(Closed) Why do so many people complain about their husbands!

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huh i def. always want to rush home to him. we have only been married since may but its beeen a full 8 years together. i do complain about him at work but in a funny way. i also should but dont talk up my husband to my coworkers or friends much because most of them are single. or have DH problems. so i dont want to rub my great relationship in their faces. we fight . a good amount but nothing to be concerned about. i just see us as two short, dark haired, loud italitan couple that argues because they are super pasionate people…. that always ends up in crazy make up sex…which i dont tell ppl because again. i dont want to brag.;-)

or maybe your coworkers dont have friends and really are in bad relationships

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Just like consumers are moe likely to complain about a bad experience rather than rave about a good ones. Some people truly have bad relationships or they go thru a rough patch and feel like venting.

I personally only vent to a very select few people, but other than that I don’t share with co-workers the inner workings of my relationship as a general rule.


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I don’t get this at all. Even if your spouse is driving you crazy, why would you want everyone to know about it? Why would you want to draw everyone’s attention to something that you may think is a fault? It’s rude and disrespectful. My husband and I rarely even disagree about things, let alone have actual arguments, but even if we did have a fight or something, I wouldn’t run around telling everyone about it. The best person to discuss your relationship with is your partner.

Oh, and here is a quote I saw about this just the other day: “Never talk down about your relationship on Facebook. Don’t let people know when your home isn’t happy. That’s when outsiders will think they’re welcome.”

^ So this was specifically geared toward FB, but you get the point. Complaining to people about your husband is destructive.

Case in point: my husband’s cousin’s marriage has unfortunately fallen apart, and while we feel badly for her (he is with someone else now, which is sad), she was one to always loudly badmouth him, and honestly, part of me can’t blame him. Why would you want to be with someone who not only found all these things to be “wrong” with you, but felt it was appropriate to humiliate you so publicly?

If DH and I need to talk about something, we talk – maturely, honestly, and privately.

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I’m not married yet, but even so, I would never complain about my Fiance so openly. The only people I talk to about my relationship (good or bad really) are my two best girl friends and my sister. There honestly isn’t much to complain about, luckily! If either spouse feels the need to constantly complain or not want to spend time together, there are definitely bigger issues. My Fiance is my best friend and partner in crime/adventure haha

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@katydaisy:  I just had to unfollow someone on twitter for constantly complaining about her husband and otherwise seemingly upsetting life every 5 minutes. We’re the same age and I just got engaged a few months ago and I’m really excited to get married so I didn’t want to see that stuff! It was such a downer.

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lol how funny! its not just girls!

I work in an office full of dudes, some 30s some 40s some married+kids some unmarried – ALL OF THEM complain about their SOs and can’t imagine how I could be so happy in my marriage!

Literal words: “I’ve never met someone so happy to be married”

How sad is that?!

They do “work happy hours” to avoid their wives/families… and I’m in marketing so I have to come along when I’d much rather be hanging out with my DH!

Don’t get me wrong, my DH isn’t perfect and sometimes I feel like he wants me to pick up where his mom left off (laundry, cooking, cleaning all in my court w/o him doing his share) so I have to remind him this is a marriage and we share those things too… its not perfect but a work in progress and always will be!

You know what I always say… let the haters hate and let the lovers love! haha

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DH and I were just talking about this.  It’s not just women who do it.  Men amongst themselves will talk about their wife being useless at certain things, shopping too much, nagging them all the time, and other stereotypes.  There are a lot of stereotypes in what women complain about too, that the men are no help with parenting, that they are lazy and only want to watch sports and drink beer, etc.  

Before we got married, a coworker of DH constantly talked to DH about his life ending soon, getting the ball and chain, would hum funeral dirges around the office.  This guy loves his wife but in public seems to have to put on a show of complaining about marriage and his wife.  I think it’s very disrespectful.  Even if there is something that bothers me about DH, I don’t bash him in public about it.  

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I don’t complain about him to other people! If I am bothered by something he is doing or not doing I talk to him about it!

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