(Closed) Why do people complain and hate Valentine's Day?

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I do understand that seeing a million hearts and roses everytime you enter a pharmacy or grocery store kind of sucks if you recently lost someone or are single. I just see it as an excuse to do something special. Darling Husband and I have romantic dinners on Valentine’s day. Sure, technically we could do it any other day of the year, but life gets in the way. A few of my single friends get together for dinner and just have a good time.

I actually enjoy seeing people go over the top but I see how it can get annoying. I have a Facebook friend who has a wealthy boyfriend. This year she received a diamond bracelet, Louboutins, like 30 roses, chocolates, and Agent Provocateur lingerie. She posted a few photos on Facebook (yes, even the lingerie). While I recognise the ridiculousness like mrshmc1204: said, I like looking at pretty things and enjoy seeing her over-the-top gifts. But I completely understand how someone who is single, struggling financially, dealing with major real-life problems, or who cannot temporarily suspend their hatred of materialism and consumerism would be annoyed by those posts. 

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I just hated it so much when I was single. February sucks anyway so when you add “Singles Awareness Day” to it, it would just end up with me having a pity party of one eating Chinese delivery and housing a bottle of wine to my dome, diluted with tears lol. I’d get a card and sometimes flowers from my Dad. 

Now that I’m married… I have a hard time flipping the switch! I said no Vday gifts from the beginning of our relationship. With Christmas, anniversarys, bdays… It’s just too much! We have a nice date at home or out on the town. I get some flowers he gets a card. We actually met presidents day weekend so this year feels a bit more romantic. 

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I hate when people use the excuse of it being a “Hallmark holiday” to get out of buying gifts or doing anything special. Just admit that you don’t want to do it because you just don’t want to, not because it’s a “Hallmark holiday”. Pet peeve! We usually don’t buy gifts for each other (because we don’t want to), we get each other cards and spend time together on Valentine’s day.

I’m not really a fan of Mothers and Father’s Day…in our house we’ll instead be celebrating NOT a Mothers/Fathers Day (HIMYM style). 

Personally I love Christmas and don’t really care if other people think it’s too commercialized.

Thanksgiving isn’t that big here in Canada, we do have a bigger dinner with family, but it’s not like it is in the States.

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Blushing bee

If it helps we don’t celebrate mothers day, fathers day and at Xmas everyone get ONE thing. Valentine’s Day for US is a waste of time. Fiance bought me flowers and a new game last week and once a fortnight we go out for dinner and drinks. He also came into work and brought me lunch as a surprise. We personally don’t need a hallmark holiday to show our love when we do little things to show it all the time.

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I can’t stand Valentine’s because feels so fake.  I don’t need a pink cupcake to know my husband loves me.  I don’t need a stuffed animal holding an “I love you” heart.  It’s nothing with being bitter or anything like that, I just think it’s a dumb holiday.  I don’t think Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have gotten nearly as commercialized as Valentine’s.  You just walk into Target or whatever after Christmas is over and you are overwhelmed with this pink and red crap EVERYWHERE.  You don’t see that on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.  Plus to me it isn’t a special day if every other couple is celebrating it.  We celebrate our anniversary and birthdays and all of that because they are important to US as a couple, not just to be all “LOOK HOW MUCH WE LOVE EACH OTHER RAWWWWWRRRR”.  Don’t get me wrong I love flowers, I love chocolate, I love jewelry…but not on Valentine’s Day.  It also almost becomes a competition of how “great” your love is compared to other people’s and that rubs me the wrong way.

The best part of Valentine’s is the February 15th chocolate sales.  😉 

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Buzzing bee

I think its a nice way to empty men’s wallets and to make them feel like they have to buy overpriced flowers and candy.  ive never been a fan.  but im not an overly romantic chick anyway.

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As a person who has been married for a while, it is kind of nice to have a reminder to go on a date night now and then! Things like that easily fall by the wayside when you’re busy with other things, and it is nice to go out to dinner. I’ve always thought Sweetest Day was the Hallmark, or truly artificially created “holiday”, but to each their own. We’ve never done big gifts, but it’s nice anyway.

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Worker bee

Thankfully we’re on the same page and find the cheesy-ness equal parts embarrassing and off-putting. We haven’t celebrated it once in the 5 1/2 years we’ve been together.

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I don’t hate it, but Fiance and I don’t celebrate it either. We’re not holiday people. We don’t even care much for bdays/anniversaries. I guess we’re more the “just because” type.

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I just hate Valentine’s Day because it makes one of my favorite hobbies, fine dining, unbearable for a solid 3-5 days, depending on when in the week Valentine’s Day falls.  Same reason I’d hate NYE or St. Patrick’s Day if I were a big bar/nightclub person.  😉

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areyouthebride:  I agree with you.

I always liked Valentines Day, not because of any specific gift I was wanting or gesture– just always liked it. It never fails, every single guy I ever dated hated it, so we never celebrated it. Then on top of that, it became “cool” for all of my girlfriends to “hate” it, too. Everyone around me hated it and made fun of people who celebrated it like they were somehow sellouts or dumb for participating. 

Anyways, I decided that even though it was against the norm for my circle, I was going to like Valentines Day. Sounds silly, but I do like it and I caught a lot of hell for it. I’m recently divorced, and my ex-h and I never used to celebrate. I have been dating a man now for about 4  months and guess what… we are celebrating Valentines Day tonight. I’m almost 30 years old, been married and divorced, and am getting my first real Valentines Day tonight and I am STOKED. Don’t really care if others find it stupid or not!!

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Fiance and I don’t usually do anything other than having a nice dinner at home. But all of our holiday/birthday/anniversary celebrations are low-key. I’ve never really cared for Valentine’s day because I don’t like chocolate (or most candy really), I don’t really care about flowers, and I don’t wear jewlery. Even when I was single, it was just another day. I didn’t feel like it highlighted my singleness or anything.

I don’t judge other couples who go all out with their celebration though. But I do roll my eyes when it’s all posted on Facebook. 

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I love Valentines Day, to me it a fun way to show expression of my love to who ever I feel like sharing the day with. 

Before kids I always make a sexy dinner and wait for my hubby to get home from work, he always had roses in hand.

Now with children, it come become a family event. My husband and I buy chocolates and Cards for each other, and we decorate the house the night before. When our children wake they are sprinkled with hearts, teddy bears and chocolates… It’s too cute, the kids love Valentines morning. Our house is full of Hugs and kisses and chocolate faces on Valentines Day

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I don’t like it because I think it’s basic and corny. I hated it when I was single, and even though I’ve been in a relationship for many years, I still don’t like the clichéd stuff that comes with it, flowers and chocolates and teddy bears, barf. Couples are already constantly celebrated and validated, why do we need a holiday for it? It’s also six weeks after the holidays, when I just bought a ton of gifts for my SO. We usually go out the day before, and do something low-key on the actual holiday, like stay in and cook a special meal with a bottle of wine.

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I think a lot of people feel against the commercialization of holidays in general, not only valentines.  Me and my loved ones make a conscious effort to keep alive the true meaning of Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, etc.  Long ago we decided not to do expensive gifts, we keep it frugal and make a point of spending holidays sharing our mutual company.

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