(Closed) Why do people do things they know are bad for them?

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I don’t have any issues with weight [very high metabolism], but as far as doing what’s bad for you, I kind of figure you only live once. I enjoy doing some things that are bad for me, so I continue to do them. I’ll quit eventually, but not right now. I’m giving it a few more years.

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My mother has been overweight for as long as I can remember and about 5 years ago she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  She was told at that time that it the diabetes was 100% controllable with diet and exercise. Now, 5 years later she is completely insulin dependent. She has all the typical problems that people who are diabetic have, swollen feet, her vision is getting worse and (not sure if this is common with diabetics) but she is always sick. 

All she had to do was change her diet and instead she’s gotten worse and probably put on about 30-40 in the process as well.

Every time I see her I just want to scream: STOP EATING THINGS THAT ARE HORRIBLE FOR YOU!  Case in point… yesterday we go shopping while out celebrating Mother’s day. We go into Harry & David’s and look around.  She immediately grabs a jar of this cheese dip and a huge bag of pretzels.  I’m like, uh no, you cannot eat that! She shows me the jar and says “Look! It has no sugar and only 1 gram of carbs!” That dip was 200 calories for 2 tablespoons and 21 grams of fat, plus whatever the pretzels are. I just stared at her and all I could think was no wonder she’s overweight! She’s not looking at the whole picture nutrition wise. 

Anyway, for the record, I’m not one to talk, I’ve had my share of health issues related to my weight as well, but I’m active and I try to watch what I eat and I’ve lost weight…my health aside from the weight is fine…I do have my struggles but I also have self control and she just doesn’t.  She told me that she’s basically given up and doesn’t care!

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I wish I knew. Darling Husband and I are like night and day when it comes to things like this. He takes the “I don’t care/only live once/too hard” stance whereas I don’t want to die young so I’m willing to work for the life I want. I realize I could get hit by a bus tomorrow but right now I’m happy and healthy and I want to stay that way. There’s a lot I want to do with this life! I’m rarely sick and I have tons of energy. I eat super healthy but I never feel deprived and the rewards are just too great! I would never pass judgement on anyone for their life choices but I don’t deal with complaining based on things you can help. Nothing bothers me more than hearing someone complain about how they’d do anything to be skinny but they refuse to change their eating habits! I’m not lucky to be skinny, I just don’t eat crap. It’s that simple.

I also think as far as food goes people are addicted. It’s a fact that sugar is like a drug. When you have a little you want more, when you go without it you go into withdrawls. Check out this link for a really interesting movie regarding the issue: http://www.hungryforchange.tv/

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I wish I knew so I could fix my mom. My mom has a congenital heart defect that wasn’t discovered until she was in her mind 50’s (she’s 60+ now) that results in severe hypertension. She’s on a full course of blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, and a host of other things to help her function.

The most effective medicine for her? A low sodium diet with regular exercise. Does she do it? Nope. She continues to more than enjoy her salt, fatty foods, soy sauce and loads of other things that are terrible for her. We keep telling her that she’s going to die if she doesn’t change her habits, but she keeps firing back that she’s done it all her life so how bad can it be? Uhm, yeah, that’s partially why you’re in this mess to begin with!

I think it’s different for everyone – but for my mom I think it might be 2 lack of self control, 1 part denial about her situation and 1 part lack of education. I think she knows what she should and shouldn’t be eating but not why or how.

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I think anything in moderation is fine. I always marvel at the people who complain and complain, and don’t do anything about it. And the really overweight people who try to argue and say that they are just made this way, big boned, whatever lie they are telling themselves. People are just lazy, and feel they should do what they want.

I honestly think that the sicker you are (with preventable diseases) the more you should pay for health insurance, food, and mental health care. You put yourself there, you should have to pay the consequences. I hate that this is ones of the big reasons that MY health insurance increases every year. Maybe if people were charged more for their unhealthy lifestyles, they would actually do something about it. If you don’t care about living a long life, that’s your prerogative, but I shouldn’t have to pay more money to allow you to do that!

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I think it’s mostly laziness. 

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I smoke – and have no plans of quitting what-so-ever. I get regular check-ups and my Dr. actually seems disappointed that my lungs are so clear and overall health is so good. I have better than average blood pressure and the resting heart rate of an athlete. I almost never get sick. Until my recent car accident, I had no health complaints at all. In fact prior to the car accident, I would have had great difficulty remembering when I took a prescribed medication. I have been smoking for more than 35 years. I now roll my own (to avoid the extremely toxic flame retardant in cigarette paper) and use organic tobacco.

Considering how I have no choice in whether or not my food is GMO, toxins are sprayed in or on my food, in my drinking water, and in the limitless sea of cleaning and other products that the media that has convinced us that we need, I rather be poisoned by something of my own choosing that I enjoy!

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@oracle:  its a good question.  I see my uncle who is morbidly obese and a heavy smoker and wonder too.  I think for some people the juice (healthier, longer life) just isn’t worth the squeeze (eating well, quitting tobacoo, exercise, etc)….

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because they think the rules don’t apply. Smoking? Oh, it’ll never kill me. Obesity? I’m still going!

It’s laziness too…but people never think that their bad habits will catch up with them.

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I am a vegan since August 2011. I did it because I was always sick and feeling yucky  eating fast food and meat and dairy.  I made that decision because I am the only one in control of my health. Nobody can help me get healthy except ME. 

Before that I was eating McDonalds and all the fast foods, pizzas and shawarmas, and I always felt yucky, but I didn’t want to take the time to cook. So for me it was laziness…

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Some people have addictions. I think it’s easy to blame laziness, but it’s not always easy for people. I’m sure drug addicts don’t like spending all their money, losing their teeth, going to jail, etc, but some addictions are tough to break.

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Well, I occasionally eat pizza because it tastes good and actually fills me up. So, maybe people do things because they taste/feel good. Some people don’t have a lot of joy in their lives and sometimes making yourself feel like you aren’t depriving yourself helps.

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I think that there are a few reasons: fear of change, protecting yourself, and not being ready/not wanting to change. I actually was talking about something similar w/ a friend who stopped over tonight. So, speaking about her for example, she knew smoking is bad for your health, and she’s seen relatives lives shortened due to their smoking. She quit smoking when she had to choose between a medication and smoking. Now, she has been dealing w/ some rather intense family stress lately, and over the past week or so she has probably had 10 cigarettes (she officially quit smoking over 2 years ago). While she’s a little disappointed in herself, I dont think it’s that huge of an issue. Sure, smoking isn’t good, BUT she was able to stop from going back to smoking and having those ten little cigarettes I really think helped protect her (in some ways) from other issues. I’m not advocating smoking.

Also, I think some people don’t believe that they’ll get sick/worse/die. I know a fair amount of people who make excuses (ex “I’ll start my diet after vacation”, “Eating three low fat snack packs is totally healthy”). To be fair, I’m only responsible for my body and my health

I have another friend who is teh opposite of believing they will be okay forever. She is one of the least healthy people I know, but claims that since everyone dies anyway, she shouldn’t have to deprive herself of what she wants. I certainly don’t deprive myself but I try to be healthy. I have some health issues that even if I was the most compliant patient my dr ever saw, they’d exist. Also, some days I need to think carefully about what is most important to me (ex. extra sleep or get up early to exercise or even just stretch so I’m in less pain).

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