(Closed) Why does David’s bridal get such a bad rep?

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I went to David’s Bridal to try out the dresses simply because there were a few that I liked and it was well within my budget.  Service was average, I’ve had worse and better service at salons.  My biggest problem was that the dresses just didn’t fit me well.  I think the quality of the dresses (fabric aside) is just not as high as other dresses, especially the fit and cut of the dress.  What I did appreciate about David’s Bridal is that they carry almost all their dresses in a ton of sizes.  So instead of being clipped into a dress, you’ll actually be able to try on dresses that are your size so you’ll know exactly how it looks!  I don’t think it’ll hurt to go and try on their dresses!

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i haven’t been to david’s bridal since there aren’t any near me in west LA, but i figure it would be very department store like.  i’ve heard horror stories about limits to the dresses you can try on, and i didn’t really like it.

when you do make an appointment, just like everyone else, try to go on a weekday.  you will DEFINITELY get better service.

as for an LA suggestion, i went to the alfred angelo company store on la cienega and received excellent services and found a dress that i liked (i have not bought a dress, since i’m having it made now) for only $350.00.  sign up for their mailing lists – they are always sending out promotions for either a free tiara, money off your dress, money off your bridesmaids dresses, etc.

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I did NOT like Davids bridal, but sucked it up and tried on awful beaded dress after awful beaded dress at my mothers request….

My experience with Davids bridal was not good, my problems were:

1.) The dresses are dated, very 90’s – beaded, lacy, strapless. no real variation.  They will not modify the style of the dress at all.

2.) The material is very harsh.  scratchy and bleh

3.) The prices are not THAT great.  the semi-decent looking dresses that they have are upwards of $800 is I remember correctly

4.) The service sucks!  Even with an ‘appointment’ plan to wait at least 30 minutes for not one-on-one service (my appointment was on a weekday)

 I live in San Diego and I got an amazing gown (new) that retails for $2100 for $850 at Prevu Formal Wear in La Mesa, CA.  I found the dress I liked at a nice dress shop called Mon Amie (they wanted $2,800 for the dress), I then found the dress info on-line and started calling around for the best price.  Prevu had the best price by far!!!  They are very attentive, but beware they do a TON of prom dresses and special occasion dresses so that place can be a disaster zone at times… 10:00am appointments are usually the best time to go…


Good luck, bargain dress shopping can be tough, but I’m living proof that it can be done!!!

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Some of David’s Bridal’s stuff is a bit chintzy, quality wise.  And you can get better stuff at around the same price with some of the other brands; e.g., Moonlight Bridal and Mary’s, whose dresses are around the $600-$700 range.

I suggest you check out Alfred Angelo as well, which is around that price range and has great customer service. 

Also check out some of the cheaper bridal stores, like on the Asian row on Las Tunas Avenue in Temple City.  2000 Dreams Bridal and Love Boat Bridal are there, and there’s a bunch of other ones around there as well.  They will carry brands like Moonlight and Mori Lee.  Be prepared for rather brusque customer service; but the tradeoff is that they will give you a significant discount from the chi-chi bridal salons.  

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i just want to say that i bought my dress at a very good price at a local shop (was under $400, woot, huh?) and then I had to get the thing massively altered (was cheap {sample dress!} but it was very much the wrong size) and paid $250 for alterations.  

so my advice to brides trying to save money is to

1. see if your shop includes or offers alterations & get a price 

2. if you have to pay for them (instore or elsewhere) think about if the cost of alterations is going to mess up your great dress deal!

that’s my advice to the frugal brides.  🙂  (only slightly off topic)

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I bought my dress at David’s Bridal, and I got it for $250.  I knew exactly what wanted, and what I wanted was really, really simple.  I tried on three dresses total and bought the first one I had my eye on.  It’s just a completely plain white strapless dress.  

I wanted a dress that I liked and was comfortable in, but I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something I’d only wear once.
The only thing is that the lady kept trying to sell me more and more stuff I didn’t think I need.  If you have a hard time saying no, bring someone with you that can do it for you!  
Good luck! 

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I went to David’s Bridal twice during my wedding gown search and their service left a lot to be desired. Both times a consultant never really helped me in any way. If you go, definitely bring a friend or two to help you in and out of the gowns. It’s a good place to try on off-the-rack dresses and to get a general idea for shapes and silhouettes that you like. But I also went to full-service bridal salons to try on gowns that were of a better material and make. I would always try and see if I could figure out the designer (labels are normally cut off or changed) and model #- then I’d go home and do internet research and I ended up buying the gown I fell in love with through netbride. I spent less than I would have on a gown at David’s Bridal for a much better quality gown with prettier detailing.

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I never went to a David’s Bridal to look for my own dress, but I’ve been in the stores before to help a friend try on Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses, to get a longline strapless bra with my sister, and to look for Mother of the Bride dresses with my mom. We had pretty negative experiences each of these times, the same sort of things that have already been written about over and over. I do have to say, the second time we were in there looking for my mom’s dress, we had a pretty helpful girl. Unfortunately, the experience was soured when my mom’s dyed dark gold shoes came back a very light ivory!

