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Bumble bee

……..that if you’re not well off, and don’t spend X amount of dollars for all the best vendors, your wedding will look like shit

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Honey bee

– that all weddings have to be identical to the last detail as what everyone else has (and all the magazines/blogs) or else they aren’t valid

– that you absolutely must cave to their wants instead of having the day how you envision it without any regrets

– that you have to invite every single person you have met in your lifetime and people you haven’t (parents’ hairdress’s mailman, etc) who have no emotional attachment to you at all

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Busy bee
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that you want to talk about wedding planning 24/7 (hello I have other things going on!)

that they told you in person, so they don’t have to send the RSVP back.

that you want to wear your old cursed veil (hello you got divorced) 

that because you’re getting married in a catholic church you must be stuck up 

that you needed to be reminded every 10 mins that you’re getting married

that you’re gonna lose weight for the wedding


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

-that you’ll get married in a church

-that you’ll do EVERYTHING traditional [dances, throwing bouquet, a bajillion things during the ceremony]

-that you’ll want “advice” on how to do things

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2014

@Jamie42003:  lol I like the first and last one. My Future Mother-In-Law asked me what I was going to do with my time when the wedding was over, since I wouldnt have anymore planning to do. I was like “Um, go to work? Like I currently do?”

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

-That you have set a date within a week of the proposal. 

-That they get input in colors or venue, just because they go to church with your cousin’s neighbor’s third grade teacher. 

-That everything in life is rosy, since you have a ring. 

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Honey bee

I haven’t noticed this in real life at all but it seems to reside everywehre online:

– that the minute you start announcing your wedding plans, people who are typically very intelligent on a daily basis somehow cannot figure ANYTHING out at a wedding and have to have their hands held and be instructed on every single thing, from the minute they receive the invite/save the date until they leave the reception, regardless of how many or few they have attended.

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Busy bee
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– Assume they are automatically invited to your  wedding 

– That it will be a traditional wedding with a white dress and everything!

– That I do wedding stuff EVERY WEEKEND! ( Seriously other shit has to get done called BILLS lol)


– That Everyone in your FAMILY is invited!! (That is the best one!)

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

-that you’re pregnant because you’re getting married so soon!

We got engaged in March and planning a Sept. wedding.  We love the fall and didn’t want to wait for a 1.5 year to get married. 


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2008

…that because your parents live well off that your wedding is going to be super fancy with an unlimited budget

This one kinda hit home because this is my situation.  My parents are well off, because my dad started and owns his own company which is very successful.  They (and we, when I was younger and living at home) have consistently lived very comfortably, but below their means.  They have been able to pay for our wedding (with a generous budget) entirely out of their checking account.  No charges, no savings, no loans.  Being a little spoiled about the thing, at first I was kinda like…wait, there’s a budget?  But you can afford it! But yes, there is a budget.  And there have been times when I (shamefully) were annoyed that they were so intent on sticking to the budget.  I keep thinking YOU HAVE THE MONEY, WHATS THE PROBLEM.

But then I think about their position.  It is an ASS TON of money for 5 hours.  5 measly hours.  Their daughter is getting married, but both of them would have LOVED to see Fiance and I take that money and buy Fiance a new car, or pay for a year of med school, or do any other number of tangible, long-term things.  So, when they aren’t as flexible with the budget, I’ve had to learn why.  And after many months, I not only udnerstand it, but agree with their stance.  Family members and yes, even my Fiance have said things along the same lines…”they have the money, why is it a big deal?”  But I have to try to make them realize…this is one night.  There has to be a cutoff somehwere. 


….that, because you’re getting married, you WANT to have kids and WILL have them soon.  Sorry, but no.

…that their stranger, flavor-of-the-week date is welcome at our expensive-per-head amount wedding, when we specifically did not add “and guest” on their invitation.

…that your child is welcome at our evening wedding, when the invitation was only addressed to the couple.

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Bumble Beekeeper

….that everyone likes mason jars and everything else there is on pinterest!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2012

That the ONLY thing you want to talk about is wedding planning?

That they’re going to be invited to the wedding simply because our co-worker who was married last year invited everyone?  (She had a big wedding, we are not).

That we are doing things the traditional way?  (Because nothing about our wedding is going to be traditional at all.)

That certain things you do, or don’t do, regarding the wedding is “bad luck.”  (No!  It is not bad luck!  We are not superstitious people, we are actually educated and intelligent!  GAHH!)

That there have to be certain “church” elements involved?  (We want to do things our own special way).



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Bumble bee

– that I will make my own wedding cake.

I’m a baker (on the side) and I do events for others, but the most commonly asked question has been…”are you making your own cake?” The first few times, I was thought it was cute to be asked, but now I want to say, “REALLY? Because I have all the time in the world to be in the kitchen, rolling fondant and creating a four-tiered, sugary confection TWO DAYS before my wedding?” I. Don’t. Think. So.

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Helper bee
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….that, because you’re getting married, you WANT to have kids and WILL have them soon.  Sorry, but no. We get asked this all the time. We are 23 and don’t want kids until late 20s if even then.

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