(Closed) Why did you get a moissanite e-ring?

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  • poll: Why did you get a moissy e-ring?
    Because of the cost : (37 votes)
    16 %
    I didn't ask for it, my fiance gave it to me : (4 votes)
    2 %
    It was in the family : (0 votes)
    Ethics : (36 votes)
    15 %
    I have a diamond, but want moissanite instead : (15 votes)
    6 %
    I'm not engaged yet, but will be getting a moissy when the time comes : (23 votes)
    10 %
    Other, please specify : (19 votes)
    8 %
    I would NEVER get a moissy (please explain why) : (102 votes)
    43 %
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    Helper bee

    i don’t currently have one – but i want one for 2 reasons. Cost (my SO wants to buy me a diamond, but i kind of feel bad asking him to spend that much money on me) and the SPARKLE!

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: November 1999

    I couldn’t think of any good reasons *not* to buy one. Too many reasons to list (cost, ethics, appearance, durability, symbolism to my relationship)… so I said “other.”

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    Bee Keeper
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    I’ve answered a lot of these types of questions so if you want to see a more detailed response you can look through my posting history haha πŸ˜‰ Basically I just loved that Moissanite was really glittery and pretty. I didn’t want a diamond because of cost and my personal ethical concerns. At first my Fiance wasn’t super excited about Moissanite, but once he saw the ring on my finger he warmed up to it.

    Posting some pictures of my Moissanite for good measure haha πŸ˜‰

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    • Wedding: April 2012

    I love my Moissy!! I did a lot of research and I concluded that a Moissy was the best bang for our buck. I have a 1.25 carat moissy with diamond and moissy sidestones. It is so sparkly! And no can tell it’s not a diamond. I usually tell people it’s a moissy and they are so impressed. The same size diamond cost $2,000+ but he bought my ring for about $1200.

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    • Wedding: January 2010

    I have been a fan of created stones for a while. My first full wedding set had a lab-created sapphire, and I have been hanging around the Better Than Diamond forums for the last couple years and seen lots of moissanite over that time.

    When I had to switch my rings due to allergies, I opted to go for a moissanite centre stone this time around. In particular, I wanted the OEC cut.

    The main reason I went with a moissy is really wanted a moissanite. I have been looking at it for over two years, and during that time spent plenty of time looking at diamonds and such as well on Pricescope, but I wanted a moissanite. I know some do buy it as an alternative which is fine, but I did not buy my moissanite to be a diamond alternative.  It is no more an alternative for me than my blue sapphire was. I don’t believe that diamonds are the only option, therefore therethat there needs to be an alternative to them! Diamonds are just one of the many options that has been successful at becoming a “standard” for e-rings. If someone gave me a beautiful and warm antique cut tomorrow I certainly would not turn it down, but I do not feel inclined to go out and get one or feel a need to have one.   I don’t have a diamond hate-on, though I have realized that I do not like colourless diamonds on me, and do not agree with the idea they are the only “real” thing out there.

    Indeed, I actually picked an unenhanced stone as I don’t like colourless stones, and prefer things that are warmer and moodier.  I liked that moissanite is still hard, and tough, aand can be a forever stone. I will keep my moissanite even if I won the lottery tomorrow. I like its sparkle, that it is created, and the cost is also great! I like that it has its own character.

    While my primary reason is not for personal ethical ones, I will say it is one of the reasons. Similary, cost is not my primary reason, but it certainly is one of the reasons. I (and my husband) do fairly well, but there are other things I would rather put my money towards, like my student loans and my retirement savings or vacations or a new house or whatever else! I despise the idea I sometimes see that people choose moissanite etc as they cannot afford diamonds. This may true for some, but not all!

    I even went and bought moissanite OEC studs and a pendant as I like it so much!

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: September 2012

    I like the sparkle.  I like the cost.  I like it for ethical reasons.  I’ve owned diamonds and I don’t think they look any better for what they cost. 

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: May 2012

    For me it’s ethical reasons, especially after learning about the flaws in the Kimberely Process. For my Fiance, he’s an economist and can’t stand the diamond market and their advertising in general. Before we had these concerns, we actually bought a diamond ering, but took it back a few days later because I couldn’t believe I was wearing a 3k teeny tiny diamond on my finger. I could just think of so many other places I would rather spend that money. So I guess there were a lot of reasons for us.

