Why did your last relationship end?

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: January 2019

He was an unmotivated controlling asshole and I finally got the balls to tell him that 

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Helper bee

I went to university and realised that I didn’t have the feelings for him that I thought I did. I felt terrible but I didn’t miss him and I probably didn’t make the time for him that I should have so I ended it. It was the right thing to do for both of us though.

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Helper bee

He cheated on me and got someone pregnant lol

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Sugar bee

In the end, we just weren’t compatible. 

But also, he was having an emotional affair, hiding growing debt from me and decided he no longer wanted to have kids.



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He wanted to get married and I was ready to move away and have adventures. He was wonderful, though, and I was really happy for him when I heard that he’d married someone who seems like a perfect fit for him and they had a couple boys. We’re friends on Facebook so I feel like I get to see epilogue updates about him from time to time.

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My last relationship was with my ex-husband and he just decided that he didnt want to be married anymore. He told me over the phone and disappeared for months. I finally spoke to him again when he served me the official divorce papers. He is a selfish and awful human being. 

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Bumble bee

I dated my last ex for about 6 months. He would talk about the future freely when drinking, but then be uncomfortable when I’d bring it up sober. He had a four year old daughter, so it was really important to me to make sure he and I were on the same page and wanted the same things before I met her, so his resistance to discussing it confused me. He finally did when I explained my reasoning for wanting to know (he thought it was because I was already thinking about moving in or marriage– uh no), and all seemed to be going well. I did start spending time with his daughter as his “friend” after about four months. 

I thought things were going swimmingly until he started turning cold and mean. I asked him if the relationship had run its course, and that while it would suck, I’d much rather know, and he said no. Work related stuff. He strung me along for a month, and I was going to break up with him at our Tuesday dinner date. He beat me to it and made it over to my house on Monday evening. It was a very mutual, adult ending to a relationship. No drama. I just wish he’d manned up a bit earlier, especially if he wasn’t sure… I was spending with his kiddo and would rather not have, all things considered.

I did feel a little bad for him, honestly. He couldn’t seem to wrap his head around his loss of feelings, so I was comforting him during our breakup chat. “You’re great with my kid, we have a lot in common, you’re beautiful and smart… the feelings just aren’t there.” That’s okay, dude! Just tell me! Haha 

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Sugar bee
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socalgirl1689 :  he was abusive and didn’t like for me to gain weight. It was just an awful relationship. I’m glad I escaped that relationship. I still flinch when someone does sudden movements or yells. Even though it’s been years. He’s somehow got my phone number and calls me on multi phone numbers. Shits scary. At the first sign of abuse verbal, emotional or physical LEAVE LADIES. It only gets harder. I was with that asshole for 5 1/2 years, he would love bomb me after every incident. Call me fat (I was 83 pounds) I’m just glad I’m out. 

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Busy bee
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His Mom told him she’d cut him off if he married me. 

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Blushing bee
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I found out he had been cheating for the entirety of our 5 year relationship. we were engaged and have 2 kids together. he possibly has another kid by his side Gf that our whole town had known about while they were dating and she was pregnant, except me. lovely stuff. 

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Busy bee

He love bombed me in the beginning and talked a big game about our future. About 5 months in he did a complete personality change and turned into this miserable, gaslighting, narcissistic asshole who wanted everything done his way and on his timeline and became verbally threatening if I disagreed with him. I put up with that for far much longer than I should have. I was embarassed because I had gushed to friends and family about how I knew he was “the one” really early on. We also got together not long after I ended a 10 year long relationship, so I was afraid of the gossip that would come from what looked like a silly rebound ending quickly. He treated my friends and family terribly but I kept making excuses and defending him. Finally at the 1 year mark he told me he never wanted to get married or live together and told me I was crazy when I reminded him he had said the complete opposite in the past. Even then, I thought it over for a week crying every single day before I finally wrapped my head around everything and ended it. I had been waiting for months and months for him to get over his “bad mood” and go back to the man I fell in love with. 

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Bumble bee
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He had an enormous need to disappointment women.

Also, except for paying his child support, he was totally irresponsible about money.

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Busy bee
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We realized we weren’t compatible (started dating at 17, ended at 20) and he finally worked up the courage and ended it when I couldn’t! Very grateful now and appreciative to him for it. Never waste time with someone who you think is good “enough.”

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Blushing bee
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socalgirl1689 :  He finally came to the realization that he wanted to be a woman and date men. It wasn’t a bad break up, and we are still friends.  She actually introduced me to my now-fiance, and will, hopefully, be a bridesmaid at our wedding 🙂

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