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@langloiswedding2013:  First things first, don’t feel guilty. So you splurged on a few treats, it happens. If we allow ourselves to go down the road of guilt we only indulge more in those things we feel guilty about. For example; well I already blew my calories today so why not eat a donut and add on another 300…whats the difference?

Start out slow and steady. Check out My Fitness Pal and set your caloric intake for the day and try to be as honest as possible with what you are eating. At first you may be hungry until you learn to make changes and eat more of the things that are healthy and will fill you up.

I also HIGHLY suggest giving yourself a cheat day. I lost 140 pounds with giving myself a day to eat whatever I wanted without guilt while changing my habits the other six days. The funny part about it is eventually you break your eating cycles and cravings and you will eventually find yourself not needing that cheat day at all. Took me about six months.

Try to be active by walking, riding a bike or something plesant to get yourself going. Exercise doesn’t have to make you miserable!

I am on my fitness pal (as are MANY bees); treejewel19

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@langloiswedding2013:  I hear you. It is SO HARD to get control in a day and age where addictive founds abound. I am not a spokesperson, but I would suggest you check out Whole 30 and It Starts with Food. I am on day 8 of the 30 day program (I’ve already lost 58 pounds, but have been struggling with the last 10-15) and it has completely changed my outlook. Not just on food, but on life. Seriously. If you can commit for the 30 days, give it a try – you might be amazed. Oh, and on day 8, I’m already down 8 pounds :). 




Whatever you do, though, remember that you are beautiful, your fiance loves you the way you are, and you are going to have an amazing wedding day!!


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Do not allow yourself to bring junk food home! You can’t eat it if it’s not in the house! If you are really struggling, ask your SO to do the shopping. Or, put anything unhealthy in a super inconvenient place where you will really have to be determined to get it – it will give you pause. Better yet, have your SO put it somewhere where you have to ask them to get it for you. This will put the brakes on.


Before, we always had cookies in the house and I’d have a few every other day or so. Now, I haven’t bought any in months and I don’t really miss them. I do agree with PP who said to allow yourself some wiggle room sometimes, and that you get used to not having junk.


Can you find other ways to reward yourself? Like, if I eat healthy all day, I get to spend half an hour with my favorite book in peace before bed?


I am trying to lose a last few pounds for my wedding. I have replaced my nightly glass or two of wine with a cup of hot tea. I sometimes put honey in it as a treat. I find that it still is relaxing – and I still have wine on the weekends.

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@langloiswedding2013:  I don’t think you necessarily have a food problem.  It’s hard on ANYONE when dieting and feeling deprived–not just you!  So don’t beat yourself up, it happens to the best of us.

I’ve lost 20 pounds recently and still have 10 to go, and I totally understand that “down to the last 10!” mentality.  I feel more comfortable with myself now, so I’ve been less strict with my diet. 

But it’s okay to take some time off, to splurge, or go completely ape shit on a box of Oreos once in a while.  The key is… ONCE IN A WHILE.  Don’t let a one-time binge throw you completely off track.  This is always my problem–I eat an ice cream sundae when I know I shouldn’t, and then I think “Well just eff it then, I might as well have those nachos, too.” 

Know when to stop.  Once you’ve eaten the jar of frosting, say enough, and get back on track.  Don’t beat yourself up, don’t guilt yourself, or dwell on it.  Just pick up and go back to normal ASAP.

Nobody’s perfect, and you’re going to have moments where you lose your self-control… but don’t let it derail your efforts completely. 

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I hear you – as I have the same exact problem! I agree with the PP’s who said it’s okay to splurge once in a while, just don’t do it consistently.

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@langloiswedding2013:  i know what you mean… i’m trying to lose weight too but end up drinking sweet tea and acting like i haven’t eaten in weeks sometimes. it’s so simple: eat healthy, eat healthy, eat healthy. but all i want is cheese and french fries and cheeseburgers and sweet tea and sour gummy worms…..i’ve lost a lot of weight before so i know i can do it and i have had the self control. it’s SO hard!!!!!! hang in there! i feel your pain…

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@langloiswedding2013:  please don’t be too hard on yourself. You made a mistake, and that happens because you are human, and that ok. I would second the person who suggested whole 30. I eat kind of similarly to it (I think some of their rules are more about weight loss than health, so I allow myself some whole foods that they cut out.) Or pick up The Science of Skinny – I hate the name but the concept is good. It advocates a whole foods diet – no refined grains, refined sugars, or harmful additives. They have a weight loss plan with portions, etc. but I started changing my diet by following her general rules of a whole foods diet, and let myself eat as much as I wanted of those foods, and I lost 30 lbs to a healthy weight and kept it off without limiting my portions at all. And I have a physical disability so I am not active.


– this worked for me especially because I have a big sweet tooth, I LOVED sweets and breads. But refined grains and sugars are addictive, they keep you wanting to eat more soon after you just ate. I allow myself to eat cake on birthdays, and after I eat it, I am much hungrier all night and the next day – ravenous even. Not just for sweets, I eat more of everything. Cutting out sugars really affects your hunger overall, more than just for sweets.


– there have been studies that show when you think “I don’t eat that.” Its much easier to resist that “I can’t eat that.” I am useless at limiting myself to “just a few” I now know that’s not just about willpower. Its my sweet tooth and how it affects my biological processes. It’s much easier  for me to resist foods I don’t eat than foods I was just denying myself in the moment.


Whatever you do, please be kind to yourself! This stuff is HARD! Our bodies aren’t made to lose weight on purpose, and our environments work against it too!


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