All in all, the reason going to David’s Bridal never even crossed my mind for dress shopping because none of their merchandise appealed to me. I wanted a mermaid shaped gown, and David’s seems to stick with more tried-and-true styles rather than anything fashion forward. I certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with brides going to David’s Bridal but I have to remind everyone that you can get inexpensive dresses elsewhere. My dress (which I’m going to make a post about soon!) was right at $1000 and the construction is wonderfully done, the fabric is far from cheap, and the silhouette is very "in" right now. So it’s definitely possible to find dresses from smaller, boutique type shops!

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i second Beckums’ comment – I put down my info last year to try on gowns with my cousin and I got wedding vendor mail for six months afterward…I know it was David’s Bridal because that was the only wedding-related place I gave my info.

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My overall personal experience with David’s Bridal was… okay.  I shopped there for my gown (but ended up getting one elsewhere) and got my bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids dresses there. 

The bridesmaids dresses I selected were adored by my girls and the dress fit them all pretty well.  The color was exactly as I’d envisioned, and David’s was actually the only place that I’d been able to find that exact color (the newer "Regency" purple color).  The day of the wedding everyone looked beautiful, and I’m so happy we chose those dresses.  My Maid/Matron of Honor also got her BM’s dresses there, as well as her own gown off the rack, and had a very good experience. 

Although I loved the dresses, I had quite a few problems with the customer service… I echo what was mentioned earlier about busy times… weekends are horrible, but I had that problem elsewhere as well.  They immediately ask you if you have an appointment upon entering the store, and I was made to feel uncomfortable when I told them I did not (the store wasn’t at all busy).  As I tried on dresses, the salesgirl also helped someone else, and I was given very little attention.  On another visit while just browsing with my mom, we asked if they had any dresses that weren’t A-line, as most of the ones we saw were… the salesgirl was very rude and said they didn’t carry many dresses as I had described that I’d seen on their website… They made an error when ordering the BMs dresses… and they called numerous times to complain that the dresses hadn’t been picked up yet (but they had just arrived a few days prior). 

Like I said… overall… okey, because the bottom line was that I liked the Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses I found there.  I received far superior service at the store I ended up getting my dress from though, and my dress was still in the David’s price range… I wouldn’t suggest skipping David’s, but I would suggest shopping other places as well… good luck!!  

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i’ve been to dbs three times to very different results for bridesmaid dresses. the first was a weeknight appointment with a bridal consultant that wasn’t really there – with only one other party in the store being helped by another consultant. she didn’t try to sell us anything [thank goodness] but just kind of left us to our own devices. we only went shopping to try on the dress that we were going to have made for much less than they were selling it for.

the second time was a saturday morning appointment, not too busy with a great consultant. she was very helpful and happily kept going back to the racks to help with choices for dresses and even suggested a few good ideas.

the third time was a DISASTER. the bride already purchased her gown at a different db so we were in for bridesmaid dresses again [same store as the second visit] but with a different consultant because the one we had before had another appointment. it was a sunday afternoon with two other parties in but the service was horrible. with four bms, we had to share one dressing room [in a practically empty store] and she kept pushing us to buy the dress that day, and wasn’t happy when she found out the bride was going to let us pick our own style of dress [which we ended up not doing] and shoes and accessories and that we weren’t going to be buying the latter at the store. but she kept pushing the sale and even called the bride "very indecisive" because she wasn’t going the traditional route. needless to say i sent a very harshly worded complaint letter to both the store and headquarters and refuse to shop there ever again. even with the discounts in alterations and further purchases i was given. i’d rather not deal.

so every store is different. it’s really just a crapshoot. good luck!

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I went to Davids Bridal, even though I was worn about them, but I didn’t think that they were as bad as I was worned about. I went and didn’t really find a dress that I like, but everyone was saying that this one dress looked really nice on me. Also, as I was trying on the dresses, my gal that was helping me kept leaving the door open, so that everyone could see me standing pretty much in my skibbies, so that made me very uncomfortable. Well anyways, I looked nice in that dress and it was a nice dress, but it didn’t give me the feeling that it was the one. Well, I ended up buying the dress, because they kept telling me that it is on sell and the sell ends on Sunday (I went on a Friday), and they kept pushing me to buy this dress, well the manager was also friends with my soon to be mother-in-law (that’s anther reason I gave it a chance), and so I ended up buying it.  Need less to say, I was still not sure about the dress, so I went to look at other dresses, so that I can see if that dress was the one I wanted or if I really only bought it because they kept pushing me to buy it. I ended up finding a dress that I did want. I mean I got the feeling, "this is the one." I have never felt the greatest about my looks and I loved myself in this dress, and it was actual was less than what I paid at David’s Bridal. Well, Davids Bridal had to order my dress, so they didn’t even have it. I tried to see if I could cancell my order, and they said they can’t do that. All sells where final and I had signed a receipt indicated that. I didn’t recall that my receipt said that, so I checked the receipt and sure enough it said in on the way bottom of the receipt. The manager said that all bridal shops are that way, when you purchase a dress, you can’t return it to them. Well, I know that’s not true in all bridal stores. My friend had bought her brides maid dress there as well, and they wouldn’t let her even to cancel the order for her dress. If you ever go on bisman.com, you will see lot of people trying to sell wedding dress, and most of them are from David’s Bridal, and have never been worn.

