(Closed) Why do people exclude kids from weddings?

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  • Wedding: February 2015 - Mount Hermon

craigslistgirl:  Late night parties with open bars aren’t necesarily a great place to have toddlers running around, and teenagers can sneak alcohol and get the hosts in trouble (happened to my friend’s cousin).  Some people don’t like kids, and that’s that.  Some people have a limited guest list and cutting out the kids meant they could invite more adults.  Some parents love the break.  

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Sugar bee

Tons of reasons

Kids usually cannot be on their best behavior for multiple hours at a time

They want their guests to be able to relax and have a break for the night

Some weddings get roudy near the end people being drunk and thats no place for kids

Less mess, noise, stress, etc

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: December 2012

Some people don’t like kids. Others want to have adult conversations without toddlers (Or younger children) screaming, getting tired, potentially breaking things and/or disrupting an adults only situation. The youngest we had at my wedding was 11, and she was my husband’s cousin and bridesmaid. I wouldn’t have wanted young children (Younger than 5) at my wedding because at that age, they don’t listen and they’re bratty.

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craigslistgirl:  my wedding lasted until almost 2 am. There was dancing which was at times not appropriate for children, there were conversations definitely not appropriate for children, and quite frankly I don’t think anyone would have enjoyed themselves nearly as much as they did had there been children running around. Everyone was free to act however they pleased without worrying about offending someone else’s child. one of the groomsmen basically gave my groom a lap dance at one point and my groom used his mouth to find the garter…. that’s not something I want children to see so we kept it 21+ strictly. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

i didn’t want kids screaming during the ceremony. we took the time to put together our ceremony- choosing readings, prayers, music- we wanted to be able to hear it.

i didn’t want kids running around tripping my guests, running into people, breaking things….

we invited my husband’s nieces and nephews to our wedding and if i could do i over again, i wouldn’t have invited them. one of the boys was jumping around in circles around the dance floor during our first dance. another one went around during dinner asking our guests if they wanted to buy cookies for his school fund raiser. i was so annoyed.

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  • Wedding: December 2014

craigslistgirl:  We wanted children at our wedding… we both absolutely LOVE kids! But our reception hall limited how many people we could have. Including everyones children would have been an extra 32 people! That’s 32 adults that we wouldn’t be able to invite.

I’m not saying the 32 adults are more important than the kids, but they’ve been around longer and supported us in more ways than the kids… plus I’m sure the kids won’t be offended. Chances are they get a pizza and movie night with the sitter! 

We made our nieces and nephews part of the bridal party so they could attend without fuss from others, but we regretfully had to say no to all other children.

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Because EVERY wedding I have been to with young children, those children have been brats.

Weddings are BORING for most children, and receptions are only marginally better.  When children are bored, they make their own entertainment, and that isn’t always a good thing at a wedding.

A lot of times adults are drinking and/or trying to have adult conversations, so they aren’t paying attention to the kids while they run wild through the reception hall.  I’ve seen kids on the dance floor before and worse, DURING the first dance.  The last wedding I went to the DJ asked multiple times for parents to get the kids off the floor so the bride and groom could have their first dance, and you would have thought he was speaking a foreign language for all the good it did, (and MOST of those kids were old enough to have cleared the dance floor themselves!).

Most weddings end way past the average kid’s bedtime.  So you either have tired and crabby children, or the family has to leave early to accomodate them.

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  • Wedding: April 2015

-I dont like kids

-many kids are rowdy and would probably be a lot of distraction during the ceremony and at the reception

-its open bar and i dont want children to have access to that in ANY way

-its a great way for parents to have fun without their kids for one. Many of my friends with kids are really excited about this

-i dont like kids 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2015

craigslistgirl: Because our venue is not kid friendly — there are multiple open bars and an unfenced pool. It only takes a split second for something terrible to happen to a child. Add in the fact that if we had kids, our list would grow by 25+. 

25+ kids, adults enjoying themselves and a pool. Not a risk I’m comfortable with. 

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  • Wedding: September 2014

Our nieces and nephew (ages 8 months – 4 years) are invited to our ceremony, but we’re not advocating that people bring kids to the reception. It’s going to be pretty informal, so if people want to swing by for a little bit with their kids, that’s fine.. But there’s going to be a lot of alcohol and a large bonfire so it just won’t be a kid-friendly environment for people planning on staying a while.

All my guests are understanding, and the ones with kids are glad to get a sitter and get a night off to party and not be worrying about if their kid is going to fall into the fire or drink alcohol or run off in the night.

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Some couples do not want the chance of a noisy baby or restless child disrupting the ceremony.

Others choose to have late night receptions which aren’t appropriate for young children.

It is a very personal choice. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: June 2015

if we invited all the kids, it was going to be an extra 31 people. we don’t get a ‘child rate’ for catering so extremely expensive! we’re also having an outdoor wedding, which will go late (1 am or later for sure) and there’s a pool, a forest on one side….not kid friendly.  we also want to enjoy time with the adults! i have been to SO many events (weddings too) where parents leave early because their kids is tired/cranky/sick/whatever – i don’t want that, i want to celebrate with those parents who are my family and friends. also – 30 kids is a LOT. 30 kids will not simply play nicely together, especially when they don’t necessarily know each other. 

for us, it was a lot of headaches and ‘jody’s kids are vegans, matt’s kids need supervision’ blah blah blah. so we decided to a) save a TON of cash (probably around 3,000 just in catering, not including rentals etc for 30 kids) and b) save all the headaches and logistics surrounding it and c) plan to celebrate with the adults. it’s an open bar late night event – i would never invite them to a black tie new years party with expensive catering and free flowing booze that’s going to go until 2 am, so why would i invite them to that atmosphere for my wedding? 

to be fair, we don’t have neices or nephews – so these kids are cousins or friends kids.


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  • Wedding: June 2013

I love kids and had nieces and nephews at my afternoon wedding. But I have heard of kids wreaking havoc. A baby cried through my friend’s vows so they could not be heard on the video. Just one example.

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  • Wedding: February 2015 - Chapel on Base

I love children at weddings.   I find they are the best dancers sometimes.  My children will be 6 & 7 when we marry.  We are going to have about 20 children at our wedding.   I am providing their own menu, their own tables,  their own entertainment,  and hiring a couple of baby sitters to keep an eye on them so parents can have fun.  

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