(Closed) Why DO we want to lose weight so badly? To be happier…..?

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Sugar bee
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Ugh, I know what you’re saying! I think it mostly is the media and being expected to look perfect on the big day.

I am the same way though. When I was really thin and working out like 3 hours a day I still thought I was fat!!! Its so stupid and crazy, but I look at pictures now and I’m like “Ohmygoshhhhh I was too skinny!!!” Which was true! But I didnt get it at that point.


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Sugar bee

I want to lose weight because I FEEL healthier when I’m down 10+ lbs.  Plus running is a LOT easier for me when I don’t weigh this much.

For me, it isn’t ALL about how I look (although I’ll be perfectly honest, some of it is).

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Honey Beekeeper
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I agree that people shouldn’t lose weight just because of media expectations but I really do think people should try to be the healthiest that they can be.  That is why I am going back to the gym now (not going for hours a day though).

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Buzzing bee
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This is a great post.  I think being healthy and fit is great, but it doesn’t take two hours a day to be fit and it doesn’t take never ever looking at a cookie again to be healthy.  I’ve dealt with eating/food issues and it’s so hard to remember that happiness and self-worth are very far divorced from a number on a scale or a size on a dress tag.  Anyway, I could go on for ages, but the point is REALLY well said, okqueenbee.  πŸ™‚

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Buzzing bee
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This is really interesting!

I was definitely in better shape and thinner when I met the hubs. He still, of course, loves me the way I am now, and while I’m very happy with him and my life, I’ll admit, I’m not as happy with my body. I think it’s possible to be happy with your life in general, and still not be happy with a few things. My body is definitely one of them.

I’m not disgusted with the way I look, and I don’t consider myself fat, but I do wish that I wasn’t as, umm, jiggly? I used to be pretty solid, and I’ve let myself go over the years (especially after the wedding). And I mostly feel this way because when I was thinner, I felt stronger and healthier, which gave me a lot of confidence. I loved how that made me feel. My husband makes me feel incredibly sexy, but it’s a different feeling when you feel really in shape and healthy.

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Sugar bee
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The only reason why Im loosing weight, is to fit into my dress I bought and still fit into it at august. FH loves me for who I am.. I live a fairly healthy lifestyle and thats my choice I want to live longer!

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Honey bee
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I feel healthier when I am about 10 lbs lighter. I know I’m carrying around a bit of extra weight, because some clothes that fit me a few months a go are now tight. I don’t like that feeling!!!

I admit I do need to work on my self esteem πŸ™‚ Going to the gym helps with that!

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Buzzing bee
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I look back at pictures of me from high school and I’m grossed. out.  I was TOO skinny.  I didn’t even try to be skinny, I ate anything and everything and never worked out.   Gone are those days, but it’s a good thing.  I was under 100 lbs until I went to college and discovered beer. 

I really want to tone, and drop the weight I put on over the holidays.  I’m never going to be a size 0 again, and that’s fine by me.  I’m trying to eat healthier and be more active for my overall health and mindset.  It makes me feel good to try and better myself!

I have a lot of friends who constantly put themselves down over the way they look.  It’s frustrating!  I see my friends as so beautiful, but a lot of them don’t see what I see. 

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Bee Keeper
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I only started gaining weight when I started at Starbucks. Fiance (being a guy and all) has actually told me my legs used to be killer, now they’re just okay. Ouch! He wasn’t trying to be mean, he’s just a guy. That and being asked when I’m due, when I’m not even preggo? Yeah. The tummy’s gotta go. It’s not that I hate my body, I just want to treat it better.

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Bumble Beekeeper

I don’t want to lose any weight! I’m 5′ 8″, 158 pounds (okay, I’d like to lose that 8 pounds that I gained this month from eating all kinds of junk since I’ve been living with J, but I’ve hovered between 145 and 160 for years now and am pretty happy with it), and wear a size 8. That’s below average for the US. I’m totally happy with my weight!

But I would like to know my heart and lungs are healthier, because right now they’re pretty well crap. :/

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Bumble bee

A lot of it, most of it, has nothing to do with health.  If it did we wouldn’t see people frustrated because they’ve been working out and haven’t lost weight – they are healthier but what they want is to be skinnier which is not the same thing. 

I think part of it is attractiveness.  Nothing wrong with wanting to be attractive.  A lot wrong with hating yourself because of it.

But a big part of it isn’t about out attractiveness to our man or even men in general, it is that we judge people who are fat or pudgy as being bad people, as not doing the proper thing and dieting (no matter that 90% of diets don’t work long term), as not having enough self control or lazy.  All of that is really damaging, people confuse body weight with morality and no one wants to be bad. 

Excercise is wonderful and so is eating healthy but the way American society is organized both of those are pretty hard (healthy food more expensive then unhealthy food, commutes leaving no time for gym) and it isn’t right to put so much judgment on people for failing at these that they hate themselves.  Of course there are also plenty of healthy fat people who eat right and excercise and are still judged. 

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