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: April 2013

    I got a Moissy because it is a beautiful, naturally occuring gemstone that is almost as strong as a diamond and it is durable. I wanted a stone that would stand the test of time like a diamond. I know that my Moissy is lab created, but it is found in nature- which is what I love. It is also very beautiful and sparkly and it didn’t put us into debt.

    In the end, I don’t know why people care so much about diamond vs. Moissy vs. Colored gemstone vs. Asha vs. Cz. I mean, an engagement ring is a very personal gift that represents one’s love and relationship and committment. So long as you love it, that’s all that matters! πŸ™‚

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: February 2010

    I think the price they ask for diamonds is super ridiculous.  even if I was a millioniare I’d still think of them as an overly frivolous item. 

    I do happen to have a small diamond right now, but if I do decide to upgrade one day, it will be with a big ol’ moissy, and I’ll leave the rest of that money in my savings account!

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: June 2011

    I chose moissanite for the price, but for different reasons than some may think. After I lost my original wedding set, I wanted to upgrade for the replacement (I originally had a .6ct center stone). My husband and I were looking at diamonds in the 2ct range, and we were prepared to pay the price difference between the insurance replacement coverage for my old set and the new set. Being the thrifty shopper I am, I started researching how to get the best deals (estate pieces and the like) and just happened upon betterthandiamond.com because I was curious when it popped up on my google search. I was immediately interested when I saw Asha and Amora moissanite.

    I immediately began obsessively researching, which lead me to the bee (hence the obsessivebee username). I decided Asha was out because I’m rough on jewelry. I was sure moissanite couldn’t look as good in person as it did online, but I ordered a 3ct Amora just to see. I was shocked at how much I loved it. I thought I would be able to distinguish it from a diamond for sure because I had spent so much time looking at diamonds throughout my replacement search. I went straight to my jeweler to compare, and I couldn’t tell the Amora moissy from diamonds of a similar size and color (H-J diamonds compared to I moissy). I was even more surprised that my jeweler couldn’t either. He even measured both stones to make sure he didn’t have them mixed up. 

    Long story short, I am waiting on my 3ct Amora moissanite to be set in a custom setting with 2cttw of diamonds for $100 more than the replacement cost of my original set with a .6ct center stone and about .5 cttw of side and band diamonds. I did choose moissanite for the cost, but not because we couldn’t afford the diamond set. IMO it would have been crazy to still choose to spend 15K or so (even with getting a good deal) on a 2ct diamond when I could have a 3ct moissy in my dream setting and band for 4K. I am so glad I happened upon moissy because I would have spent the extra money otherwise and it wouldn’t have made a difference because no one in my life will ever know the difference. 

    I plan to pass my moissanite as a diamond, and I can’t imagine ever meeting anyone who will know it isn’t one. I know many people will wonder if it is fake or even assume, but they would have done that even if I had shelled out the money for 3ct diamond (there were some 3ct estate pieces in our price range). Considering this, I don’t understand why anyone would pay so much more money for the basically same thing (a near colorless stone that sparkles like crazy and many people assume is fake in the higher carat weights). I don’t mean to offend anyone, this is just my honest opinion. Maybe I just don’t understand the emotional attachment to diamonds. I’ve always been a VERY practical person (eloping, bargain hunting, etc.). I don’t mind that many people choose not to get a moissanite, and actually that is better for me. The fact that most people know very little or nothing about it means there is next to no chance anyone in real life will be able to distinguish it from a diamond. 


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    • Wedding: August 2011

    @obsessivebee: I know many people will wonder if it is fake or even assume, but they would have done that even if I had shelled out the money for 3ct diamond

    I’m considering moissanite and I think that’s a really good point! Most people don’t know what a real diamond looks like (vs not real) and a lot of people suspect real rings of being fakes!

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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: November 2012

    I chose it because I liked it. I saw them in person before my Fiance purchased one, and I just liked it better than a diamond- I liked that it had a bit of a color to it, and that it sparkled like crazy. although, now I can only see the color if I’m in a jewelry store.

    Cost was just a perk of it. It wasn’t the deciding factor, but we both liked that we could get more for our money without breaking the bank. That also meant I could get exactly what I wanted, and sooner πŸ™‚

    I’m not shy about it either. I proudly flaunt that it’s moissy, most people are confused, but a lot are also interested in hearing about it. I don’t care that it “looks” like a diamond, because I know it is it’s own stone. Just like CZ, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies,  and all other gemstones are πŸ˜›

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    Sugar Beekeeper
    • Wedding: February 2014

    I love my moissanite. I think the price of diamonds is ridiculous and would never spend it on something that sits on my finger.

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