(Closed) “Why do you fold the towels this way?!”

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I’m the same, I have to do everything “just so” and when my Fiance doesn’t do it my way aka the right way, it drives me bonkers! Although, we have been together for 8 years, but I swear since having kids I have become even more obsessed. I can’t even be in the kitchen when my Fiance is cooking, cuz he doesn’t ever do anything the way I do it. And don’t even get me started on how he does laundry. One time he used ALL PURPOSE cleaner on our WOODEN KITCHEN TABLE and the water spots were there for a week, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I know in the long run these little things totally don’t matter, and it’s not like I freak out at him for doing things different but I can’t help but being annoyed. 

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Bumble bee

Hey–towel folding is just as controversial as the toilet paper under or over debate!

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Honey bee
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Oh, Darling Husband can’t seem to load the dishwasher correctly. I tried telling him to pretend like he’s playing tetris, try to get as many dishes in there as possible but still follow the rules of the dishwasher so they all end up clean.

Oh, then there’s the sorting of laundry. He went to art school but considers light gray clothes to be in the dark pile.  He says well it’s a warm/cool gray, so it makes it dark. Ay Yi Yi Yeah, we pretty much wash our own clothes because he’s afraid he’ll mess up my clothes. Well, I wash everything but when he does wash, he sticks to his stuff. I can’t really complain, at least he does the laundry.

We both fold our clothes  completely differently.  Towels, t-shirts, jeans.


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@MissCanyon:OMG…are we the same person??? You just described me to a T!!! Hahaha…I’m also hoping this will teach me to chill the heck out!


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@ttn133: We have to fold our own clothes too! I also have to sort it, otherwise he just takes a pile and puts it in…no sorting at all.

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My husband is the one who gets annoyed with me for that stuff. Whenever I learn that I do something “wrong” (which is just not his way), I decide to let him do it. We also fold our own laundry, b/c I don’t fold his “right.” I don’t care, less work for me!

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@MissCanyon: hahaha! i’m with you. i never thought i could get so annoyed about such little insignificant things – but here i am! i’m currently learning to pick my battles… 

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@Bostonsmom: LOL the all purpose cleaner thing sounds like something my hubby would TOTALLY do!

 I have a weird thing with folding towels. I fold them like the store does. It really bugs me when my husband doesn’t fold them that way.

 Hes also one that doesn’t LOOK on the back of a cleaner to see what surfaces you can use it on. Has anyone hear tried to “walk” aka slide on wood floors “cleaned” with spray Pledge for wood surfaces? Its pretty much a fall on you a$$ immidietly situation. Your lucky if you even get back up. Mr.Flipflops has done this one about….yup THREE times. Still hasn’t learned.

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It’s normal. I think most people get annoyed when things aren’t done right (ie. my way).

But I do stuff that bothers Fiance and he does stuff that bugs me. All in all, we balance each other out.

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too funny!

I got home the other day to find a pile of sheets on top of the drier… when I asked him why he just moved them out of the way and didn’t fold them he told me that he “doesn’t fold towels or sheets because he can’t do it the way I like.”  (which of course didn’t do anything to help the situation)  I think it’s just their way of getting out of having to do chores around the house, personally.

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Honey Beekeeper
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@ttn133: Oh I totally hear you on the dishwasher!  Darling Husband fails at loading things properly.  Usually when he thinks it’s full and ready to be run, I can go re-arrange things and it will onyl be 1/2 full.  And it isn’t uncommon to pull things out that still have food on them if I haven’t gotten to do any re-arranging.

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conversation we had yesterday, after 6 months of marriage and almost 3 years of living together–

him: “look i washed the sink!”

me: “oh thanks!”

(after i look at it and it looks dirty) “wait, you did? what did you use?”

him: “hand soap and water…”


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