve ever seen and all the time, in every lighting…at least mine does. 

I had it on at an event tonight and then went to the store and could not stop staring at it…almost ran into a shelf lol. It was also throwing off all sorts of rainbow in the dark tonight which blew my mind! So since Moissanite sparkles like that, lasts a lifetime, and is a modest price, that is what I want! Even if the price of diamonds were to come down, I would still prefer the Moissanite bc of the way it sparkles. 

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Blushing bee

I’m not engaged yet but I’ve chosen moissanite for a few different reasons! 

Firstly we aren’t too keen on the diamond industry, the ethics and the marketing of it. We’re both marketers ourselves so are naturally weary of paying huge markups for things that aren’t rare or valuable (even if they are beautiful which many diamonds are!) We were going to go with a second hand diamond but many people here buy their rings from chain stores and are really bad quality so it’s not always clear what you’re getting! 

Secondly, he’s still a student and I just graduated last year. In the UK, the price of EVERYTHING is increasing and house prices are fairly high. We have rather large student loans because of the threefold increase in tuition and so we really need to money to put towards a house and the wedding. I suppose I could opt for no ring and still be a happy bunny, but im not a jewellery wearer so it would mean a lot to me to have a beautiful ring ill wear everyday for the rest of my life! 

And just like PorcelainBelle :  in the UK moissanite isn’t well known and it would be great to increase awareness about it here because diamonds are a lot more expensive over here! 

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Bumble bee

I chose moissanite because I could get more bang for my buck. Now that moissanite comes in a Colorless range and in more diamond like cuts, i couldn’t find a reason why I shouldn’t get one! And I don’t regret it one bit! I didn’t care for the warm/green undertone that some moissanite use to have and I didn’t like the cut of the Round Brilliant and several other shapes. My reasoning has nothing to do with the diamond industry since I still wear diamond jewelry. 

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Bumble bee

I’m not a fan of the diamond industry. Ethical diamonds or not – it didn’t sit right with me to spend so much money on something that’s only that expensive because of marketing. That whole concept irks me, so I was looking for alternatives. To each their own, of course! My grandmother got me a diamond necklace as a wedding gift and I do love it, so I’ll never judge anyone for their choices!

I would have been happy with any stone, but I’m very plain-jane and love colourless things (black, grey, white), so I preferred a colourless stone. It was between white sapphire and moissanite for me, and I went with moissanite because I wanted a bezel setting and I figured a white sapphire could look a bit flat in a bezel.

I love my moissanite! Zero regrets – it’s shiny, it’s pretty, it’s durable, and it was really affordable!


Edit to add: When we were ring shopping, one jeweler showed me a white sapphire, moissanite and diamond side-by-side. The moissanite’s sparkle was my favourite, followed by the sapphire, and lastly the diamond. I like that the moissanite is a colour-less stone, but often sparkles with just so many colours, it’s really cool! 

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Busy bee

I love me some diamonds but moissanite fit our budget perfectly for what I wanted my ring to be. I like a more substantial stone for my larger finger and moissanite gave me that without having to save 15k for a quality diamond. A larger diamond was just unreallistic for me and my personal life. So happy I found the bee and learned about it, or I would have ended up with something I just settled for. So nope, no regrets!

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2018

I loved not supporting the diamond industry. But I still got the look I wanted. I love the way it sparkles, I love telling people about it. My Fiance and I are science based people so it’s fun for us. 

I loved the cost. I was able to get a whole set for what we would have paid for the same carat diamond. 

No regrets. Would do it again. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2017

i chose it because its just a ring to me. I don’t place much symbolism on it and so it really didn’t matter what stone I got. It took me a while to actually choose the stone (almost a year) as I bounced from diamond to sapphire to morganite and who knows what else. In the end, I chose what made sense for me. I looked at various factors and after all my research and considerations, Moissanite made the most sense. My ring is gorgeous by the way. Lol.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2017

I chose moissanite because I didn’t want a diamond. The over inflated cost of diamonds and the diamond industry in general wasn’t something I felt comfortable with. This is my second marriage, so I’ve had the diamond and it never felt that special to me, although diamonds are pretty.

I absolutely love the fire in Moissanite – all the colors it flashes – and the price point is nice too. The fact that it’s a hard, durable stone was appealing, as well, compared to some of the other alternatives.

I love my Moissy and have zero regrets!! Even the jeweler we went through, who was new to moissanite, loved it and kept saying how beautiful it was.

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Helper bee

I chose moissanites after learning that De Beers was a cartel that controlled marketing within the diamond industry, thereby keeping the costs artificially inflated, especially through lies. Unfortunately, by the time I made this discovery, my S/O and I had already spent tens of thousands of dollars on diamonds. On the upside of having already purchased diamonds, I won’t ever have to worry about what I might have missed out on . . . which imo was not much.

I also prefer the properties of moissanite more so than those of diamonds. Some may complain that moissanites sparkle too much even though they won’t admit that it’s that very attribute which attracts them to diamonds in the first place. Moissanite has more brilliance and fire, and is truly a beautiful stone. By now, I probably need not say that I’ve never had any regrets about selecting moissanite over diamonds.

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