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Sugar bee

There was no theological bias intended here – we just got a request for each board, and so we created them.

On a practical level, the two forums tend to cover different ground.  The Catholic board often deals with issues around priests, Pre-Cana counselling, mass, and NFP… those issues aren’t usually touched on in the Christian boards.

In terms of names: combining the Catholic and Christian boards would probably be more inclusive theologically… but the thing is, there are 5 pages of posts in the Catholic board and only 2 pages of posts in the Christian board.  So on a practical level, having a board with the word “Catholic” in it does seem like a useful thing.

All that said – if you’d like to propose that they be combined or one of the boards be renamed, we’d be open to it!  It’s really up to the hive…

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Helper bee
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Ah- why not.

I kinda like it that way.

I was baptised catholic, my dad is catholic my mom is orthodox. I actually always follwed both growing up and still kinda do.  I dast for both, go to both churches for easter and mass…my fiance is orthodox.

I sont have a problen with the two boards…wouldnt mind if there was an orthodox board added, but i wouldnt want the christian and catholic boards combined.


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Blushing bee
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I agree that there is a good reason that there is a separate Catholic board, but do agree with you that “Christian” should be changed to “Protestant.”


The first time I encountered this was when I was in high school, teaching a Catholic CCD class.  I needed to find Rosary Beads for my students, and I knew there was a “Christian” store a few towns over that I had always passed.  I went in, and asked the sales clerk, “Do you sell rosary beads?”  He looked down at me, annoyed, and said, “This is a CHRISTIAN store.”  I was so confused, I said, “I know!  Do you sell rosary beads?”  He repeated his same remark.  I was really confused and hurt.  I always wondered why Catholic wasn’t included in Christian in that store, and over the years I’ve heard the separation used frequently.  


So yes, to me, it would make more sense to have a “Catholic” and “Protestant” board.  Also, I like the idea of adding another “Orthodox” board as well.  Good (non snarky) question and post. 🙂

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Sugar bee

On a theological basis, it’s a great point that having both a Catholic and a Christian board suggests that Catholics might not be considered Christians.  That’s definitely not something we would ever want to imply or suggest!

To respond to one of the ideas mentioned above, I’d be reluctant to rename the Christian board as the Protestant board. That’s mostly because I think people think, “Oh I should post this to the Christian board”…  versus “that’s an issue for the Protestant board”.

Also, there are non-Protestant forms of Christians who post to the Christian board… so that’s a tricky issue too!

In any case, just flagging some potential things to think about.  We’re open to any and all suggestions on how to best address all of these issues!

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Sugar bee

Just to clarify, we don’t have a Hindu board?

We’re definitely open to the idea of combining the Catholic and Christianity board! Would love to hear your thoughts on that – and others’ too…

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Busy bee
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I agree that they should be separate, being as these are discussion boards the Catholic group has very different traditions when it comes to weddings . . This doesn’t mean that Catholics can’t post on the Christian board.. or comment.
I think it is more of an advantage to the Catholic bees to have such a specific board. But I do understand the offense that can be taken just looking at the board titles.

Maybe just re-name the Catholic board to “Catholic – Christian”?

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Sugar bee

I just did a quick check… and the Catholic board is by far the most popular board under the Faith category!

I don’t remember the historical reasons why the Catholic board was created (sorry!  foggy memory), but I’m guessing it was member demand.  The Catholic board has five pages of posts, whereas most of the other faiths have only 1 or 2.

If any other faith was popular enough to need sub-categories, we would consider adding it as a separate board as well!

I like Redeemed Rebekah’s idea to address the issue by clarifying it on the Catholic board page.  Maybe we could add a description under the board name: “Issues related to weddings and the Catholic Church (see also the Christian boards)”.

Urgh, that wording isn’t quite right… but would something like that help clarify things? Or can someone suggest wording that would work better?

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Sugar bee

Bamm – I’m not sure what you’re proposing or would like to see!

There are a few options that have come up today:

  • Combine the Catholic and Christian board
  • Rename the Christian board as Protestant
  • Clarify in the description of the Catholic board that Catholics are Christians.

Do any of these sound directional?  Or maybe there’s more ideas we should consider?

Definitely open to hearing any and all ideas!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I think the current distinction makes sense… I kind of figured “Christian” was for general christianity issues (because we are all very similar)…. but the “Catholic” board was for Catholic-specific issues. I think if it was Catholic and Protestant some things would be unnecessarily exclusive (like, for example, a post about waiting until marriage— something that speaks to both). Plus, there just aren’t many protestant-only issues out there (that i can think of).

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Bee Keeper
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I was wondering about this on the “secular” boards the other day – why there aren’t atheist, agnostic, etc – but there aren’t many posts on the secular board itself, so I think it is a good way for all, well, secular posts to come together. I wish more people posted there so maybe there’d be a need for subcategories! 

Re: Christian vs. Catholic, I see there as being unique issues pertaining to Catholics because the doctrine is so different. The Protestant denominations, while numerous, tend to have fairly similar issues and conversations. Although I suppose it would be weird to have an “other Christian” board, I do agree that the semantics kind of makes it seem like Catholics aren’t Christian. I have no clue why this notion already exists in the world, but I remember someone writing a post a month or two ago in which they said they were “raised Catholic” but “found Christianity” and just thought “wha?” 

Anyway, that was a long post to basically say I see why things are the way there are, but I get why the clarification might be nice. Also, one interesting thing… I was taught in Lutheran school that any form of Christianity besides Catholicism was technically a form of Protestant, because Protestants were everyone who formed after the Reformation – but it wasn’t exactly a quality education, so have I been carrying around the wrong notion this whole time? Is it LDS, etc, that aren’t considered Protestants? 

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