(Closed) Why do you want a huge e-ring?

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Interesting question, I’m glad you started this topic since I’m also wondering. We opted for simple rings for many reasons:

– I never want to take my rings off and we have a very, very active lifestyle, so I don’t want a huge rock in the way

– big rings do not look good once on my fingers, even if I had liked them – good thing I don’t

– we would rather finish paying for the house, save for travel and for the babies eventually – we too, make good salaries, but it was a choice that we do not regret.


So, I am not answering your question at all, but can’t wait to see other bees take on this. 🙂

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I am interested to know too!

I also opted for the a smaller ring mainly due to cost and I wanted a low setting as I am very active and have to wear gloves in my lab and didn’t want the ring to break through the gloves daily but still wanted to wear it daily! 

Big ring gals – do you get used to how high it sits off your finger?

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i really didn’t have a stipulation with regards to ring size.  i simply told my Fiance that i’d prefer quality over the size of the diamond.  i didn’t want to put pressure on him and i had no idea what his budget was.  all that said, he outdid himself and went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond any expectations.  my ring is 3 stone and absolutely breathtaking.  he really did a lot of research and all of the stones are d color and the center stone is flawless.  the sidestones are both vvs1.  he was so excited to tell me all about the depth and the table size…anyway, he explained the extravagance well. he told me that he hopes this ring will be in our family forever and that one day i will pass it on to daughters.  he also said that he rarely buys me jewelry but that he wanted to show me he can “step it up” for important occasions.  i would have loved my ring regardless…it came from him afterall!!

@futuremrsmartin — we got engaged in june and i have since adjusted.  at first it felt kind of strange and i would knock it on everything.  now it’s fine but i definitely notice whenever i have to take it off!!

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That is the sweetest sentiment!!!!!!!!!!! What a sweet FI!!!!!

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My ring is not what I would consider “huge” at all with regards to the stone (it is a 1.01 ct princess cut solitare) not sure what the tw is with my diamonds in the band…. 

But my ring does sit VERY high, its not a cathedral setting b/c the band doesn’t arch up, but the diamond sits much higher then the band, so needless to say it took some getting used to. I have scratched myself (esp my face somehow) with the ring, and knocked it on many objects & scratched other people, oops!

Even through all that though, I LOVE how high it sits. My Fiance knew I wanted the diamond to sit up and although I didn’t realize that it was going to be somewhat of a pain, I wouldn’t go back and change anything 🙂

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@lovebuzz- too cute! My fi said a similar thing. My stone isn’t huge (1 ct cushion cut in a platinum pave setting) but the ring was still more money then I expected him to spend because the quality is so high and bc of the platinum. He just told me that this was the first piece of jewelry he’s ever bought me and when he’s doing something like that he’s going to do it right. Plus (being an accountant) he told me that it was a good investment because jewelry doesn’t lose its value and if I figured out the cost per day of wearing it over a lifetime it was really not a huge expense hehe. 

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@corgitales — isn’t that the best?? mine’s platinum too.  i was just blown away.  all i wanted was the guy but i got the guy and more of a ring than i ever expected!  i feel very lucky and very very much in love!!

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I don’t wear rings at all so my e-ring and wedding band will be the only rings I ever wear so I wanted something spectacular. When my Fiance asked me what my dream ring was I thought he was joking around since this was about 2 to 3 weeks after we met. So of course I described a big jeweled baby never thinking in a million years that he would get it…but of course he did =)

My reasons for wanting something spectacular:

1. We are both established and I know he wouldn’t have to go in debt or clean out his savings to purchase 1

2. We have all of the houses we want or need so we don’t have to worry about saving up for that.

3. I don’t plan on ever upgrading/changing my rings. The ones I have will be it so I wanted them to be…well…spectacular =)

The Fiance doesn’t want me to post any pics of the ring (he thinks a burglar may find it on the boards and swoop in for the kill…he’s so silly). Once the ring and I are safely under the same roof with him I can post away =) …he also go a matching band. He made some design changes to the one on the link but that’s basically it.


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I honestly don’t know what size I’m going to be comfortable with, actually. I haven’t gone to try them on, but I guess because I’m so used to seeing big rings, anything super small would make me a little sad… of course, that could change once it’s on my hand. I might not want a big stone at all!

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My ring was his grandmothers…its not huge…its a 3 stone ring  and while size wise it is small (especially in comparsion with other peoples) It is pretty much perfect in quality and its so unique.  the diamonds are hand cut and the setting is something you dont see anymore either.  I have never been the girl that said “i want this type of ring of this size diamond” so when he put this gorgeous ring on my finger all I could say was “its perfect” i would never want anything else.

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I never thought I wanted a big ring… but I received one and I LOVE IT! It’s cushion cut paved. I mean, I am going to have this ring forever!

And it is SUPOSSED to be 2 months salary…. and the average American makes 30000 a year right? So that would make the average ring $5000. So why don’t we all have bigger rings!


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What do you mean when you say huge? How many carats do you consider huge? Or are you more talking about how much the ring costs?

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Interesting post. I actually didn’t want a big ring. I don’t wear much jewelry and I’m kind of a klutz so I wanted something simple. I honestly don’t know what mine is – it’s princess cut and has side stones (I dunno what they’re called, they’re little & round) but it’s insured that’s really all I was worried about Hah! Plus, I told him if he spent more than $8k for it I’d kill him – I’d rather use the money for something else, and I’ll probably only wear the e-ring on special occasions & wear the band everyday.

Funny story – my Dad proposed to my Mom with a huge ring. She cried & said of course she’d marry him, but she’s not lugging that thing around the rest of her life. They returned the ring for something smaller & she used the money to pay for their honeymoon. My Mom’s ring is my dream ring – I absolutely LOVE it.

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