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Well I have heard all the stories about Davids but I will tell you I have had far worse experiences at the other bridal shops than I did with them. Try being completely ignored at a coutore shop for 45 minutes after haveing an appointment and asking for help (that’s bad service.) Yes you shouldnt go to David’s on a weekend or if you do bring someone with you who can help you try on the dresses, my Maid/Matron of Honor was awesome about this so we didnt really care if we had a ton of attention.  I am sick to death of people saying that all David’s dresses look cheap or chinzy.  Yes some of them do, if you are trying to get a dress that looks like raw silk no this isnt the place for you, cause let’s face it unless it’s actual raw silk, it just looks cheap to try and make it look like it is. However many of there dresses are absolutely beautiful and if you are like me and would rather use the 2000 bucks you could be spending on a dress somewhere else in the wedding then davids is a good place to look.  Let’s face it ladies this is only a dress you are wearing once so it doesnt need to last forever just 15 hours. 🙂

 The pro’s of Davids are:

  1. You can try on pretty much any dress you want and as many as you want.  I think I tried probably at least 15-20 dresses on each time I went and no one said a word to me.
  2. You can try on any size which is great if you are over a size 10 (I am a 12 in the real world and a 14 in the bridal world) that doesnt make me fat but it sure makes me feel that way when I cant try a dress on at half the other places I looked. (one place offered to have someone else model it for me since the dress was only displayed in a size 8. Seriously? I want to know how the dress looks on me not some other girl in the shop)
  3. There dresses are actually clean and not broken unlike many of the samples at say House of Brides or even some of the smaller boutiques. I understand that they only get one sample for free but come one shell out a little cash and buy a new one if the old one is ripped or broken.
  4. You can get a nice dress for 400-700 dollars very easily. (My dress, headpiece, and veil all cost me a total of 875 dollars)
  5. They will pretty much leave you alone if you act like you know what you are doing. ( I dont like people bothering me so this made me happy, everywhere else I went they insisted that they be there to help me try on the dress like i was going to run off with it or something :))


  1. It can be a bit overwhelming if you do need help. I went to David’s as my first dress store and the nice thing was they let me try on anything I wanted even if they thought it might not look so good. But without direction I ended up wasting a lot of time. However the reverse of this would be when I went to a coutore shop they wouldnt let me see the dresses they just brought out what they thought would work best for me (FRUSTRATING), but they did give me lots go guidance on what would look good on my body.  Davids doesnt really do that. So if you want someone who is going to say "You need a drop waist or you need a sleeveless gown", then no davids probably isnt the first place you want to hit.
  2. Some of the dresses can look cheap if you have your heart set on something that looks like real silk.  However if you are a satin or lace girl then they have many dresses that do that just as well as anyone else.
  3. You may see your dress on other people. Lets face it there are some girls who want their dress to be THEIR dress not anyone elses.  I totally get that but if you are that kind of bride then agian Davids is probably not for you.
  4. You have to deal with other brides looking down on your dress as a "David’s dress" which can get old.  Not all brides do this but there are definatly some that do.

Give it a shot you may hate it you may love it but dont let us talk you out of trying it you may just find THE Dress there. Good luck.

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Blushing bee
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I purchased my first bridesmaid’s dress from David’s Bridal last spring. Not knowing what the whole experience was going to be like, I was pleasantly surprised that the horror stories weren’t that true for me.

The bride picked out a bridesmaid dress previously and since most of her attendants lived in other states, it was so convenient that we could all find a DB somewhat close to us and personally try on the sizes. I wasn’t too fond of the thought of wearing a strapless dress, but our dress (#8567) was so comfortable and flattering on all of the different shapes! My dress fit me perfectly; no alterations were needed.

One thing that was a bit awkward was that there is a main location with a mirror with dressing rooms off to the side; when I came out, there were so many people clustered in that area that it was a bit packed but I went on a Saturday so that is to be expected. Another thing I didn’t really appreciate (but could have been more firm on) was that the sales lady gave me a bra/slip to try on with the dress, saying it wouldn’t fit me well without it. I didn’t want to purchase it, but after I paid I realized she added the slip to my order! When it was the day of the wedding, I forgot all about the slip and my dress fit me just fine…I went to return it unopened and unworn and they wouldn’t allow me to (they have a no returns at all policy). Thank goodness for ebay!

Oh! Another plus was that all five dresses were in two months after we ordered them…we were thankful for the quick turnaround time! 

All this to say: your wedding dress is probably going to be the most beautiful dress you’ll ever wear, so take the time to go to many different places and comparitively shop, but I wouldn’t rule out DB so quickly. You never know what you’ll find.

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