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Because men are jerks? (only partially kidding…) They’ve been taught that it’s okay and even cool to objectify women. I would totally call them out IRL for it.

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Everyone does this, men and women, to make them feel better about themself. It’s immature and mean but that doesn’t stop anybody from doing it. Not only do people do it to feel better about themselves but if they trash talk some hottie then they’re friends can’t make fun of them and say that they could never get that girl. They just have to say ‘I wouldn’t want her anyway, she’s ugly’.



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@pokie45:  chicks are the same way a lot of the time. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

If people constantly do it, then I’d say it’s a symptom of low self esteem, making themselves feel better by insulting others… but it’s kinda hard not to comment on images that are in the public eye.

I’ll make bitchy remarks about photos that come up on Facebook whether they’re celebs or people I sorta know in real life. I don’t mean any harm by it.. I just can be bitchy lol (I am nice in real life though :P).

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@pokie45:  I’ve noticed this as well on other forums… very irritating!  I think it boils down to them thinking they are keyboard warriors, they think it makes them seem cool and because nobody can see them hiding behind their computer screens, they think they are Bradley Cooper’s!

Insecurities as well maybe? I’m not too sure, but I definitely know how annoying and childish they can seem with comments like that.

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@pokie45:  Maybe his wife is a 10 to him.  There is no correct definition of what beautiful is. 

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Women do this a lot too…its just something people do… you just rated their SOs too right? well….

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I don’t know…it’s not like they’re saying she’s a bad person, or a philistine or a Marxist…they’re just acting like jackals and tearing something apart, why?  Because it’s funny and harmless…she’s never going to find out about it, women do it too!  Hell, I’ll go off on a tear on myself if I take a bad enough photo…it happens!

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@pokie45:  Did you not see the Megan Fox thread today? A ton of Bees were doing the EXACT same thing, and no one seemed to mind.

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It’s sounds very thedirty.com like. I frequent that website for laughs– it’s ridiculous though. Someone will post a picture of a super hot girl and people start saying her elbow is weird, her wrists are too thin/thick, knees are too knobby!

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I think guys probably do it to look cool! They probably want other people on the site to think that they’re good looking with stunning wives, and the women that their critiquing don’t come close, lol. This type of thing tends to happen on the internet. People wear masks and try to re-invent themselves. It can be a form of escapism. It’s really sad. 

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Does anyone remember the episode of the Office from several seasons ago, where they are debating whether Hilary Swank is hot? Kelly freaks out, and says, “No! She’s hot. Okay? Because if you are saying that Hilary Swank isn’t hot, then you’re saying I’m not hot. Because obviously I’m not as hot as Hilary Swank!”

That’s what this discussion made me think of. 😉

But to answer…I think it’s FAR easier for us to critique celebrities and public figures because they don’t seem like real people to us. I don’t think we look at ourselves and the people in our real lives the same way, personally.

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@pokie45:  I believe I know what board you’re talking about.  Never posted on there (obviously) but I’ve been linked to it from our board plenty (which I don’t post on either, but I do peruse).  Men like to volunteer whether they would or would not have sex with whoever they’re talking about.  Must be some group-mentality guy thing.  And they’re online…so they feel free from judgment themselves. 

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@Gemstone:  I think of it this way too!

I lurk on a couple of sports boards every now and then, and whenever I see a group of men tearing apart a woman who 99% of the female earth population would KILL to look like it drives me bonkers! They never seem to find some sort of giant physical flaw…it’s always some weird nit-picky little thing.

“Yeah she might be a supermodel with perfect breasts, a tight ass, and loves giving oral in her spare time, but her elbows are too pointy and it turns me off…I wouldn’t do her.”

I swear…what hope do the rest of us have?!

(most of this is just kidding around, but some of the things that men point out about conventionally attractive women blows my mind)

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